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TWEETS by @truevaluemetric
September 2011

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Peter Burgess
@TrueValueMetric New York
I am promoting True Value Metrics (TVM) as a way to help improve socio-economic performance everywhere. Most metrics are about money. TVM is about value.

Tweets for September 2011

#aje911 Would like to say Mike Bloomberg and Ray Kelly have upgraded New York Police Department to best in world status. Big achievement! 2 hours ago
Big question is what part do #Palestinians have in the #Arab_Spring. The hope is ordinary people will be ahead as all oppression weakens! 2 hours ago
The current protest in #Egypt over the #Israel embassy situation was entirely predictable. Seems #PM_Netanyahu was not paying attention 2 hours ago
The big issue in #Egypt is a credible plan to improve #economic_opportunity for the mass of Egyptians that won the revolution. 4 hours ago
A valuable service of the money, banking and financial services sector is to finance activities that result in socio-economic #value_adding 4 hours ago
Unemployment is a huge under-use of #human_resources which can and should be deployed to satisfy the huge #needs of global society. 4 hours ago
International economics is in disarray. The dysfunctional #capital_market_economy must be reformed into a #value_market_economy ASAP 4 hours ago
Storming of #Israel embassy in Cairo #Egypt is understandable, but not a good move. Peaceful protest is OK, but this is counterproductive 4 hours ago
#Libya after #Gaddafi is emerging well. I suggest Libya's resource wealth gets vested in a fund managed by the Central Bank and transparent 8 hours ago
Understanding the limitations of the Fed is important. They can do little to impact the real economy!… via @AddThis 8 hours ago
#Libya There is something good about long and protracted negotiations around #Bani_walid. Better than quick killing to win. Win what? 9 hours ago
Useful statistic: in rugby players run about 11 miles in a game, in American football around one and a half miles. What does this tell you? 9 hours ago
#aje911 The use of torture - enhanced interrogation - by the US has been obscene. Totally unacceptable in any civilized society 10 hours ago
#aje911 I favor rule of law, but it is 'natural law' not the prevailing statutory law that is made at the convenience of powerful rich elite 10 hours ago
#aje911 In my view everything went wrong when the #Bush doctrine took hold. We should have learned something from Mandela and Tutu 10 hours ago
#aje911 There was a tremendous coming together for several months. A friend described this as a huge 'learning moment' 10 hours ago
#aje911 All sorts of people from New York and all of America volunteered to help. I did night shift duty at St. Paul's next to Ground Zero 10 hours ago
#aje911 For 6 months after 9/11 churches, mosques and synagogues in New York were pro-active in bringing together religious leaders. 10 hours ago
Important difference: #Freedom_of_Press is not the same as #Freedom_of_Speech. Press and media have bigger responsibilities. 10 hours ago
#Capital_markets understand leverage. So did #Osama_bin_Laden. His investment maybe around $400,000. #US #Bush response cost $4-6 trillion! 11 hours ago
#AJE911 #AJStream Looking at the money/economic cost is one thing, but what about the value proposition. What value destruction? Creation? 11 hours ago
#AJEnglish Good discussion about British army's use of banned methods in Iraq, but missing is role of US and ideas of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld 20 hours ago
Great to watch #President_Obama speaking, and especially the body language of Speaker Boehner who seems very uncomfortable. I wonder why? 22 hours ago
The #US bankruptcy is not only related to government debt, but also the very idea of US freedom and liberty and justice for all. Disgusting! 20 hours ago
As analysis of the past decade proceeds it is clear the #Bush #Cheney #Rumsfeld response to 9/11 was wrong and has almost bankrupt the US 20 hours ago
#Capitalist_market_economy has totally failed to allocate resources (money and effort) to solve big problems like #Somalia, #DRC, etc. 21 hours ago
Stock markets want #GDP_growth to make corporate profit, nothing to do with quality of life or investment for a sustainable future. 21 hours ago
#AJStream One of the biggest 'costs' in the US economy is profit! Defense contractors are obscenely profitable. Any observations? 21 hours ago
Republican Governor #Christie looked very uncomfortable with President #Obama in Paterson NJ where #floods happen whenever it rains. Why? 23 hours ago
Wake up analysts! #US stimulus has put billions into the hands of private banks and corporations. They have more cash, profits less staff 8 Sep
#UK_inquiry. How on earth does an inquiry, even a complex one, get to cost 13 million pounds. Who is making the money? What is going on? 8 Sep
It is good to see the seriousness of the #NTC leadership in #Libya. There is hope local and international #greed can be kept in control. 8 Sep
In #Syria, President #Bashar_al_Assad is on wrong side of history. Protesters are incredibly courageous in the face of official violence. 8 Sep
Why does it cost more than $800,000 a year to put a #US soldier into battle? Is this a measure of out of control #Pentagon costs? 7 Sep
#AJStream Please ask General Powell ... Secretary Powell about the impressive performance of Jamaicans in the 100 meter dash! 7 Sep
@AJStream You should have a look at what Ushahidi has been doing with SMS and geographical information feeds. 7 Sep
#AJStream So many experts in health, education, governance, etc but so much money and valuable material gets stolen. WHY? @truevaluemetric 7 Sep
Investors deserve a decent return. Paying for capital in order to do valuable things is reasonable. The present market is dysfunctional. 7 Sep
