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EBOLA DAILY NEWS SUMMARY - November 2 (Part 2 of 2)


Peter Burgess

Gmail Peter Burgess EBOLA DAILY NEWS SUMMARY - November 1 (Part 2 of 2) 1 message Sat, Nov 1, 2014 at 2:23 AM To:

Better Staffing Seen As Crucial To Ebola Treatment In Africa (New York Times)®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news

Sierra Leone Parliament To Create Committee To Audit Ebola Funds (Awareness Times)

From U.S. Governors, A Mix Of Hard-Line And Conciliation Over Ebola (New York Times)

Alarmed By Ebola, U.S. Public Isn't Calmed By 'Experts Say' (New York Times)

Canada Halts Visas For applicants From Ebola-Stricken Countries (Wall Street Journal)

Over 1,000 Workers At Kenema Ebola Treatment Center Stage Strike Action (Awareness Times)

Fighting Ebola In Sierra Leone: 'The World Is Not Safe' (VIDEO) - The Guardian

Scale Of Ebola Epidemic In Guinea Forces WFP Into Uncharted Territory (The Guardian)

Liberia Opens One Of The Country's Largest Treatment Centers In Monrovia (ABC News)

Inside The Ebola Wars: How Genomics Can Help Contain The Outbreak (The New Yorker)

Pentagon Issues New Guidelines For Civilians Helping In Ebola Effort (VIDEO) - Dvids

How Sierra Leone Call Centers Work: The 117 Debacle (Sierra Express Media)

Two Nigerians Diagnosed With Ebola In Sierra Leone (

Helping The Sierra Leone Ebola Survivors Turn The Page (WHO)

In Liberia, Ebola Survivors Find They Have Superpowers (Business Week)

Social Pathways For Ebola Virus Disease in Rural Sierra Leone And Some Implications For Containment (Speaking Of Medicine)

Sierra Leone Football Boss Wants Africa Cup Postponed Because Of Ebola (Al Jazeers)

Germany's Heidelberg Cement Company Cuts Sierra Leone Output Amid Ebola (Bloomberg)

Coast Guard Concern: Cargo Ship From Ebola-Stricken Sierra Leone Bound For Florida (Fox News)

In Murray Town, 'Ose-Ose' Radio Distribution For Pupils To Facilitate Learning (Awoko)

Life-Saving Ebola Messages In 160 Characters Or Less (United Methodist Church)

EBOLA DAILY NEWS SUMMARY - November 2 (Part 2 of 2) 5:23 PM (12 hours ago) to FoSL_Mbr

WHO: As Ebola Death Toll Rises, Fewer Cases In Guinea Than Thought (Fox News)

Video Diary: Youth Advocate Chernor Bah On Ebola's Toll In Sierra Leone (Ebola Deeply)

What We Don't Know About Ebola (The New Yorker)

Chief Justice Of Liberia Consoles Children Made Orphans By Ebola (New Dawn Liberia)

Who Is Patient Zero? Disease Traced Back To Two-Year-Old In Guinea (CNN News)

Eluding Ebola: Gear Matters, But Technique Matters More (NBC News)

WHO Says Two Suspected Ebola Cases In Mali, 57 Contacts Sought (

Sierra Leone Petroleum Lobbies Oil Companies For Ebola Support (Cocorioko)

Palo Conteh Briefs Journalists On New Sierra Leone Ebola Response Centre (Cocorioko)

UN Ebola Crisis Manager Undertakes Maiden Provincial Tour To Port Loko (Awareness Times)

Ebola Threatens Africa's Tourism Industry (

Liberian President Sirleaf-Johnson Receives Ebola Supplies For Her Birthday (Breitbart)

Gmail Peter Burgess EOLA DAILY NEWS SUMMARY - November 4 - (Part 1 of 2) 1 message Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 2:12 PM To: Fresh Ebola Outbreak In Sierra Leone Raises Fears Of New Infection Chain (Guardian) World Health Organization Assails delay In Ebola Vaccine (New York Times) After Sierra Leone Doctor Dies Of Ebola In Freetown, UN Doubles Staff (AP News) UN Ebola Mission Chief On 'Mixed Picture' In Sierra Leone, Involvement Of NATO And Ebola (RFI) Sierra Leone's Health Minister Dr. Abubakarr Fofanah On Response To Outbreak (VIDEO) - BBC News On The Frontline In Lokomassama, Sierra Leone As Ebola Virus Spreads (BBC News) Inquiry Faults Liberia Force That Fired On Protestors In Monrovia During Ebola Quarantine (NYT) 'Bushmeat Market' In Kenema Affected By Ebola Outbreak (Awoko) Treating Ebola Without Fear (New York Times)®ion=Article&module=Promotron For Ebola Survivors, Sex Carries Added Risk (WSJ) Ebola: The Capacity To Treat And To Spread (NYT)®ion=Article&module=Promotron WHO Says Currently No Ebola Cases In Mali, 39 Contacts Sought (Reuters) Bill Gates Says Ebola Crisis Offers Lessons And Warnings On Epidemics (WSJ) Save The Children: Ebola Crisis Is 'Still Getting Worse' (ITV News) How To Discuss Ebola with Your Children (American Academy Of Pediatrics) List Of Humanitarian Organizations Responding To Ebola Crisis In Sierra Leone (HR) U.S. Liberia Lab Chief Tells Hip-Hop Dancing Boys They're Ebola-Free (Reuters) Minister Of Energy Says More Than 200 Investors Interested In Sierra Leone (Awareness Times)

EBOLA DAILY NEWS SUMMARY - November 4 - (Part 2 of 2) Inbox x 12:51 AM (13 hours ago) to FoSL_Mbr Ashoka Mukpo credits Western medicine for Ebola recovery Thousands In Sierra Leone Break Quarantine To Find Food (CBS News) Interview With Sierra Leone Minister Of Health On Status Of Ebola Epidemic (AUDIO) - BBC News Ebola Forces Peter Andersen's Family To Return To Minnesota From Sierra Leone (AUDIO) - MPR Escalation Of Cases In Port Loko, A Worrying Trend (ReliefWeb) In Liberia, Ebola Hits Health Care Access For Other Diseases (Epoch Times) Amid Stigma, One Guinean Ebola Survivor Pitches In At Conakry Ebola Treatment Center (VOA) Ebola Crisis: Who Discovered It? BBC Science Editor Explains Background (VIDEO) - BBC Ebola Outbreak: Get Up To Speed (VIDEO) - CNN WHO Is Responsible? Director-General Blames Everyone Else For Her Agency's Ebola Failures (WSJ) Canadian Journalist Who Contacted Ebola In Liberia Credits Western Medicine For Recovery (CBC) Researchers Seek Crucial Tool: A Fast, Finger-Prick Ebola Test (New York Times)®ion=span-abc-region&WT.nav=span-abc-region&_r=0 Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Stock Surges Amid Promise Of Ebola Treatment (Bloomberg) What Life Is Like For Liberians In Monrovia Dealing With The Ebola Outbreak (Vice News) It Turns Out That Fighting Polio Is Good Training To Fight Ebola (NPR) Sierra Leone Imprisons Journalist Under Emergency Ebola Measures (Reuters) Shipping Lines Apply 'Ebola Clause' To Fend Off Virus Risks (Reuters) WHO Ebola Response Roadmap (SITUATION REPORT)b Parents Ebola Fears Push Catholic Teacher, Recently Returned From Kenya, To Quit (USA Today)

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