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Earth Party

Tim Foresman and the EarthParty ... The Carbon Store


Peter Burgess

Ever meet a surfing scientist?

Dr. Tim Foresman is not your average scientist. His distinguished career includes directorships of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Division of Early Warning and Assessment and NASA’s Digital Earth program. Dr. Tim realized his work in the lab and in the field needed to meet the masses.

“Climate change will alter the way we live on Earth. Citizens deserve a chance to be responsible and participate in shifting how we live and relate to the environment.”
This focus on empowering people gave birth to the Carbon Offset Kit. Dr. Tim, the surfer, saw a perfect wave and called on friends and colleagues to enjoy the ride. Dr. Tim & Colleagues' collaborative effort is Earth Party and The Carbon Store.

Team Member Activities & Responsibilities

Tim Foresman Leads and operates Carbon Offset program, leads Earth Party, author of children’s book and supports development and production of educational programs.

Solar Publishing

Robyn Ringgold Robyn Ringgold Leads multimedia production and sales, leads The Carbon Store web design and creation, and children’s book author.

Zaccai Free Leads events and marketing network, leads PR and media, supports Earth Party marketing and, children's book author.

Tall Tree Design

Laura Lee Cundiff Lead graphic design for products, web design, and PR/marketing publications, children’s book illustrator

Chris Fox Supports technical input and research for carbon offset programs and climate change education.

Moalie and Trey Lead neighborhood energy carbon transition & education renaissance projects

Joyce Foresman Chief Financial Officer

Leadbeaters Team Business Advisors


Projects and programs that are supported by carbon offsets and donations are selected based on the quality and track record of the local, on-ground organization (see list below). Each program is selected based on its commitment to community-based solutions for social, environmental, and economic stability. It is our philosophy to engage ecological and carbon footprint reduction strategies with organizations that can maintain these community-based approaches. Each program has been selected through personal and trusted relationships built up over the past decades by our principals.

The Carbon Store also provides support to Earth Party, an organization committed to celebrating humanity's ability to positively impact our world. Earth Party's projects range from re-forestation through a partnership with Trees for the Future to environmental education programs for inner city youth. Earth Party empowers us to embrace the planet and show our love for the only home we know through creative, coordinated, fun activities.

The Carbon Store is committed to transparency. Our financial contributions to organizations and the outcome of Earth Party's activities will be posted here. Also, check for regular updates on projects and how you can be involved.

We welcome recommendations from our customers to introduce us to many new organizations and projects that may benefit from our financial and technical assistance. Please send us your recommendations and help us do good by contacting us at

For Earth's Sake let's celebrate as we embrace a new way of living and caring for our environment.

Carbon Reduction, Education, and Sustainability

These community-based programs are leaders in their fields with the added value of helping spread the methods and models used in community engagement and projects.

Chesapeake Children's Museum Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Earth Train Panama City, Panama, Central America

Green Belt Movement Nairobi, Kenya

ICIMOD Katmandu, Nepal

Qinghai-Tibet Xining, Qinghai, China

Parks and People Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Tree People Los Angeles, California, USA

Planet Walk Pt. Reyes, California, USA

Yukon River Intertribal Watershed Council Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

REHEDES La Ceiba, Honduras, Central America

Green Energy

Energy alternatives are critical to wean society from CO2 producing fossil fuels. We are monitoring a variety of projects and programs that can help communities become green energy users. We are especially interested in programs that will help create green training and jobs for community members in the transition from fossil fuel to green energy. Help us make the difference, one community at a time.

Geothermal Energy

Solar Energy

Wind Energy


Water is the gift of life. Without access to safe drinking water and sanitation, communities can not be expected to focus on issues of sustainability. We believe that sustainability development for communities is a multi-faceted enterprise. We are directly involved with the leading water-oriented humanitarian organizations and will work with those to help change the lives of millions in villages and towns around the world with this basic necessity. For more information on details of these programs, please contact us at

About Us | Projects | Events & Newsletter | Certification | Terms | Contact Us

The Carbon Project Newsletter

The editorial staff at The Carbon Project Newsletter believe that an informed citizenry makes for a better democracy and for empowerment to act with personal responsibility on the myriad activities needed to change course and stop global warming. The fact that these actions also will improve the health and welfare of our fellow citizens is not lost on us. The roots of sustainability and healthy lifestyles are entrenched with the foundations for addressing the causes of global warming and climate change.

Carbon Market

We will be keeping you updated on the latest trends in the carbon market, both regulated and voluntary. We pull our information from a wide variety of authoritative and timely sources to provide you with the data you need to make decisions.

Climate Science

Scientists around the nation and world are continuously working on improving our understanding of the planet, the causes of climate change, and the impacts of climate change on our lives. We assemble our information from the leading scientific sources of the United Nations, the International Panel for Climate Change, the US Government, and scientific institutions. We believe that education is the first step to empowering citizens to take charge of their lives in the face of unprecedented changes in the Earth's systems.

Green Energy

Alternatives to fossil fuels must be identified and developed at Moon-racing speed to enable humans a chance at slowing the pace of global warming. There are exciting developments going on in wind, solar, and geothermal energy all around the globe. We will keep our readers informed as we discover and publish new information on the development of these green energy projects.

Community Projects

In 2002, former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, communicated to the world at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa that reliance on government will not work. Mr. Annan offered that realistic solutions to the challenges listed in the Millennium Development Goals would only be realized through new partnerships, partnerships he labeled Type 2 Partnerships. He raised a new awareness among the 192 member nations of the UN that the solutions to human and climate and environmental problems would depend upon the collaboration of citizens (non-govermental organizations or NGOs) working with business and industry, in combination with academic and government participation. Citizens and business must lead. And therefore, we will be highlighting in this section the kinds of Type 2 Partnerships that are working in local settings around the nation and world. Many of these Type 2 Partnerships will be candidates for carbon offset funds.

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