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Paul Polak

Video about the work of Paul Polak and IDE in the field of International Development.

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Kathryn Polak shared a memory.
October 1, at 11.14 pm
10 Years Ago
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Paul Polak
September 29, 2011 ·
Big thank you to iDE and James Wilmot for making this video, and bringing back some wonderful memories! — at Somaila Africa, Bangladesh, India, Denver. 0:18 / 8:13
8 Comments Pema Wangmo So nice to see his face and hear his voice! · Reply · Share · 2d
Paul Polak 1933-2019 The Social Enterprise Movement
Admin Pema Wangmo it’s hard not to to smile when you hear the enthusiasm in his voice! · Reply · Share · 2d
Peter Burgess I never met Paul, but I worked in many developing countries for the best part of 30 years starting in 1974 ... and learned many of the same lessons. One of the buzz-words of the time was 'appropriate technology' but not many in Washington, London, Paris, etc. really understood what was appropriate in the way Paul and IDE did. Great memories. · Reply · Share · 1d
Kathryn Polak Peter Burgess thanks for all your incredible work over the years! It’s amazing you and my Dad never met! · Reply · Share · 1d
Mona Wainwright
Zo GIF may contain beautiful, flower and rose · Reply · Share · 1d
Mona Wainwright
What a pleasure to see this · Reply · Share · 1d
Paul Polak 1933-2019 The Social Enterprise Movement Admin Mona Wainwright it would have been perfect if it had some video of Paul in Belize! · Reply · Share · 1d
One of the things I learned as a small child was that trees grew from the roots up ... not top down. But in my formal education (enginering, economics and accountancy) and in my corporate management experience I learned that most of modern management was top-down. When I got to do consulting work for the World Bank and the United Nations I also learned that international development and humanitarian assistance was also run using 'top down' protocols. There were however, a lot of initiatives like those of Paul Polak and IDE that embraced a bottom up approach and these were successful but not at a sufficient scale to get the attention of world leaders and to change the paradigm. It is late ... but not too late ... and I am still optimistic that common sense and reality will prevail!
Peter Burgess
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