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TWEETS by @truevaluemetric
August 2011

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@TrueValueMetric ... Peter Burgess ... New York
I am promoting True Value Metrics (TVM) as a way to help improve socio-economic performance everywhere. Most metrics are about money. TVM is about value.

Tweets for August 2011

#ThingsWeNeedToChange Better resource allocation to create #social_business that is sustainable and doing good things for society 31 Aug
#ThingsWeNeedToChange Corporate focus solely on profit when their activities could be doing great things to improve the state of society 31 Aug
I liked a @YouTube video TEDxOxbridge - Jean Oelwang 31 Aug
The #US consumes energy like crazy. A lot of this is inefficiency ... but it makes the #GDP bigger. #Economic_madness! 31 Aug
What is most valuable? Oil in the ground for future use, or oil earning profits for a company and getting consumed ... that is ... 'gone' 31 Aug
With so much education, and such big government, it would be hoped that the country would be prepared for a storm like #Irene! #Shame 31 Aug
When advertisers make people buy more than they want, resources are wasted. Society loses. Resources used to meet needs create value 31 Aug
Individual balance sheets took a hit due #Irene. Some business profits will improve as lost items are replaced. Net the society has #lost 31 Aug
An economic metric like #GDP that is anticipated to go UP following major economic losses due hurricane #Irene is #stupid 31 Aug
#Libya. The reported expenditures by #US, #UK and #France in connection with #NATO #UN operations must be validated. The costs are creative! 30 Aug
In #Libya, the #TNC has made huge progress over many months and #Gaddafi regime almost over. The new #Libya must build for ALL #Libyans 30 Aug
We have more data than at any time in history, but do we have better decisions? The evidence suggests not. What are the reasons? #Shame 30 Aug
#AJSomalia #AJStream I want to see differentiation between the chaos around #Mogadishu and the calm in #Somaliland. It is local leadership! 30 Aug
#AJSomalia #AJStream Please differentiate between the 'blame game' and #accountability or #responsibility. It is poor leaders who failed. 30 Aug
#AJSomalia #AJStream Sadly a #capitalist_market_economy will never address issues like famine in #Somalia, but a #value_market_economy would 30 Aug
#AJSomalia #AJStream The local tribal leadership, not the externally supported warlords, can be part of a sustainable solution. 30 Aug
#AJSomalia #AJStream The matters you are discussing has been ignored by everyone since the 1980s - not 1992 but before. It is disgusting 30 Aug
#AJSomalia #AJStream Sure there is #Somalia fatigue but Western and institutional ignorance a huge problem. #Somaliland works well! 30 Aug
#Value is the basic of #quality_of_life, and a system that makes this the goal will get better results than the #capitalist_market_economy 29 Aug
A #value_market_economy would work much better than the profit oriented #capitalist_market_economy 29 Aug
If the #capitalist_market_economy is so good, how come the situation in #Somalia has been become such a catastrophe? 29 Aug
If the #capitalist_market_economic system is so good, how come the has gone to hell over the last 50 years? 29 Aug
The #GDP metric is unbelievably stupid. Economists tell us that the US #GDP likely to rise some 2% because of the impact of hurricane Irene 29 Aug
The recent performance of all mature economies shows how dysfunctional the #capitalist_market_economy and the stupid #GDP metric. 29 Aug
#Ben_Bernanke made a very calming speech, and highlighted the need for fiscal policy that works. For me that is reference to #investment 29 Aug
#Irvine_11 on trial. Whatever happened to the #right_of_free_speech in the #USA or does this not apply to Muslims? 29 Aug
I liked a @YouTube video Al Jazeera Correspondent - Net Losses 26 Aug
#Corruption has been a problem for decades, and ALL of leadership has paid lip-service to the problem. Hope #Anna_Hazare will get action. 26 Aug
#Libya I keep listening for some reference to a strong system of control and #accountability for the resources that will be unfrozen. 25 Aug
It is good that the #corruption problem in #India is in the news and the government paying some attention, but change still unlikely. 25 Aug
#Libya A Ministry of Finance to control and account for moneys is of critical importance, with meaningful reporting and transparency. 25 Aug
#Libya When massive funds go missing, the people that get the money will be the wrong people and there will be massive instability 25 Aug
