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Media / Headlines
The New Republic

The New Republic headlines for circa September 30th 2021

Original article:

Peter Burgess
The New Republic LATEST THE SOAPBOX APOCALYPSE SOON SOLD SHORT CRITICAL MASS MAGAZINE PODCASTS My Account The New Republic Senator Joe Manchin walks outside surrounded by reporters and recording devices. Grace Segers Manchin’s Plan to Shrink Biden’s $3.5 Trillion Bill May Hurt Families in Need The West Virginia senator has floated means testing as a way of cutting costs, but his plan could have inadvertent negative effects. Kate Aronoff Free Steven Donziger The environmental lawyer’s sentencing shows that laws protecting Chevron are much stronger than laws protecting the planet. Patrick Caldwell Manchin and Biden Are Two Doves, Crying tenants in New York protest Divya Karthikeyan What If Pandemic Aid Went to Tenants, Not Landlords? As landlords refuse federal pandemic rental assistance, some places are simply cutting them out of the process. Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema smiles as she stands between Senator Rob Portman and Senator Susan Collins. Kyrsten Sinema Should Reread Her 2009 Manifesto on Compromise Timothy Noah The Many Saints of Newark and the Tragedy of the Made Man Jo Livingstone From the Magazine Lab to Table Kate Aronoff The Soapbox A line of men perform a nighttime gun drill. The Supreme Court’s Next Big Gun Rights Case Has Allies Trading Fire Matt Ford The Infrastructure Bill Is Not Marxist. I Wish. Kate Aronoff Elise Stefanik Gets Trumpier Still With New Immigration Attack Daniel Strauss The dome of the U.S. Capitol is reflected in displaced stone, making it look like there's a crack running through it. Grace Segers Congress Is Finding Creative New Ways to Break Itself America’s august legislative bodies are a simmering welter of dysfunction, and there is no end in sight. Joe Machin walks through the halls of Capitol Hill surrounded by reporters with mobile phones. Timothy Noah The Democrats Can’t Get to $2.5 Trillion? Here—I Just Did It. Manchin says $1.5 trillion. Sanders says $3.5. So split the difference, guys. Here’s one way to do it. Critical Mass Chris Lehmann How the 9.9 Percent Uphold Inequality The superrich gain most from a top-heavy economy. But it’s the class of meritocrats just beneath them who justify the system. Philippa Snow Alexandra Kleeman’s Not-So-Distant Dystopia “Something New Under the Sun” is science fiction about celebrity, self-deception, and climate crisis, set in the very near future. Living in the Aftermath of Death in Venice Jo Livingstone Cry Macho Is a Western With a Difference John Semley Sold Short Home health aide cleans window Marta Martinez The Domestic Workers Left Out of the Pandemic Recovery Surveys tracking how house cleaners, nannies, and others have been impacted by Covid-19 show a less rosy picture than official economic data. Haitian migrants leave a Border Patrol bus Cora Currier The Photos the Border Patrol Wants You to See The agency portrays itself as a humanitarian force—not one that whips desperate migrants by horseback. Apocalypse Soon A woman speaking into a microphone points to the crowd. Liza Featherstone If Politicians Want to Raise Birth Rates, They Should Pass Climate Policy Huge numbers of young people say they’re hesitant to have kids because of climate change. A masked student sits in class. Melody Schreiber How America Screwed Up the Great School Reopening People raise their fists in front of a construction site. Audrey Gray What It Feels Like to Have a Pipeline Cut Through Your Town Wildlife watch cows grazing in a fenced-off area. Jan Dutkiewicz, Gabriel N. Rosenberg The Myth of Regenerative Ranching Podcasts The Cops Who Touched Fentanyl The Politics of Everything TNR Video | Tomaskycast Michael Tomasky “The Most Beloved Man on the Planet”: Ken Burns on Muhammad Ali TNR editor Michael Tomasky talks with the acclaimed filmmaker about his new project, airing Sunday on PBS. Elizabeth Warren in front of a green and black backdrop Michael Tomasky “Amazon, I’m Lookin’ at You”: Elizabeth Warren on Paying for the Budget Bill The Massachusetts senator asks: Are we really going to tell pre-K kids that billionaires can’t afford it? Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy Copyright 2021 © The New Republic. All rights reserved.

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