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Date: 2022-05-27 Page is: DBtxt003.php L0900-MBF-Real-US-GDP-1790-2012
What this shows ...
 •   From 1790 to 1929 a substantial amount of progress ... but from a low starting point.
 •   1929 was the start of the Great Depression, which lastd several years
 •   There was rapid GDP growth during the years of WWII.
 •   GDP growth continued in the USA from 1945 until the present time.
 •   The oil shock in 1973 halted GDP growth briefly.
 •   There was another blip in GDP growth with the Gulf War of 1991
 •   And another with the bust around 2000-2001.
 •   In 2008 there was an even bigger bust with the Financial Crisis of 2008.
What this does not show ...
 •   US GDP growth has been impressive over time ... but not correlated well with quality of life for the majority of Americans during the past 40 years.
 •   This time series ends in 2012. The economic disruption of 2020 brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic is not part of this graph. (See link below)
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