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TVM Dialog Issues
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The ISSUES that impact society, economy and quality of life from many sources

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Abortion Open list01Abortion
Academia Open list01Academia
Accountability Open list01Accountability
Accountancy Open list01Accountancy
Activism Open list01Activism
Addiction see also War on Drugs Open list01Addiction
Advertising Open list01Advertising
Agri-Business Open list01AgriBusiness
Agriculture see also Food Open list01Agriculture
Alternative Currencies (Same as Community Currencies and LETS) Open list01LETS
Animals Open list01Animals
Architecture Open list01Architecture
Arms Trade Open list01ArmsTrade
Art Open list01Art
Audit Open list01Audit

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Banking Open list01Banking
BioChar Open list01BioChar
Biotechnology Open list01BioTech
Books Open list01Books
Boondoggles Open list01Boondoggles
Brand Open list01Brand
Bubbles Open list01Bubbles

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Capitalism Open list01Capitalism
Capital Markets Open list01CapitalMarkets
Caring Open list01Caring
Censorship Open list01Censorship
Charity Open list01Charity
Children Open list01Children
Citizenship Open list01Citizenship
Civility Open list01Civility
Civil Rights Open list01CivilRights
Class Open list01Class
Climate Change Open list01ClimateChange
Communism Open list01Communism
Community Metrics Open list01CommMetrics
Communications Open list01Communications
Communism Open list01Communism
Community Open list01Community
Competition Open list01Competition
Community Currency ... included with LETS Open list01LETS
Community Metrics Open list01CommMetrics
Competition Open list01Competition
Concentration of Power Open list01ConcentrationofPower
Conferences Open list01Conferences
Consumption Open list01Consumption
Cooperatives Open list01Cooperatives
Corporate Ethics Open list01CorporateEthics
Corporate Governance Open list01CorporateGovernance
Corporate Metrics Open list01CorpMetrics
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Open list01CSR
Corporate Welfare Open list01CorporateWelfare
Corruption Open list01CorruptionSE01
Country USA Open list01CountryUSA
COUNTRIES Open list0700
Culture Open list01CultureSE01
Currency Open list01Currency

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Data Open list01DataSE01
Dance Open list01DanceSE01
Debt Open list01DebtSE01
Democracy Open list01DemocracySE01
Dignity Open list01DignitySE01
Disaster Open list01DisasterSE01
Disruption Open list01DisruptionSE01

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Economics Open list01Economics
Economic Dynamics Open list01EconomicDynamics
Economic Reforms Open list01EconomicReform
Economic Trends Open list01EconomicTrends
Education Open list01EducationSE01
Elections Open list01ElectionsSE01
Electricity Open list01ElectricitySE01
Emergency Response Open list01EmergencyResponseSE01
Employment Open list01Employment
Energy Open list01EnergySE01
Entertainment Open list01EntertainmentSE01
Environment Open list01Environment
Ethics Open list01Ethics
Economic Value Adding (EVA) Open list01EVA
Extractive Industries Open list01ExtractiveIndustries

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Family Open list01FamilySE01
Famine Open list01FamineSE01
Finance Open list01FinanceSE01
Fisheries Open list01FisheriesSE01
Food Open list01FoodSE01
Foreign Exchange Open list01ForeignExchangeSE01
Forestry Open list01ForestrySE01
Freedom Open list01FreedomSE01

GGG go to TOP

Games Open list01GamesSE01
Gaming Open list01GamingSE01
GDP (Gross Domestic Product) Open list01GDPSE01
Gender Open list01GenderSE01
Geo-Hazards Open list01GeoHazardsSE01
Global Governance Open list01GlobalGovernance
GNH (Gross National Happiness) Open list01GNHSE01
Governance Open list01Governance
Government Open list01GovernmentSE01
Government Finance Open list01GovtFinance
Greed Open list01GreedSE01
Guns Open list01GunsSE01

HHH go to TOP

Happiness Open list01Happiness
Health Open list01HealthSE01
History Open list01History
Housing Open list01HousingSE01
Human Exploitation Open list01HumanExploitationSE01
Human Spirit Open list01HumanSpirit
Humanitarian Emergency Open list01HumEmergencySE01
Humor Open list01Humor
Hunger Open list01Hunger

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Ideas Open list01IdeasSE01
Ideas ... in People / Organization order Open list01IdeasSE01a
Immigration Open list01ImmigrationSE01
Incentives Open list01IncentivesSE01
Income Open list01Income
Indigenous Peoples Open list01IndigenousPeoplesSE01
Industry Open list01IndustrySE01
Influence Open list01InfluenceSE01
Information Open list01InformationSE01
Infrastructure Open list01InfrastructureSE01
Initiatives Open list01Initiatives
Insurance Open list01InsuranceSE01
Intellectual property Open list01IPSE01
Intelligence Open list01Intelligence
Interest Open list01Interest
International Trade Open list01IntTradeSE01
Internet Open list01InternetSE01
Internet Freedom Open list01InternetFreedomSE01
Intolerance Open list01Intolerance
Investment Open list01InvestmentSE01

JJJ go to TOP

Jobs Open list01JobsSE01
Journalism Open list01JournalistSE01
Justice Open list01JusticeSE01

