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A whole education for life

Crisis of future of universities ... a dialog that originated with NY Collaboration Cafe


Peter Burgess

Peter Burgess

crisis of future of universities Re: Personal Invitation to 2nd i-genius Cafe London, 23rd August 2012 (for consideration of integration in Millennium Solution Councils)

christopher macrae
Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 9:11 AM
To: Jazz Rasool , 'Melanie St.James' Cc: London Mostofa Zaman , zasheem zasheem , Peter Burgess , Rachel McCullough-Sanden , spencer , 'Mr. Marriah Star' , Alexis Sumsion , Alex Simon , Tanya Monsef Bunger , Lorenzo Falzarano , andrew campbell , philippa burgess , Lesley Williams


can we make sure we identify what the youth entrepreneur problem is

I assume the number 1 problem is that nowhere in the 21st c are most young people going to get work by passing exams and waiting for employers to offer them jobs- that assumption has evidence for it in most countries that I have surveyed (30 plus in all hemispheres)

Most western universities are trapping youth in high fees and perpetuating the lie that passing exam will get you work. In adam smith terms of pro-youth economics the system failure of universities and professional edu is far worse than that. Adam was hugely against there only being one group who certify youth as qualified. Its an awful monopoly we are stuck in especially with not one profession I know of yet modelling above zero sum futures - the only way net generation sustainability can be reached

Many times now I have seen yunus make his main message to thousands of youth that because of this trap the last few years they spend in educational system they need to network and create their own future income generation entrepreneurially. In fact some people define microentrepreneur as actioning that belief. It is because of this challenge that processes of are crucial to viralise positively, openly - the name i use for student entrepreneur competitions with a particular focus on those designing solutions that can be openly replicated across commmunities and owned in trust or by those in most need of the service solution - tokyo will be hosting a 12000 youth festival competition of this sort probably 30 jan 2013 with prizes in the millions of dollars if students come up with franchises ready to be replicated; sadly although brussels hosted 2 conferences at end of last year admitting that the only way europe will see full youth employment again is with social impact bonds financing replication of social solutions- there is no student jobs competitions process even started in europe inspite of over 50% of youth out of work in greece, in spain and this virus spreading at morres law speed;

usa is a slightly different story with experiments going on in uni year 2012-2013 probably being make or break in terms of a youth led recovery (unless you think a mit romney or obam2.0 is suddenly hoing to downsize congress which i dont)

while the news is mainly bleak in the west, the best news is pretty well everyone who partners mandela in (including googe kiva branson ...) is making changing universities to be free to thoe who job create their number 1 contribution to the future of youth- so what we need is eg to connect 10 countries which may all be s or east which get youth colaboration entrepreneurship around 500 youth clusters - then we can be sure that network of 5000 youth will help netgen sustain growth of community economies worldwide fatser than any 5000 bankers can collapse them digital banking - digital everything community-up is the battle ground on which every young 21st C nation's spring is now being fought on- forget the irrelevant politicians and the non-economist on the nightly news


sometimes I use the shorthand in the mission to create 3 billion jobs of meaning 3 billion new ways to be fully income generating

when it comes to educational staff I believe we need to ask what would the world be like if the vast majority of educators were most passionate about seeing youth get jobs ie develop lifetimes of income generation

there is a different issue of what kinds of activities should income generation be matched to - for example if we are ever to get rid of western governments spending 20% of their citizens gdps on arms and armedforces we could be spending most of that on young people animating crosscultural activities and regenerating commnities- it is actually monica (yunus daughter) whose mission is to develop the number 1 collaboration network of that sort and her starting point is to convert superstars into making sure that whatever they star also creates maximum youth jobs in communities by those who dont quite become stars

our journal of social business edited by adam smith scholars in glasgow covers a lot of topics of this sort -if you have an idea for contribution please chat to zasheem

chris macrae wasshingon dc 301 881 1655

From: Jazz Rasool

To: 'Melanie St.James' ; 'christopher macrae' Cc: 'London Mostofa Zaman' ; 'zasheem zasheem' ; 'Peter Burgess' ; 'Rachel McCullough-Sanden' ; 'spencer' ; 'Mr. Marriah Star' ; 'Alexis Sumsion' ; 'Alex Simon' ; 'Tanya Monsef Bunger' ; 'Lorenzo Falzarano' ; 'andrew campbell' Sent: Wednesday, 8 August 2012, 8:04

Subject: RE: Personal Invitation to 2nd i-genius Cafe London, 23rd August 2012 (for consideration of integration in Millennium Solution Councils)

Last night in London at a Global Net 21 House Meeting on Leadership, Education and Tomorrow’s Leaders, Deap Khambay and Lynn Serafinn asked whether we should question whether Education should solely be focussed on getting people into employment or for that matter whether it is capable of it in current formats. These questions are the result of what happens when you stop looking for the perfect answer to a problem and instead focus on asking the perfect question.

I personally feel that we live in a world where Education is viewed as a preparation for employment and Employment necessary for people to have the money to be active consumers of what the markets tell us we need. That is Capitalist Economy.

I ask myself, What would happen if we separate Employment from Consumption? What function could employment have if not to enable us to buy goods? In fact lets go one stage further and separate Employment from Education. I get really intrigued when I ask, What function could Education have if it was not to prepare for employment?

Maybe we could make education focus on developing peoples' passions and talents in a joint way to nurture them and put them on a journey of contentment and happiness?

Maybe we could make employment serve Sustainability of our world through Conservation rather than the Stripping of it through Consumption?

Deap and Lynn primed me to ask more prospectively perfect questions around these issues and I know there are an increasing number of people who are not interested solely in quick fixes but also want results that people value and that are valuable to the sustainability of all of us and the Earth.

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Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 9:11 AM
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