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Chris Macrae

RE: dear kusakabe family


Peter Burgess

Gmail Peter Burgess
Re: dear kusakabe family

christopher macrae
Sat, Dec 5, 2015 at 9:04 AM
Reply-To: christopher macrae
To: Emiko Kusakabe , Alizee , Hiro Yokoi , Dianne Davis , Mariko Gakiya , Denis Gilhooly
Cc: '' , '' , John Kiehl , Maurizio Nobili , Peter Burgess , Bernardo Javalquinto

Congratulations on explaining your many years of work to UN forum and ban ki-moon this week

somewhere between dianne's aquaintance with mariko, and amy and mine with hiro family foindation - i sincerely believe there needs to be a japanese meeting of minds

meanwhile i will be asking johns circle to keep me uptodate on appraising your web- not that i have any expertise but they do

however as a keynsian who believes 2 things about the next 10 years as human sustainability's most exciting decade - the future is exponentially locked in by what meta-model economists rule the world over and therefore the Hippocratic oath of the profession is to design system that end poverty - and anyone who does not sign up to that should never be permitted to globally rule over anything

i do also want to come back to a devils advocate position - what is the life lesson from kim, farmer and francis, sir fazle abed and even george soros on a keynsian day - if i have understood correctly

we do not need to start with 50 models

we need to start with preferential option poor in each professional practice and its educators- when i say we i mean particularly those who connect to turn either world bank or un bottom up

all deepest collaboration movements of end poverty converge on 1960s latin american ideology

your profession cannot be world class without going living with poorest

in doing that it not only needs to relearn its expertise bottom up and in conditions of eg no electricity and no communications but needs to analuse what broken systems got whoel communities into this compound trap

you (and whatever you call science) need a heck of a lot of faith/consciousness to encourage youth to come and join in networking from these toighest ever innovation crises- and every advance in technology needs preferential app'd to these poorest challenges first

one has to be very careful too - ending poverty needs the most open partnership networks ever designed- so whats the model of the overall network- obviously there are border problems; what may be individually a best model may be least sustainable for all; also if those who are mapping this have any remnants of zero-sum thinking in their decision-making then we will never get to way above zero-sum - and only that can get us to the sustainability goals

thanks chris macrae

From: christopher macrae
To: Emiko Kusakabe
Cc: '' ; ''
Sent: Sunday, 18 October 2015, 0:23
Subject: Re: dear kusakabe family

so sorry on west coast til wednesday

hope to stay connected; will try to brief hiro

will be going to diannes windsor event

best chris

From: Emiko Kusakabe
To: 'christopher macrae'
Sent: Saturday, 17 October 2015, 11:01
Subject: RE: dear kusakabe family

Dear Chris

We are sorry to be late to get back to you. We have been helping Yumiko’s wrapping up her flat life of 15 years as her work will be more between Japan and India for a while. Her mover will come on Monday and we will fly back to Tokyo on 21nd (Wed). If you are, by any chance, available for dinner on Tuesday night, we are very happy to see you again and talk. We will be staying at DuPont Circle Hotel from Monday night. We don’t have a mobile but will be checking emails often. Yumiko’s mobile phone number is 202-251-9843.

Dianne is very much interested in the Community Carte System, a web-based online wellbeing survey system with automatic risk and resilience analysis and tailored information provision for individuals’ “version up”, and she is willing to hold a forum for in Tokyo or Kyoto in a unique historical place, like Windsor Castle in the case of UK. She suggested we consider this possibility.

Although it may not be possible to find a fancy place like Winsor Castle, we may be able to find a temple or other places that can be interesting to use as a place. There may be some nice ways to connect your projects. We are interested in seeing your friend, Mr Yokoi, when back in Tokyo. If we cannot meet up this time, we hope we can continue to contact with you and see you in Tokyo or other places.

Best wishes,
Motoo and Emiko

From: christopher macrae []
Sent: Tuesday, October 6, 2015 12:36 PM
Subject: dear kusakabe family

Huge privilege for amy and me to meet you - we'd welcome chance to learn more about your next SDG projects and youth networks

in the event that you have time while you are washington dc please tell us - we can get to anywhere near a metro


chris macrae
240 316 8157

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