Why to rich societies have to GROW in order to prosper? This is partly because of a business model that gives too much to equity investors. 7 Sep
Simple question? Why is #US with such a high #GDP_per_capita so unhappy? Is it #media, #business_advertising and #political_propaganda? 7 Sep
#Rule_of_law is a powerful tool to make bad things legal. It would be fine if law was #natural_law not tainted by special interest statutes. 7 Sep
#Manmohan#Singh's visit to #Bangladesh shows the growing complexity of regional geopolitics. Is #India or #China Bangladesh's best friend? 7 Sep
#911 #Bush_Cheney_Rumsfeld lost global support with their stupid move against the #Iraq regime. A very big mistake costing trillions. 6 Sep
Immediately after the #911 attack the majority of the world was horrified by the terror attack and against terrorist actions. 6 Sep
The decade since #911 has been a disaster for international relations. #Bush_Cheney-Rumsfeld with some popular support in #US got it wrong! 6 Sep
I would like to see a history of the fund flows from #Gaddafi to African regimes, but also to Western big businesses in oil and gun sectors 6 Sep
Going to be interesting to see how #Burkina_Faso handles its ongoing relationship with #Libya. Also #Mali, #Chad and #Niger. 6 Sep
Need two levels of regulation: one for very big business another for small business. Need transparency when regulatory settlements are made 6 Sep
#Capitalist_market_economy is dysfunctional. Why is #US with per capita GDP more than $40,000 is in trouble. What about those at $500? 6 Sep
#Bloomberg_News commentators keep blaming Washington when the problem is the #capitalist_market_economy. Private sector needs to step up! 6 Sep
When are #big_banks going to pay up for wrecking the global economy? Maybe the lawsuits by #US against 17 banks is a start. About time! 6 Sep
Maybe the capital markets are about to show the #capitalist_market_economy does not work. it is time for value in the business model. 6 Sep
If all governments go into austerity mode, there will be a horrendous global crash. It is nearer than the #BloombergNews pundits think. 6 Sep
#US_Government stimulus worked well. Banks and big business did well but private sector did not invest any of its cash to make jobs. 6 Sep
#Libya's economy can be very strong, but its oil and water are finite. Most of the oil wealth flow should go into a #fund_for_the_future 4 Sep
Towns of #Sirte, #Bani_Walid and #Sabha are remaining #Gaddafi hold-outs. Hope they will fall soon without too much bloodshed. 4 Sep
#Bankers and #Big_Companies make profit at the expense of #US #balance_of_trade. The is not news and never mentioned on #Bloomberg_News 4 Sep
#Americans, #economists and #Wall_Street should understand difference between #government_budget_imbalance and #balance_of_trade_imbalance 4 Sep
#FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act).has website helps to show how big PR and media-spin is distorting global news. 4 Sep
#Double_standard. Apparently the Monitor Group in Boston is a PR firm for #Gaddafi's regime. Highly profitable, but terribly unethical! 4 Sep
When #US, a country with per capita #GDP of more than $40,000 is so unhappy, it shows #capitalist_market_economy does not work 4 Sep
When #US_Republicans trash #President_Obama they also do terrible damage to the US itself. They don't get it, which is very dangerous! 4 Sep
Protests in #Israel highlight the local and global issue of rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Leadership represents the rich 3 Sep
There is political left and right. Better to think of forward or backward, upwards or downwards. 3 Sep
There are for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Better to think in terms of for-value and not-for-value as well. 3 Sep
If historic buildings crumble because there is fiscal #austerity, who is responsible. Do the value accounting to find out? 3 Sep
Why are #US businesses not investing in the #US. Recent aggregate demand was unsustainable without home equity to supplement lower paid jobs 2 Sep
Without sufficient #US investment jobs will stay depressed. There is a big need and demand for infrastructure catch-up investment 2 Sep
#Bloomberg_News uses some silly phrases like the #US economy is at a standstill. Pray tell me ... what is the #GDP per capita? $45,000!!!! 2 Sep
How come #US with multi-trillion dollar backlog of infrastructure upgrade needed, nothing is being done? Easy - #Capitalist_market_economy 2 Sep
No surprise that #US_jobs_report shows continuing job crisis. Big business and banking makes profit with less jobs. Economy needs investment 2 Sep
How much #profit is in the #US healthcare sector? Whatever happened to the 'mutual' organization where stakeholders not investors are owners 2 Sep
The is #NEED for better food. This agriculture is more labor intensive and higher cost, but value is way up. Business model about value. 2 Sep
Why is US job growth about zero? Business only goal is profit or less jobs. NEEDS are huge. e.g huge catch up on infrastructure maintenance 2 Sep
Why did the #need for food and security in #Somalia not get addressed by the #capitalist_market_economy. Poor people cannot support profit! 2 Sep
The #capitalist_market_economy works in a shortage economy, but a #value_market_economy is way better for today's global situation. 2 Sep
Great that #US_Government is planning to sue big banks for their role in mortgage fiasco. Big banks should be accountable for their behavior 2 Sep
US #Fed can stimulate the stock market, but not the Main Street economy. Big business and banks have cash and profits, but jobs way down. 2 Sep
What is #Republican agenda for #US? Screw up Washington and make #Obama look bad. But damage to #US economy is huge and VERY PERSONAL 2 Sep
#Libya I am very glad the #TNC is taking its time in negotiating with the local leaders in Sirte. A little delay to save lives is right. 1 Sep

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