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Mission Measurement

About the Mission Measurement initiative

Mission Measurement (MM) is doing a lot of the things that are on the TrueValueMetrics (TVM) agenda. In some ways MM is way ahead of TVM. It has a very clear focus on what it can do to improve the performance of its clients. TVM, on the other hand is working on the more difficult problem of how to improve the performance of society. MM and others ... like, for example the Porter / Kramer idea of Shared Value ... are making a key assumption, and that is that the improvement in the performance of an organization will improve the performance of society. This is true up to a point, and especially when the main measure is money profit or money surplus, but really does not work when the goal is the betterment of society and the betterment of the environment.

Having said this ... the MM initiative is way ahead of a lot of other work in this field.
Peter Burgess

Measure the Un-Measurable

Outcomes are the building blocks of social change. We help our clients to articulate measurable outcomes for their work, and design data collection systems to track and report their impact.

Our measurement solutions are different in three ways:

  1. Standardized outcomes. Through our patent-pending Outcomes Taxonomy™, we help our clients to articulate their results in a language that funders, donors and corporations understand.

  2. Evidence-based. We leverage academic literature and program evaluations to determine the most credible metrics to demonstrate impact

  3. Practical. Our measurement is designed to help clients improve results, tell story of their impact and secure resources.

With over fifteen years of experience evaluating social impact, we have measured virtually every type of social outcome.

Define Success

We work with clients to define the outcomes they seek to achieve leveraging our Outcomes Taxonomy™. We use proprietary methods to engage stakeholders, analyze program objectives and build organization-wide consensus. This sets the foundation for measurement and enables clients to look at their programs, grants or investments through the “lens of outcomes,” enabling comparability and organizational learning.

For more information on how you can Define Success for your foundation, corporation or nonprofit, please contact Sasha Tuzel.

Program Evaluation

Our approach to customized program evaluation helps you answer the question: “Did our program work?” Using sophisticated quantitative and qualitative approaches, we help you measure and communicate your social impact. Our custom research is enhanced by The Impact Genome®, which leverages standardized outcomes and a robust evidence-base so we don’t need to reinvent the wheel on every study. This dramatically lowers the cost of our research and improves the value of our findings.

For more information on how you can Evaluate your social program, please contact Sophie Walker.

Benchmark and Predict Social Impact

Mission Measurement’s solutions quantify, predict and communicate impact, turning data into a driver of program success. With fifteen years of experience helping leading organizations measure and achieve results, we have evaluated almost every social outcome and pass that knowledge along to our clients. Our syndicated data helps benchmark and predict performance in every field of social change, while our custom research helps prove the impact of discrete interventions and programs.

Syndicated Data

Social Impact Scorecards™ Using common outcomes and indicators from the Impact Genome®, funders, policymakers and nonprofit practitioners can now measure with consistency and comparability. Moreover, programs and grants can now be evaluated for a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time.

Our Impact Scorecards generate the following benefits: One-page board reports focus on impact, not just budget Benchmark data for comparison and learning Portfolio analysis to demonstrate overall impact Learning and capacity building for every program Evaluate every grant, not just a few

For more information on how you can obtain Social Impact Scorecards™ for your foundation, government or nonprofit, please contact Laura Kingsbury.

ESG-H Impact Scorecards™ Our ESG-H Impact Scorecards™ measure the impact of corporations on Environmental, Social, Governance and Health outcomes. Unlike traditional CSR data, which measures corporate compliance with academic standards, our ESG-H Impact Scorecards™ measure corporate performance on ESG-H opportunities through the lens of consumer demand. Our research covers the following industries, among others: Consumer Packaged Goods, Restaurants, Retail, Financial Services, and Telecom.

ESG-H Impact Scorecards™ include the following: Importance weights of ESG-H factors in consumer decision-making Brand ratings and rankings on ESG-H factors Priority Consumer Segments Statistical relationship to key business metrics Benchmarks across categories, industries and sectors

For more information on how you can obtain an ESG-H Impact Scorecard™ for your company, brand or industry, please contact Shashank Sheth.

Drive Consumer Demand With Social Activation

Your company is spending millions on corporate sustainability and CSR strategies – but do they work? It’s not just about doing good or helping reputation, today’s business leaders recognize that consumers value and respond to social impact. We help companies design social activation strategies driven by consumer-insights. We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading brands, including McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Walmart, Unilever and Disney to change the way they think about, and deliver social change.

We work with companies in two ways:

Social Value Proposition®

Whether you seek to deepen relationships with consumers, employees, partners or investors, we can help you develop a distinctive social purpose for your business and build a social impact platform that generates superior results. Our customized approach uses audience-specific insights to keep goals aligned and stakeholders engaged.

For more information about developing an SVP for your brand, contact Leeatt Rothschild.

Market Activation Partnerships

We help you differentiate your brand by developing market activations that contribute to your bottom line and produce social outcomes. We combine our social impact expertise, syndicated data, and deep nonprofit relationships to create unique activations that produce measurable social outcomes and generate business value.

For more information about developing marketing activation partnerships for your brand, contact Leeatt Rothschild.

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