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Chris Macrae

Understanding why Sachs is last person in world Keynsian economics friends need even if you need to promote with him


Peter Burgess

Understanding why Sachs is last person in world Keynsian economics friends need even if you need to promote with him christopher macrae 10:43 AM (25 minutes ago) to Tebabu, me, naila, atlu, king, Stefanos, zasheem, mostofa12, margaret.blair, bernardo, tblecher2002, Joe, tanzilarab, matthewbishop, imunro.kenya, michael.knaute, Estelle, sam, rebeccaharding, dennisharding, Matthew, kim Perhaps some people here can help explain to tebabu why I cannot cross this line with his potentially new friend Jefrrey Sachs Based on the book Idealist, as a young man Sachs who has brain IQ higher than 99.9999% of us (and way beyond my intellect) was regarded as Harvard's prodigal macroeonomist. He was given the first job of saving bolivia - (in exactly the opposite way to all my fathers works on reducing government ) the sachs then strict views of turn utilities over to corporations included making it illegal for Bolivians to collect rainwater signed between Sachs, the government and one of Bush's utllity corporations - something that my maternal grandfather who was forced by British Empire to put Gandhi in prison over his salt march spent next 20 years working on with dream that such a repeat travesty of overbossing peoples and nature would never be repeated So Bolivia may have been an accountant success (and in that generation of World Bank was widely applauded and Bolivian medicine would have become IMF generic for lots of small nations in the America)s I leave eg peter to comment on that But then sachs was given russia and later poland where memories of sachs remain quite raw at eg solidarite and open society networkers at nobel peace laureate summit of 2013 -fortunately pope john paul's thumbs down (or however popes sign persona non grata) got sachs the sack before he could do as much harm in warsaw as missing the window of opportunity with Russia! - he destroyed what gorbachev and soros would have done differently, and it is not yet clear if you have ever lived in ukraine as the co-leader of young africa society has whether he didnt sew the seeds for europes world war 3 Then he decided he wasn't that good at nations and he would get into Millennium Villages and goals and was planting 4 of these super ecovilages with 100 million dollars of Soros fund - now admittedly he had set himself the hard task of eg an ecovilage in south sudan - but yet again this was all theory not a drop of water or Sach's blood having lived in the villages' locations Now certainly if you are interviewed out of New York by Sachs you may get a bit of superstardom - and if that's what blessed value chains needs fine but don't send him anywhere near our milennials empowerment maps Finally because he operates out of Columbia whenever you get say 5 days of his work the bill will be about 50,000 dollars that goes to him and 200,000 dollars that goes to to Columbia University ultimatly so they can raise their prices to students yet more Now I am delighted to have my exaggerations corrected but the point is even if he has changed his theory , if he will give you a free promo fine but if he starts being the strategist for your model then it will be topped-down in ways none of us bottom-up people can pay for What makes this all the more ironical is that many of us believe that another person from Harvard did even more harm in the corporate world of the 1980s, one Michael Porter - however Jim Kim has turned him into a repentant free adviser at least of health chains and if yazmi can get into helping with that freedom lets just do that as far away from the sachs of the world as we possibly can thanks chris macrae dc 301 881 1655 worldbankcollabspace ps there is a fable here for anyone who visits new york because there isnt actually in that capital the equivalent of jim kim at the top of any of its 30 biggest investment institutions and therefore there wont be a guru academni out of new york who will help. Back in 2000 heroine margaret blair issued unseen wealth-everything macro accountats audit exponentially unsustainably for youth but New York Stern University and incoming Bush admin from Texas not only destroyed all briefings of this report but banned further public research of it both in USA and European Union; I had 3 meetings in brussels with the pesron originally funding these opposite sustainability audits - at the last he told me sorry chrus politicians dont think the people care about preventing system collapses- we wont see find a gain until 3 European Enrons in the same year - well we had that in 2008 but there are still no transparent public funds on what the opposite audit to quarterly extraction is (because of course if you had the correct metrics transparent then politicians would no longer get any money from lobbyists)- and the chance that a sach will help mileniails out of that value chain prison in time are below zero or in a climate destroyed world what ever is the right numerical metaphor.

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