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US Politics 2020

Interview text ... Last month, Donald Trump was impeached by Adam Schiff and House Democrats! ... And now Mitch McConnell’s majority is in charge of convicting or acquitting Trump of his crimes, and McConnell already said he won’t give him a fair trial.


Peter Burgess
Skip to content Using Gmail with screen readers 1 of 693,350 Inbox x confirm your interview via 6:21 PM (2 minutes ago) to me Peter, Last month, Donald Trump was impeached by Adam Schiff and House Democrats! And now Mitch McConnell’s majority is in charge of convicting or acquitting Trump of his crimes, and McConnell already said he won’t give him a fair trial. But with a groundswell of public support for his conviction, Mitch McConnell will have no choice but to play by the rules! So today I’m reaching out to only 100 of our top respondents to take part in a digital interview on Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial. I specifically selected you as one of [2] Democrats to represent Pennsylvania because I know you’re one of our most informed members. Click the button below to respond: CLICK HERE TO BEGIN YOUR INTERVIEW >> In this interview I will ask you questions to gauge your opinion of: > Trump’s high crimes & misdemeanors, > How well Democrats like Adam Schiff handled the impeachment inquiry, > Republicans like Mitch McConnell who have vowed to acquit Trump, > And our overall 2020 strategy to defeat Trump. Your responses will be used to represent all of Pennsylvania so I’m really counting on you. You may begin your interview by CLICKING HERE or by clicking the big red button below: CLICK HERE TO BEGIN YOUR INTERVIEW >> I’m personally monitoring all input. I’m seriously looking for your response! Please complete you interview here: Thanks in advance! Sophie M. Digital Coordinator National Democratic Training Committee This message was sent to: Click here to receive fewer emails. | Click here to unsubscribe. National Democratic Training Committee Paid for by the National Democratic Training Committee,, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. Thank you for supporting the National Democratic Training Committee. Our entire team is working around the clock to train Democrats to WIN in 2020. We've already trained more than 30,000 Democrats to win -- but with your help, we can train even more. Please click below to support our training efforts: DONATE TO TRAIN DEMOCRATS TO WIN >> Peter, there are 518,000 elected positions in this country. Imagine if Democrats fought for every race -- no matter how small. Imagine a world where our values of compassion and dignity for all people are upheld on every school board, on every city council, and in every state legislature. Want to run for office yourself? Please click here to explore our FREE campaign training >> I WANT TO RUN FOR OFFICE >> We know we email you a lot. But we promise there's a good reason: we are 100% funded by grassroots donors like you. We aren’t a SuperPAC. We don’t shell out to special interests. But we’ll be honest: it’s incredibly expensive. We spend every last penny trying to elect Democrats who will make a difference in Pennsylvania. But if you'd like to receive fewer emails, you can click here. If you'd like to unsubscribe from our emails, click here. Change or update your email address by clicking here. If you'd like to donate to fund our PROVEN Democratic training program, please click here >> Contribute >> Like us on Facebook >> Follow us on Twitter >> From the entire NDTC team, thanks for your support! NDTC Begin your interview below: Email Do you approve of Adam Schiff and House Democrats IMPEACHING Donald Trump? Yes No Unsure Do you support convicting Trump in the Senate? Yes No Unsure Adam Schiff has been a leading Democrat investigating Donald Trump. Donald Trump has accused Schiff of treason and DEMANDED he resign. But do you APPROVE of how Adam Schiff has handled the investigations? Yes, I approve of Adam Schiff. No, I disapprove of Adam Schiff. Which of Trump's alleged crimes concern you the most? (Select all that apply:) Colluding with Russia in the 2016 Election Obstructing Justice in the Mueller Investigation Profiting off his presidency Refusing to release his tax returns Asking a foreign government to investigate his political opponents All of the above Do you believe Trump is guilty? Yes No Unsure Mitch McConnell vowed to protect Trump in the Senate. Does it concern you that Republicans will refuse to convict Donald Trump? Yes No Unsure Do you approve or disapprove of Mitch McConnell? I approve of Mitch McConnell. I disapprove of Mitch McConnell. Do you think Trump will win re-election this year if he is not convicted before? Yes No Unsure The 2020 Presidential Elections have already begun. We're crafting our strategy for a Democratic victory, but we need to track where you stand. As of right now, who are you most likely to vote for in the Democratic primary? Michael Bennet Joe Biden Michael Bloomberg Pete Buttigieg John Delaney Tulsi Gabbard Amy Klobuchar Deval Patrick Bernie Sanders Tom Steyer Elizabeth Warren Andrew Yang Regardless of who becomes our next Democratic Nominee, are you willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Democrats win? Yes! The National Democratic Training Committee is committed to electing Democrats and CRUSHING Republicans. We’ve started our 2020 preparations to ensure that Democrats win in EVERY state, but unless we meet our next fundraising deadline, we’ll have to stop our work immediately. So we're unlocking a 300%-MATCH for Democrats who complete this survey with a $3 or more donation. Will you rush $3 right now to support our mission? I'll 3X-MATCH $3 NOW >> I'll 3X-MATCH $15 NOW >> I'll 3X-MATCH $35 NOW >> I'll 3X-MATCH $50 NOW >> I'll 3X-MATCH $100 NOW >> I'll 3X-MATCH Another Amount NOW >>

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