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Revolutionary technology that recycles cotton garment waste to create premium, renewable fiber ... Evrnu™, an innovative new technology that recycles cotton garment waste to create premium, renewable fiber


Peter Burgess

Revolutionary technology that recycles cotton garment waste to create premium, renewable fiber

Imagine being able to take old clothing, break it down to its basic building blocks, and then rebuild it into something new, of higher quality, and beautiful—something you'd love to wear and feel good about wearing.

We’re the team behind Evrnu™, an innovative new technology that recycles cotton garment waste to create premium, renewable fiber. We’re using Indiegogo to reach out to our community, as well as fans of science, fashion, and the environment, to help spread the word and fund our next phase of development.

More than 12 million TONS of garment waste is disposed of every year in the US alone.

Let's pause for a moment and imagine 12 million tons of garbage—that's roughly the weight of 12 million cars.

The fashion world thrives on consumption and obsolescence. Styles are constantly changing, and today’s trend will, eventually, become tomorrow’s trash.

Evrnu emerged from a new way of thinking about the apparel and textile industry, by textile specialists who love fashion. We saw the staggering amount of resources and waste in the supply chain, as well as its ecological and human impact, and wondered if there could be a better way.

It came down to one fundamental question:

Is it possible to contain garment waste to the supply chain in a way that is good for business, for the environment, and for consumers?

After rounds of research and trials, we discovered not only is it possible, but that we can actually create higher quality products than the garments were in their first life.

We've developed a patent-pending process that is comprised of five steps. Using the design attributes of the extrusion, we can meet the exacting standards of apparel brands and make fabrics that are soft like your favorite t-shirts, that are durable like denim, and that have the best performance quality for athletic wear.

All using cotton garment waste currently being sent to landfills.

What's revolutionary about this technology is that it works within the existing business model for fashion—it doesn't require a change in the supply chain, and neither the industry nor consumers have to change their desire for new styles. We’re able to contain styles within the supply chain, and break them down to create new ones.

Evrnu needs $25,000 to complete fabric development. We've been working to develop the processes to extrude fiber, spin it into yarn, and produce the first fabric made from Evrnu fiber. We've already achieved proof of concept and picked up the first prototype of recycled fabric in mid-October. The next phase involves producing a second prototype that will be closer to commercial quality. Once we've completed this development phrase (another 3-5 months), we'll launch a commercial pilot with a prominent apparel brand.

Co-founders, Stacy and Christo, have bootstrapped Evrnu this far with $100K of their own money, and are uniquely positioned with the skills and experience to bring Evrnu to market, but we need your help to cross the finish line.

Any additional funds will go towards getting our product to market and implementing the commercial pilot. The pilot includes setting up production facilities, meeting with apparel companies around the country to present the Evrnu fiber technology and develop garments using the fabric, expanded marketing, and supporting our team of experts.

We are currently working with several organizations—including city and government waste management facilities, non-profit organizations, and sustainably-focused apparel companies—to build the first closed-loop apparel production system. Evrnu is the thread that pulls it all together.

We are technical and innovations specialists who have been working in the apparel and textile industry for more than 20 years with both start-up and multi-national companies such as Dupont, Nike, Eddie Bauer, Target, Gap, and Rethink Fabric. Our mission is to preserve the future of apparel, and we are using good design and business principles to do it.

Our team is heavily influenced by the philosophies and principles of cradle-to-cradle, upcycling, and the circular economy in how we develop our technology and processes to be restorative by intention and eradicate waste through careful design. We’re developing Evrnu with these core principles in mind.

When you contribute to this campaign, you're contributing to something bigger than just a product. You're contributing to the vision that fashion and quality apparel can be made in a way that is good for the environment and people.

Your contribution helps send a clear message to the fashion industry and apparel brands that you want your clothes to reflect your values—that a style, staple, and statement of fashion must not only look and feel good, but that it must also be designed and manufactured with its impact on natural resources and society in mind. Since Evrnu is a technology targeted at apparel brands, and not a direct-to-consumer product, we've kept our perks simple, classic, and statement-worthy. Perks that can be recycled with Evrnu technology: Cotton Canvas Tote: $51 or more Organic Cotton T-Shirt: $73 or more Perk made with Evrnu technology: Evrnu Luxury T-Shirt: $99 or more* *A limited quantity of the Evrnu Luxury T-Shirt will be available for $99 during the first week of the campaign. After November 3rd, it will be available for $149. Each piece of clothing you wear has a story, and it begins with the raw materials used to transform fiber into fabric. Evrnu offers a premium, renewable alternative for the 12 million tons of clothes we throw away in the US every year—giving those clothes, and one of the most environmentally devastating industries on the planet, a better story to tell. Please contribute to Evrnu today! You can claim one of the perks listed on the right of this page. Or, you're also welcome to make a contribution without selecting a perk just because you want to help disrupt the apparel industry in a really good, positive way and you believe in the vision of Evrnu and this team. Then, share this campaign with your friends, family, and co-workers, and follow us on social media to hear more about creating the future of apparel. We appreciate your support and generosity! The Evrnu Team

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