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Robert Eccles

One Report Integrated Reporting for a Sustainable Strategy


Peter Burgess

Editorial Reviews Review

'If you are an investor, shareholder or financial analyst, with an interest in sustainability, you will probably enjoy the recent publication, One Report. In this book, the authors offer a strong endorsement of integrated reporting, claiming a 'compelling case' for this to be adopted 'all over the world, by public and private companies alike.' (, April 13, 2010) 'One Report is about creating a better corporate reporting system that integrates the reporting of financial, environmental, social, and governance performance, with a particular focus on the ability of a company to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner. The book incorporates several excellent real-world examples of the One Report concept. The book is well-researched and the quality of the writing is excellent.' (, April 2010)

'This is the first book I have seen on integrated reporting. One of the most telling points made in the book is the need for companies to integrate sustainable strategies into their businesses. The authors go on to say that integrated reporting forces companies to do this because of the governance requirements facing organizations today. I also like the sections dealing with how companies should be making use of social media such as Facebook to communicate and engage with stakeholders. The book is well worth reading. It is short and gives a good overview of the topic.' (, April 2010)

'In an interview with IR Magazine, Krzus makes it clear that he and Eccles aren't touting a new product or service. For their book, they identified and cataloged best practice by studying companies such as the Netherlands' Philips, Denmark's Novo Nordisk, Brazil's Natura, and US-based United Technologies Corporation.' (, March 9, 2010)

'Integrated reporting is the subject of Harvard Business School Senior Lecturer Robert Eccles' new book, One Report. According to Professor Eccles, there are only a handful of companies in the world that practice integrated reporting. The idea behind integrated reporting is much more than a static paper document or PDF. It's a web-based approach that makes strategic use of Web 2.0 tools and technologies to enable users to do their own analyses. Integrated reporting offers several benefits...such as deepened engagement with stakeholders, improved corporate governance and communication of performance with 'ONE' conversation. Just imagine, one conversation to share your reputation.' (, March 8, 2010)

From the Inside Flap

One Report Integrated Reporting for a Sustainable Strategy

The recent financial meltdown and the cur- rent climate crisis make greater transparency through better corporate reporting a more urgent issue than ever. Best achieved by integrating required financial reporting with voluntary sustainability reporting, this practice is now being adopted by leading companies all over the world.

For companies that have truly embedded sustainability into their strategy and operations, integrated reporting is essential. One Report explains why integrated reporting is necessary for sustainable company strategies and a sustainable society, provides insights on how it can be done, and makes the case for it being adopted in every country in the world.

Required reading for executives, shareholders, other stakeholders, and government officials, One Report looks at:

The state of financial and nonfinancial reporting today and why it is in a company's best interests to practice integrated reporting

Companies that are currently practicing One Report, including the Dutch health care company Philips; the Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk; the Brazilian cosmetics and fragrances company Natura; and U.S.-based United Technologies Corporation

How the Internet and Web 2.0 tools and technologies can be used to improve corporate reporting and dialogue and engagement with all stakeholders

What must be done by companies, investors, governments, and civil society to accelerate the broad adoption of integrated reporting for a sustainable society Integrated reporting is taking off

Get One Report and get prepared to embrace transparency in a way that incorporates sustainability into your company's overall strategy. Our global society depends upon it.

Robert Eccles
Published in 2010
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