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NEC ... New Economy Coalition

About the New Economy Coalition ... an organization based in Boston


Peter Burgess

New Economy Coalition

The mission of the New Economy Coalition (NEC) is to convene and support all those who might contribute to an economy that is restorative to people, place, and planet, and that operates according to principles of democracy, justice and appropriate scale. Faced with interconnected ecological and economic crises, we believe that shared prosperity, sustainability and an equitable society require deep, systemic changes to both our economy and our politics. We support a just transition to a new economy that enables both thriving communities and ecological health.

Today, the majority of people are deprived of a voice in political and economic life. Fundamental flaws in the political economic system permit the concentration of resources and power, exacerbating inequality and destroying ecosystems. The beneficiaries of this system obstruct efforts to restore communities and livelihoods. These crises are poisoning our water, air, and land; creating climate chaos; and driving millions into disease and poverty.

The old models have not delivered. Something new is required.

Many people are currently working on components of a new economy, but too often their efforts remain fragmented and outside the mainstream of public discourse. Out of these hundreds of efforts a movement is emerging, but we must pull together to build the power necessary to take on the existing system and usher in an alternative. NEC’s objectives are to spread a new story about whom the economy serves, to facilitate the development of economic alternatives, and to engage coalition members in creating the conditions for transformational change. We offer one another the opportunity to engage with diverse constituencies, amplify our stories, and mobilize support for existing work and new collaborations.

We believe it is possible to bring about a new economy. Many strategies are already available, and more are emerging every day. But policy and models are meaningless without the will and capacity to implement them. It is possible to realize a new paradigm of equity and ecological health through a movement supported by a broad base of people committed to transformative change.

NEC is a network of individuals and organizations interacting within a broad framework of shared objectives, open to many perspectives and ideas. We share a commitment to working across differences to change the political economic system through mutual learning and collaborative action.

Current members of NEC include:

1Worker1Vote Alliance For Sustainability And Prosperity American Independent Business Alliance American Sustainable Business Council Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance (AORTA) Association For Enterprise Opportunity B Lab Baldwin Brothers Inc. The Board Of Change Boston Impact Initiative Bring It Local Business Alliance For Local Living Economies (BALLE) Camas Partners Canadian Community Economic Development Network Canadian Worker Co-op Federation The Capital Institute Caring Economy Campaign The Carrot Project Center For A New American Dream Center For Economic Democracy Center For Social Inclusion Center For The Advancement Of The Steady State Economy Center On Wisconsin Strategy Class Action CoFED Community Builders Of Long Island Community Purchasing Alliance Community Sourced Capital Compression Institute Concord Climate Action Network Conservation Law Foundation Cooperative Development Institute CoopZone Developers' Network Cooperative Fund Of New England Corporate Accountability International Croatan Institute Cutting Edge Capital Demand Progress The Democracy Collaborative Demos Domini Social Investments Donella Meadows Institute Earth Action Earth Island Institute Economists For Equity and Environment Ecotrust Equal Exchange The Equity Trust Food First Foundation Earth Freelancers Union Friends Of The Earth Fund for Democratic Communities The Garden Project Global Development And Environment Institute at Tufts University Global Wellbeing Institute Grand Aspirations GreenAmerica Green For All Green Map System Groundswell Gund Institute For Ecological Economics The Happathon Project hOurworld Impact Hub DC Initiave For Equality Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy Institute for Local Self Reliance Institute for Policy Studies International Society for Ecology and Culture ioby Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition Labor Network for Sustainability The Liberty Tree Foundation Living Economies Forum Local Enterprise Assistance Fund The Marion Institute Missourians Organizing for Reform & Empowerment (MORE) Move To Amend Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project National People's Action National Priorities Project Natural Capitalism Solutions New Economics Foundation (nef) New England Grassroots Environment Fund North American Students of Cooperation Nortwest Atlantic Marine Alliance Nuclear Information & Resource Service One Earth Ownership Associates Participatory Budgeting Project Patagonia Peace Development Fund Peers Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance PolicyLink Post Carbon Institute Post Growth Institute Program in Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies at RISD Project Equity Public Banking Institute Public Works Real Food Challenge ReDesign Reading Responsible Endowments Coalition Rethinking Economics RSF Social Finance Schumacher Center for a New Economics (SCNE) Second Nature Self-Help Credit Union / Self-Help Federal Credit Union Senior Entrepreneurship Works Shareable Slow Money Small Planet institute Soul Of The Next Economy The South Mountain Company Sostenica Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative (SCORAI) Sustainable Economies Law Center Sustainable Endowments Institute Take Back Your Time Tellus Institute The Thomas Merton Center TimeBanks USA Transition Town Peterborough TransitionUS Trillium Asset Management United Students For Fair Trade US Federation Of Worker Cooperatives Unitarian Universalist Community Cooperatives Vermonters for a New Economy Worcester Roots Project The Working World YES! Magazine NEC currently focuses on issues and actors in North America, recognizing the global implications of change in this region. The activities of our members take place on all levels, from purely local to national and regional. In the longer term we aim to align with movements for change throughout the world that will move all societies towards peace, wellbeing and ecological health. For more information about NEC, please contact us. Join NEC's E-list! Not in the US? United States New Economy Coalition | Send Us An Email 89 South Street, Suite 406. Boston, MA 02111 | TEL (617) 946-3200

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