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True Price

Information about a True Price event to take place in the Netherlands in December 2014


Peter Burgess

You are invited! Dec. 11 True Price and Green Deal Conference on Natural and Social Capital


On 11 December True Price is organizing the True Price Conference and Green Deal Event on Natural and Social Capital, an event in collaboration with MVO Nederland, IUCN NL and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The Green Deal meeting on Natural and Social Capital aims to inform parties about initiatives for transparency and stimulate discussions on transparency among practitioners. Participants will have the chance to learn from experiences gained in the Green Deal on Transparency of Natural and Social Capital. Plus, the program will highlight some of the international initiatives that are undertaken by both policy makers and business.

In the afternoon at the True Price Conference don’t miss the opportunity to join us for the international launch of our ‘Impact Assessment and Valuation Principles’. Next to which, some of our partners will present cases on true pricing and we will tell you about the True Price Platform plan for 2015. There will be plenty of opportunities to engage with others and explore possibilities for collaboration.

The event will offer:
... Case presentations by public and private sector professionals on infrastructure, horticulture and agro and food commodities;
... the launch of the True Price Business Case Report with 9 monetization cases from amongst others Solvay, DSM, Kering, Infosys, Holcim and Tony’s Chocolonely;
... Speeches from amongst others
... ... William van Niekerk (Sustainability Director, BAM Group),
... ... Fokko Wientjes (Vice President Sustainability, DSM),
... ... Herman Mulder (Chairman True Price, former chairman and current board member GRI) and
... ... Rob van Brouwershaven (Director of Nature and Biodiversity, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs).
... ... Moderation will be done by Carin ten Hage (founder Off the Map, Worldconnector, former initiator the Planet Me program at TNT);
... The international launch of our ‘Impact Assessment and Valuation Principles’, focusing on social and environmental costs and benefits-for True Value creating companies;
... Presentation of the Natural Capital Protocol, a project in which a framework for natural capital protocol is developed and in which True Price collaborates with amongst many others IUCN and WBCSD;
... Participation of business professionals from many (listed) Dutch and international companies;
... Participation of public administrators from Denmark, UK, Germany, Belgium, the EU and the Netherlands;

Date: 11 December 2014

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel Amsterdam, Netherlands

Program (scroll down to see the full program):

09.00-10.00 Registration

10.00-13.15 Green Deal Meeting on Natural and Social capital

13.15-14.00 Networking lunch

14.00-17.00 True Price Conference

18.00-20.00 True Price Platform Dinner (personal invitation)

Confirmed speakers:

William van Niekerk, Sustainability Director of BAM Group
Fokko Wientjes, Vice President Sustainability at DSM
Rob van Brouwershaven, Director of Nature and Biodiversity at the Ministry of Economic Affairs
Kristina Ullrich, ‎Manager public private sector relations at Hivos Foundation
Dave Boselie, ‎Senior Expert Learning & Innovation at Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH)
Herman Mulder, Chairman True Price, former chairman and current board member GRI
Richard Spencer, Head of Sustainability, Technical Strategy Department, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)
Liesel van Ast, Programme Manager, Natural Capital Declaration UNEPfi
Strahil Christov, Policy Officer – The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, EU Business and Biodiversity (B@B), European Commission
Carin ten Hage, Moderator of this event, members Worldconnectors, founder Off the Map, former founder Planet Me program, TNT
Mark van Oorschot, Senior researcher international policy for biodiversity, PBL
Mikkel Stenbaeck Hansen, Head of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Danish Ministry of Environment

Don’t miss it! If you’re interested to attend, but have not received an invitation yet, please send an e-mail before 8 December to: .

Depending on the spaces we have available you then will receive an invitation.

Green Deal Conference on Natural and Social Capital

Time Topic Speakers
09.00–10.00 Registration and coffee / tea -
10.00-10.15 Key note on True Value Herman Mulder (Chairman True Price, former chairman and current board member GRI) ; Adrian de Groot Ruiz (Executive Director True Price)
10.15-10.30 Key note on Transparency Rob van Brouwershaven (Director Nature and Biodiversity, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs)
10.30-11.20 Pitches on experiences and approaches and key challenges to transparency
Panel discussion on learnings and key challenges
1. Achmea (TBC)
2. Mark van Oorschot (Senior researcher international policy for biodiversity, PBL)
3. BAM Group (TBC)
4. DSM (TBC)

11.20-11.40 Coffee / tea break

11.40-12.30 Pitches on experiences and key challenges in other countries

Panel discussion on learnings of approaches toward transparency and opportunities of collaboration Mikkel Stenbaeck Hansen (Head of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Danish Ministry of Environment)
Strahil Christov (Policy Officer, EU Business and Biodiversity (B@B) Platform)
Richard Spencer (‎Head of Sustainability, ICAEW)
Geoff Richards (Head of Biodiversity Resourcing and Ecosystems Strategy, DEFRA UK
Liesel van Ast (Natural Capital Declaration, UNEPfi

12.30-12.50 Presentation of NCC Protocol Project Daan Wensing, Head of Unit Natural Capital and Value Chains, IUCN NL

12.50-13.15 Q&A audience

13.15-14.00 Lunch

True Price Conference 2014

Time Topic Speakers
13.15-14.00 Registration and coffee / tea
14.00-14.40 True Price Business Case Report and True Price Platform 2015 Michel Scholte (Director External Affairs, True Price)
14.40-14.50 Presentation cases on True Pricing Dave Boselie (‎Senior Expert Learning & Innovation, Sustainable Trade Initiative) ; Kristina Ullrich (‎Manager public private sector relations,
Hivos Foundation)
15.00-15.15 Coffee / tea break
15.15-15.25 Presentation case 3 on True Pricing William van Niekerk (Sustainability Director, BAM Group)
15.25-15.45 Discussion and questions
15.45-16.10 Keynote Fokko Wientjes (Vice President Sustainability, DSM)
16.10-16.40 Launch of True Price’s Impact Assessment and Valuation Principles Adrian de Groot Ruiz (Executive Director, True Price)
16.40-17.00 Q&A audience 0

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