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Media News Headlines The New Republic

Media News Headlines ... The New Republic ... October 7th 2021

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Peter Burgess
The New Republic LATEST THE SOAPBOX APOCALYPSE SOON SOLD SHORT CRITICAL MASS MAGAZINE PODCASTS The New Republic Latest For fearless reporting in defense of democracy, subscribe now!Subscribe October 7, 2021 Tanvi Misra The Ugly Bipartisan Obsession with the “Right” Number of Immigrants October 7, 2021 Jo Livingstone No Time to Die Breaks Down the Glamour of James Bond October 7, 2021 Daniel Fernandez Biden’s Questionable Pick for Drug Czar October 7, 2021 Jeremy Lybarger Man Ray’s Slow Fade From the Limelight October 6, 2021 Alex Shephard Kyrsten Sinema Is So Bad at This October 6, 2021 Timothy Noah South Dakota Is a Moral Sewer and Should Be Abolished October 6, 2021 Esther Wang Police Unions’ Latest Grievance: Vaccine Mandates October 6, 2021 Matt Ford The Supreme Court Could Save Tribal Sovereignty—or Demolish It October 5, 2021 Grace Segers Your Guide to the Debt Ceiling Disaster Toward Which America Is Hurtling October 5, 2021 Alex Shephard Who Will Win the 2021 Nobel Prize in Literature? October 5, 2021 Kate Aronoff Let’s Call Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema What They Are: Extremists October 5, 2021 Daniel Strauss The Fight to Rein in Facebook Takes a Big Step—or Two—Forward This Week October 5, 2021 Natalie Shure Big Pharma’s Revolving Door Is Imperiling Democracy October 5, 2021 Alex Pareene Climate-Friendly Investment Funds Are a Scam October 5, 2021 Sarah Garland, Jan Dutkiewicz What Should We Call Lab Meat? (Probably Not “Lab Meat.”) October 4, 2021 Alex Shephard Nobel Committee Chair Anders Olsson on the “Renovation” of the Prize for Literature October 4, 2021 Edward Graham Think Tankers Are Skirting Congress’s New Conflict of Interest Rules October 4, 2021 Nick Hanauer Biden’s Plan to Tax Rich People Like Me is the Best Way to Grow the Economy October 4, 2021 Kyle Chayka Has Amazon Changed Fiction? October 4, 2021 Michael Tomasky The Reconciliation Bill Is About Saving Democracy 12345 THE SOAPBOX APOCALYPSE SOON SOLD SHORT CRITICAL MASS MAGAZINE PODCASTS EventsDonateAdvertiseSubscriber ServicesPressJobsSubmissions Subscribe to The New RepublicSign Up for Our Newsletters Terms and ConditionsPrivacy PolicyCookies SettingsCopyright 2021 © The New Republic. All rights reserved. October 4, 2021 Matt Ford How the GOP Is Turning the States Into the Laboratories of Oligarchy October 2, 2021 Jason Linkins Corporate Democrats Are Killing Biden’s Agenda October 1, 2021 Grace Segers Manchin’s Plan to Shrink Biden’s $3.5 Trillion Bill May Hurt Families in Need October 1, 2021 Kate Aronoff Free Steven Donziger October 1, 2021 Patrick Caldwell Manchin and Biden Are Two Doves, Crying October 1, 2021 Divya Karthikeyan What If Pandemic Aid Went to Tenants, Not Landlords? October 1, 2021 Timothy Noah Kyrsten Sinema Should Reread Her 2009 Manifesto on Compromise October 1, 2021 Jo Livingstone The Many Saints of Newark and the Tragedy of the Made Man October 1, 2021 Melody Schreiber How America Screwed Up the Great School Reopening October 1, 2021 Liza Featherstone If Politicians Want to Raise Birth Rates, They Should Pass Climate Policy October 1, 2021 Matt Ford The Supreme Court’s Next Big Gun Rights Case Has Allies Trading Fire September 30, 2021 Kate Aronoff The Infrastructure Bill Is Not Marxist. I Wish. September 30, 2021 Daniel Strauss Elise Stefanik Gets Trumpier Still With New Immigration Attack September 30, 2021 Grace Segers Congress Is Finding Creative New Ways to Break Itself September 30, 2021 Kathryn Joyce Republicans Don’t Want to Reform Public Education. They Want to End It. September 30, 2021 Timothy Noah The Democrats Can’t Get to $2.5 Trillion? Here—I Just Did It. September 30, 2021 Chris Lehmann How the 9.9 Percent Uphold Inequality September 29, 2021 Marta Martinez The Domestic Workers Left Out of the Pandemic Recovery September 29, 2021 Daniel Strauss Can Pramila Jayapal Stare Down Manchin and Sinema? September 29, 2021 Kate Aronoff Lab to Table 12 September 29, 2021 Alex Shephard The MAGA-Lite Future of the Republican Party September 29, 2021 The Politics of Everything The Cops Who Touched Fentanyl September 28, 2021 Timothy Noah Wait—Is Kyrsten Sinema About to Do Something Good? September 28, 2021 Walter Shapiro Is Biden’s Favorite Phrase a Sign of Urgency or Desperation? September 28, 2021 Alex Shephard The Media Is Getting the Arizona “Audit” Story Wrong September 28, 2021 Matt Ford It’s Not My Fault That People Don’t Like the Supreme Court Anymore September 27, 2021 Grace Segers The Democrats Can