KKK go to TOP

Knowledge Open list01Knowledge

LLL go to TOP

Labor Open list01LaborSE01
Land Open list01LandSE01
Landmines Open list01LandminesSE01
Language Open list01LanguageSE01
Law Open list01LawSE01
Leadership Open list01LeadershipSE01
LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) Open list01LETS
Lumber Open list01Lumber
Logistics Open list01LogisticsSE01
Luxury Sector Open list01LuxurySector

MMM go to TOP

Management Open list01ManagementSE01
Marketing Open list01Marketing
Media Open list01MediaSE01
Medicine Open list01MedicineSE01
Metrics Open list01Metrics
Microfinance Open list01MicrofinanceSE01
Migration Open list01MigrationSE01
Military Open list01MilitarySE01
Mining Open list01MiningSE01
Money ... about money in a monetary economy Open list01MoneySE01
Money, Banking and Financial Services ... same as Banking, Society and Economy Open list01BankingSE01
Motivation Open list01MotivationSE01
Music Open list01MusicSE01

NNN go to TOP

Nation Open list01NationSE01
Nature ... about natural systems, ecology and economics Open list01NatureSE01
Network Open list01NetworkSE01
NGOs Open list01NGOs

OOO go to TOP

Official Development Assistance (ODA) Open list01ODASE01
Occupy Movement ... subset of Activism Open list01OccupySE01
Open Source Open list01OpenSource
Organization Open list01OrganizationsSE01

PPP go to TOP

Peace Open list01PeaceSE01
People Open list01PeopleSE01
Performance Open list01PerformanceSE01
Philanthropy Open list01Philanthropy
Philosophy Open list01PhilosophySE01
Place Open list01PlaceSE01
Planning Open list01Planning
Police Open list01PoliceSE01
Policy Open list01Policy
Politics Open list01PoliticsSE01
Pollution Open list01PollutionSE01
Population Open list01Population
Pornography See also XXX, Society and Economy Open list01XXXSE01
Power Open list01Power
Prisons Open list01PrisonsSE01
Productivity Open list01ProductivitySE01
Profit See also Valueadd, Society and Economy Open list01ProfitSE01
Progress Open list01ProgressSE01
Propaganda Open list01PropagandaSE01
Protest Open list01ProtestSE01

QQQ go to TOP

Quality Open list01QualitySE01
Quality of Life (QoL) Open list01QoL

RRR go to TOP

Race Open list01Race
Real Estate Open list01RealEstateSE01
Refugees Open list01RefugeesSE01
Regulations Open list01RegulationsSE01
Religion Open list01ReligionSE01
Repression Open list01RepressionSE01
Resources Open list01ResourcesSE01
Retail Open list01Retail
Risk Open list01RiskSE01
Rule of Law Open list01RuleOfLawSE01

SSS go to TOP

Sanctions Open list01Sanctions
Sanitation Open list01SanitationSE01
Science and Technology Open list01ScienceTechSE01
Shelter Open list01ShelterSE01
Secrecy Open list01SecrecySE01
Security Open list01Security
Shipping Open list01Shipping
Social Activism ... Same as Activism, Society and Economy Open list01ActivismSE01
Social Business Open list01SocialBusinessSE01
Society and Economy Open list01SocietyEconomy01
Social Media Open list01SocialMediaSE01
Sport Open list01SportSE01
Stock Market Open list01StockMarketSE01
Stuff Open list01Stuff
Surveillance Open list01SurveillanceSE01
Sustainability Open list01SustainabilitySE01
State of Society and Economy Open list01StateOfSE01
State, province, canton, etc. finance Open list NNNN

TTT go to TOP

Taxation Open list01Taxation
Tax Evasion Open list01TaxEvasionSE01
Technology Open list01TechnologySE01
Terrorism Open list01Terrorism
Time Open list01TimeSE01
Tolerance Open list01Tolerance
Totalitarianism Open list01TotalitarianismSE01
Tourism Open list01TourismSE01
Toxins Open list01Toxins
Trade Open list01Trade
Transparency Open list01TransparencySE01
Transport Open list01Transport
Trend Open list01Trend
TrueValueMetrics (TVM) Open list01TVM
Trust Open list01TrustSE01

UUU go to TOP

Unemployment Open list01UnemploymentSE01
Unions Open list01UnionsSE01
User Agreements Open list01UserAgreements

VVV go to TOP

ValueAdd Open list01ValueAddSE01
ValueChain Open list01ValueChainSE01
ValueDestruction Open list01ValueDestructionSE01
Violence Open list01ViolenceSE01

WWW go to TOP

Wages Open list01WagesSE01
War Open list01WarSE01
War on Drugs Open list01WarOnDrugsSE01
War on Terror Open list01WarOnTerrorSE01
Waste Open list01WasteSE01
Wastonomics Open list01WastonomicsSE01
Water Open list01WaterSE01
Wealth Open list01WealthSE01
Welfare Open list01Welfare
Whistle Blowers Open list01WhistleBlowers
Women's Issues Open list01WomensIssues
WorkingConditions Open list01WorkingConditions
World News from AJE Open list01WorldNewsAJE

XYZ go to TOP

Youth Open list01YouthSE01
XXX Open list01XXXSE01

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