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Mohamed a El-Erian

Collection of commentaries (links) written by Mohamed a El-Erian and available on Project Syndicate


Peter Burgess

FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2015 image: Hiking trails diverge woodsruminatrix/Flickr POLITICSMAR 16, 2015 8 The Messy Politics of Economic Divergence The world is increasingly characterized by divergence – in economic performance, monetary policy, and thus in financial markets. Though there is a broad consensus on what must be done to rebalance the… READ MORE image: currency warsThe AutoMotovated Cyclist/Flickr BUSINESS & FINANCEFEB 10, 2015 16 An Accidental Currency War? Six and a half years after the global financial crisis, central banks in emerging and developed economies alike are continuing to pursue unprecedentedly activist – and unpredictable – monetary policy.… READ MORE image: Roulette wheelHåkan Dahlström/Flickr ECONOMICSJAN 13, 2015 6 What Are We Betting On? The world has collectively placed a huge bet on three fundamental outcomes: a shift toward more inclusive global growth, the avoidance of policy mistakes, and the prevention of market accidents. But a… READ MORE image: Roads Divergeemdot/Flickr ECONOMICSDEC 8, 2014 11 A Year of Divergence In the coming year, the global economy will be characterized by widening discrepancies in economic growth and policies. As these divergences become increasingly difficult to reconcile, policymakers wi… READ MORE image: Origami Dollar airplaneDominik Meissner/Flickr ECONOMICSNOV 10, 2014 11 The Return of the Dollar The recent dollar rally, the result of genuine economic progress and divergent policy developments, could contribute to the “rebalancing” that has long eluded the global economy. But that outcome is f… READ MORE image: income inequality shoe shinerM. Jeremy Goldman/Flickr ECONOMICSOCT 17, 2014 24 The Inequality Trifecta Perhaps the most striking disconnect at the annual IMF/World Bank meetings was the disparity between participants’ interest in discussions of inequality and the ongoing lack of a formal action plan for… READ MORE image: Light Installation ColorsDom Dada/Flickr ECONOMICSSEP 16, 2014 3 Markets’ Rose-Tinted World This has been an unusual year for the global economy, characterized by a series of unanticipated economic, geopolitical, and market shifts – and the final quarter is likely to be no different. So why … READ MORE image: IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde BUSINESS & FINANCEAUG 15, 2014 4 The Fragmentation of Bretton Woods In recent years, political support for economic multilateralism has eroded, undermining the effectiveness of the Bretton Woods institutions and disrupting the international monetary system. This is no… READ MORE image: Smoke over Gaza City PalestineMohammed Othman/ZumaPress WORLD AFFAIRSJUL 10, 2014 5 The Three-Track Middle East Rather than achieving internal convergence, the Middle East is now following at least three distinct paths, and already-large differences will persist and grow for a number of years to come. The main … READ MORE image: Mohamed A. El-Erian, Mexico's government, Enrique Peña Nieto implements structural-reform, could be a Global ModelMartin D/Flickr BUSINESS & FINANCEJUN 18, 2014 1 Mexico’s Breakout Moment? Mexico has a good chance to realize its impressive structural-reform agenda. Doing so would give the rest of the world an important example of how such programs can be designed, implemented, and, most… READ MORE image: Newsart for Markets’ Federal Reserve Love StoryFederal Reserve Bank of New York/Pavel Ko BUSINESS & FINANCEMAY 21, 2014 5 Markets’ Federal Reserve Love Story For many years market participants have been richly rewarded for falling in love – quickly and decisively – with policy measures adopted by the US Federal Reserve. More recently, however, some have be… READ MORE image: Newsart for The Democratic Disruption of FinanceNapoleonBiggs/Flickr BUSINESS & FINANCEAPR 22, 2014 4 The Democratic Disruption of Finance There seems to be no limit to the exciting possibilities that come from combining technical innovations, the Internet, and social media. What is less appreciated is the extent to which the same phenom… READ MORE image: Newsart for Cementing Europe’s RecoveryJavier Micora/Flickr ECONOMICSAPR 8, 2014 2 Cementing Europe’s Recovery Europe’s renewed sense of hope and confidence, however encouraging, is not yet sufficient to produce appreciable gains for current and future generations. A few things need to happen over the next sev… READ MORE image: Newsart for Wallets Wide ShutMarlin2121/Flickr BUSINESS & FINANCEMAR 1, 2014 11 Wallets Wide Shut With profitability at or near record levels, cash holdings by the corporate sector in Europe and the US have reached an all-time high – and are earning very little at today’s near-zero interest rates.… READ MORE image: Newsart for A Happier Ending for IMF Reform?International Monetary Fund BUSINESS & FINANCEFEB 3, 2014 1 A Happier Ending for IMF Reform? Despite an elegant solution that involved no new commitments of resources, the US Congress last month refused to take up a long-delayed funding proposal for the IMF. But there is also a silver lining … READ MORE image: Newsart for Achieving Escape VelocityChameleonsEye/Shutterstock ECONOMICSJAN 21, 2014 6 Achieving Escape Velocity While the prospect of faster global GDP growth in 2014 is good news, it is too early to celebrate. Indeed, there is a risk that, by tempting policymakers into complacency, this year’s economic upturn … READ MORE image: Newsart for America’s Partisan PerilThatMakesThree/Flickr BUSINESS & FINANCEDEC 9, 2013 5 America’s Partisan Peril Many Americans started 2013 with high hopes that congressional leaders would overcome, even if only partly, the polarization and political dysfunction that had slowed recovery. But optimism foundered … READ MORE image: Newsart for The Uncertain Future of Central Bank SupremacyChris Van Es ECONOMICSNOV 11, 2013 10 The Uncertain Future of Central Bank Supremacy Advanced countries' central banks were among the first to warn that their ability to compensate for other policymakers’ inaction is neither endless nor risk-free. The trouble is that few outsiders see… READ MORE SUBSCRIBE Project Syndicate provides readers with original, engaging, and thought-provoking commentaries by global leaders and thinkers. By offering incisive perspectives from those who are shaping the world's economics, politics, science, and culture, Project Syndicate has created an unrivaled global venue for informed public debate. © 1995 – 2015 Project SyndicateTerms & PrivacySite Design by ETC

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