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Global Alliance for Banking on Values

Global Alliance for Banking on Values ... People of the Managing Secretariat


Peter Burgess

T +31(0)30 694 3062 E

Postal Address: Global Alliance for Banking on Values, Nieuweroordweg 1, P.O. Box 55, 3700 AB Zeist, The Netherlands

GABV Secretariat

M Eguiguren_BNWDr Marcos Eguiguren

Executive Director (GABV Staff)
T +31(0)30 694 3062
Marcos (Spain/The Netherlands) brings a wealth of experience to the GABV including banking, consulting, management, research, and training and development in the corporate, banking and telecom sectors. As an entrepreneur and co-founder of SingularNet, a professional services firm focused on helping organizations incorporate sustainability in their business operations, Professor of Business Administration at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain), and Supervisory Board member of Triodos Bank, Marcos is known for his ability to lead the strategic delivery of profitable, sustainable, values-based business models. As Executive Director of the GABV Marcos is tasked with building the values-based banking movement and growing our work with members, partners, experts and policy makers to influence the banking system so that it is more transparent, ethical, robust and real-economy focused.

Christelle Sprokel

Christelle Sprokel
Programme & Office Manager
(GABV Staff)
T +31 (0)30 6942585
Christelle (South Africa/The Netherlands) is a Zeist-based member of the GABV Secretariat as Programme & Office Manager. Christelle is responsible for programme and project management, including the logistics of the Annual Meeting and other events. Christelle is also responsible for GABV finances and budget as well as IT, infrastructure, and the Secretariat organization. Christelle coordinates the Governing Board Forum Community of Practice (CofP).

Adele_arendse_BNWAdele Arendse
Network Coordinator
(GABV Staff)
T +31(0)30 694 3062
Adele (South Africa/The Netherlands) has over 15 years experience in project management and support within environment and development NGOs, non-profits, government and research institutions. In 2012, Adele was awarded her Masters in Development and Rural Innovation from Wageningen University in The Netherlands. Adele joined the GABV Secretariat in 2013 as an opportunity to apply her experience in facilitating the connections between people, innovation and sustainability. Adele is responsible for coordinating the internal communications of the GABV network and for making sure that everybody has the right information at the right moment. She also helps with the logistics of the different Annual and Chapter meetings and is the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director.


CarolinaCarolina Benavides
Latin American Regional Representative

T +51 94 209 8648
Carolina (Peru) is a Social Sciences professional, with a 15-year international and domestic track record in developing and implementing networks and institutional relations in academia, government, non-governmental organisations and the banking world. Carolina is the first contact person for the Latin American CEOs and the network in the region. In coordination with the Executive Director, Carolina scans the region in search of advocacy opportunities, strategic alliances and prospects members.

Carlowitz AusschnittChristoph Carlowitz
European Regional Representative
(Senior Adviser seconded by GLS Bank) T +49 (0)234 5797 5209
Christoph studied economics and business administration in Chicago, Essen, Toronto and Tübingen. He has been working for several cooperative banks as a loan officer, Head of Associated Companies Division, Head of Sales & Marketing Division and Head of Controlling. He is now Company Secretary at GLS Bank in Bochum, Germany. Christoph is the first contact person for European CEOs and the network in the region. In coordination with the Executive Director, Christoph scans the region in search of advocacy opportunities, strategic alliances and prospects members.


David Korslund Pic 100x134 bwDavid Korslund
Scorecard Development & Senior Adviser to the Executive Director

M +31 (0)63 427 6907
David (United States/The Netherlands), has filled a number of senior and strategic roles in banking and financial services since 1976, starting at Shore Bank in Chicago and with more than 25 years at ABN AMRO in the US and The Netherlands. Within the GABV Secretariat his responsibilities include delivering results from the Metrics CofP, the GABV Scorecard, and also advises the Executive Director especially on member expansion and research matters.


Janina Zajic bwJanina Zajic
Leadership Academy & Human Capital Adviser (Seconded by GLS Bank)
T +49 (234) 5797 5729
Janina (Germany) gained international experience while working for the UN in New York and the German Embassy in Prague. She has been connected to values-based banking for 10 years and has served as Adviser to the CEO and GABV Board member at GLS Bank in Germany. Janina works with Katrin Kaeufer to coordinate the Human Capital CofP and coordinates the Leadership Academy and other initiatives in the Human Capital area.

Katrin Kaeufer100x134bw
Dr Katrin Käufer
Leadership Academy and Human Capital Senior Adviser

Katrin (Germany) is research director (& founding member) at the Presencing Institute, and Fellow at the Community Innovators Lab (CoLab) at MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning. Her current work includes a research focuses on social transformation and non-hierarchical coordination. She earned her MBA and Ph.D. from Witten/Herdecke University, Germany. Katrin coordinates the Human Capital CofP, manages the Leadership Academy, and coordinates the relationship between the GABV and MIT. Katrin is also responsible for the deployment of the MOOCs.


L Ryan_BNWLinda Ryan
Marketing & Communications Adviser
T +31 (0)30 6942585
Linda (Ireland/Canada) has up to 20 years’ experience in stakeholder relationship building, management consulting, media relations, communications, channel management, branding, event co-ordination, and change management and coaching. As a member of the GABV Secretariat Linda’s goal is to build the GABV’s profile, develop engagement initiatives and deliver projects defined by the GABV Board in support of a mission to grow the values-based banking movement. Linda develops and implements marketing and communications initiatives revolving around products and services across earned, paid, owned and social media. Linda also coordinates the GABV’s Marketing and Communications CofP.


PaulaMartin_bwPaula Martin
North American Regional Representative (Senior Adviser seconded by Vancity)
T +1 604 877 7641
Paula (Canada), a former journalist and communications, marketing and engagement executive, serves as Advisor to the CEO at Vancouver-based Vancity Credit Union. Paula is the first contact person for North American CEOs and the network in the region. In coordination with the Executive Director, Paula scans the region in search of advocacy opportunities, strategic alliances and prospects members. Paula is also helping with content design for the Annual Meeting.


tom cummingsTom Cummings
Annual Meeting Design and Senior Adviser to the Executive Director
(Senior Adviser seconded by Triodos Bank)
Tom’s role focuses on engaging annually with member CEOs to get insights for developing the activities of the GABV. Tom also manages the design of the Annual Meeting and is the key facilitator during the conference. Tom provides advice to the Executive Director on topics relating to the internal development of the network.

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