Raise the Debt Ceiling on Their Own September 27, 2021 Michael Tomasky This Is the Week for Democrats to Live Up to Their Stated Principles September 27, 2021 Faiz Shakir The Build Back Better Bill Is Transformative. So Say It, Democrats. September 27, 2021 Charles McCrary The Baffling Legal Standard Fueling Religious Objections to Vaccine Mandates September 27, 2021 Audrey Gray What It Feels Like to Have a Pipeline Cut Through Your Town September 27, 2021 Philippa Snow Alexandra Kleeman’s Not-So-Distant Dystopia September 27, 2021 Alex Shephard How Joe Biden Can Reverse His Incredible Shrinking Presidency September 25, 2021 Jason Linkins What Will Democrats Tell Voters If They Screw This Up? September 24, 2021 Grace Segers Joe Manchin Might Single-Handedly Upend the Child Tax Credit September 24, 2021 Daniel Strauss Donald Trump Is in Full Freak-Out Mode Over the January 6 Commission September 24, 2021 Cora Currier The Photos the Border Patrol Wants You to See September 24, 2021 Michael Tomasky How the Media’s Framing of the Budget Debate Favors the Right September 24, 2021 Timothy Noah Stop Fretting About the Reconciliation Bill September 24, 2021 Matt Ford The Trump Lawyer Plotting the Next American Coup September 24, 2021 Jo Livingstone Living in the Aftermath of Death in Venice September 24, 2021 John Patrick Leary The Apolitical Passivity of “Inclusion” September 23, 2021 Alex Shephard Mitch McConnell Is Getting Away With a Dangerous Debt Ceiling Gambit September 23, 2021 Jan Dutkiewicz, Gabriel N. Rosenberg The Myth of Regenerative Ranching September 23, 2021 John Semley Cry Macho Is a Western With a Difference September 23, 2021 Jake Bittle Charlie Kirk’s Sick Logic September 22, 2021 Grace Segers Can John Yarmuth Save the Biden Agenda? September 22, 2021 Esther Wang Biden Is to Blame for the Border Misery September 22, 2021 Daniel Strauss Kyrsten Sinema Is Corporate Lobbies’ Million-Dollar Woman September 22, 2021 Matt Ford Nevada’s Blue Wave September 22, 2021 Matt Ford The First Plaintiffs to Sue Under the Texas Abortion Ban Are as Ridiculous as the Ban Itself September 22, 2021 Jennifer Wilson Who Gets to Be Desirable? September 22, 2021 Piper French Banning the Homeless Won’t Keep California From Burning September 22, 2021 Timothy Noah Climate Change Is Killing American Workers, and Biden Needs to Act Quickly September 21, 2021 Alex Shephard The Biden Doctrine Is Not the Trump Doctrine. But What Is It, Exactly? September 21, 2021 Grace Segers The Democrats’ High-Stakes Sprint Through a Legislative Minefield September 21, 2021 Kate Aronoff Follow the Money Into Joe Manchin’s Pockets September 21, 2021 Alex Shephard Moderate Democrats Are Sabotaging the Biden Agenda September 21, 2021 Daniel Strauss “You Don’t Do That to an Ally”: Longtime French Ambassador to U.S. Scorches Biden September 21, 2021 Alexander Chee The Afterlives of E.M. Forster 23456 September 21, 2021 Tana Ganeva Biden’s Conservative Vision on Clemency September 21, 2021 Matt Ford Vaccine Mandates and the God-Given Right to Spread Covid September 20, 2021 Natalie Shure Can Michelle Wu Unite Boston and Spark a Municipal Revolution? September 20, 2021 Timothy Noah The Right’s New Argument Against Redistribution Is Stuck in the 1970s September 20, 2021 Michael A. Cohen The Risk of a Terror Attack From Afghanistan Is Quite Low, Actually September 20, 2021 Osita Nwanevu The Case for Partisanship September 20, 2021 Mark Peterson, Stephanie Heimann The Capitol Riot Sequel Was a Sad Media Circus September 20, 2021 Walter Shapiro “Build Back Better” Is an Awful Catchphrase September 20, 2021 Michael Tomasky Mitch McConnell’s Gang of Nihilists Can’t Be Trusted With the Debt Ceiling September 18, 2021 Jason Linkins How Congress Created the Peril of Trump’s Harrowing Final Days September 17, 2021 Grace Segers Anthony Gonzalez’s Retirement Tightens Trump’s Stranglehold on the GOP September 17, 2021 Michael Tomasky “The Most Beloved Man on the Planet”: Ken Burns on Muhammad Ali September 17, 2021 Melody Schreiber Vaccinating the Unvaccinated Is Better Than Giving People Covid Booster Shots September 17, 2021 Gish Jen Richard Powers’s Bewilderment Is an Exercise in Empathy September 17, 2021 Jo Livingstone Who’s Afraid of Judy Chicago? September 17, 2021 Matt Ford There May Be No Realistic Way to Fix Gerrymandering September 17, 2021 Alex Shephard Why Did Senate Democrats Strip Ethics Reform From Their Voting Rights Bill? September 17, 2021 Joe Rubin How Does Don Jr. Roll? September 17, 2021 Micah L. Sifry Occupy Wall Street at 10: What It Taught Us, and Why It Mattered September 16, 2021 Timothy Noah Direct Democracy Is Breaking California 34567

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