5 point plan for #Libya does not mention the accounting and financial control of assets. Without this massive funds will go missing. 25 Aug
A new #Libya is in prospect. What is being done to have a #Ministry_of_Finance that has both excellent accounting and timely transparency? 25 Aug
#TOP_Hypocrisy is everywhere. The top of the pyramid (#TOP) has one set of rules. Other rules apply for the base of the pyramid (#BOP) 25 Aug
The #capitalist_market_economy might work a whole lot better if it was a #value_market_economy. This is #change that we could believe in! 22 Aug
If #capitalist_market_economy is so good, why is the situation in #Haiti such a mess? What is it that makes for such poverty in Haiti? 22 Aug
If #capitalist_market_economy is so good, why is there so much unemployment in the USA, and other countries? Profit is the wrong measure! 22 Aug
#David_Owen, former British Foreign Secretary seems to have a sensible view of future international involvement with #Libya 22 Aug
If #capitalist_market_economy is so good, why does the world have so much poverty, and situations like the #famine in #Somalia 22 Aug
#Libya. The oil and gas interests of the West must be secondary to the interests of all LIbyans now and in the future. 22 Aug
#Libya. If the Libyans are allowed to build their own society with a minimum of foreign interference, the future will be fine 22 Aug
#Libya Good news ... apparently #Port_of_Homs has been liberated. The liberation movement has done very well. 22 Aug
For next stage, care is needed that the people of #Libya get a good deal! Libya's resources should fund quality of and future 22 Aug
Major progress by rebels against the #Gaddafi regime and winning celebrations, but remaining resistance will be difficult to clean totally 22 Aug
The very Western view of people like Harlan Ullman of the Atlantic Council re post #Gaddafi #Libya should be treated with extreme caution. 21 Aug
What is the common factor in the chaos in #Iraq, #Afghanistan and so on? Part of the common factor is excessive #US expert involvement 21 Aug
#Libya Apparently Green Square in Tripoli is going to be renamed Martyr Square. Celebrations are going on. Pretty certain end of #Gaddafi 21 Aug
In a post #Gaddafi #Libya, the #US must learn from #Iraq, #Afghanistan, #Somalia, etc and let local #Libyans run the show like #Somaliland 21 Aug
#Libya The price of freedom has been high , but the value of freedom is priceless. Hopefully there will not be much more violence 21 Aug
Must stress the process of rebuilding in #Libya should be driven fully by local Libyan people and leaders, not by international experts. 21 Aug
Good that the people of #Libya have won over a nasty greedy regime. Want to wish the winners a very good future. A high price has been paid 21 Aug
#Libya ... seems like the era of the #Gaddafi regime is over. Key security people in Tripoli have been captured as 2 sons already arrested. 21 Aug
The #capitalist_market_economy is way better than government bureaucrats and government kleptocrats, but it ignores all unprofitable needs 18 Aug
The #capitalist_market_economy is failing completely to allocate resources efficiently and has ignored a range of critical needs 18 Aug
Early this year the head of the London School of Economics stepped down when he realized that he had accepted funding from #Saaf_Gaddafi 18 Aug
Rule of Law, money matters. UCLA gets gift from the Milkens, but most have probably forgotten this money was made. in a junk bond fiasco. 18 Aug
Thanks to donors for famine victims in #Horn_of_Africa but why why why was the world asleep while this crisis developed? 18 Aug
#Capitalist_market_economy is demonstrating that it has no idea how to allocate resources to what is needed. Unemployment and hunger are up. 18 Aug
#Capitalist_market_economy Stockmarkets are down. Bond yields are down. Liquidity up. Business profits up. Starvation up. Unemployment up 18 Aug
The protests in #Syria started peacefully, but #Assad's regime has chosen to put down demonstrations using military units. #Assad must go! 18 Aug
The anti-Gaddafi movement in #Libya has been fighting for six months, and hopefully is now making sustainable progress towards overthrow 18 Aug
Great to see people of #India taking issue with #corruption. Why is it that corruption is everywhere, both petty and grand corruption? 17 Aug
The #capitalist_market_economy is completely out of touch with the real economy and what is needed to improve quality of life. Use #TVM 17 Aug
The #capitalist_market_economy is better than bureaucrats but is still pretty awful at allocating resources where they are most needed! 17 Aug
What happens when you take oil and gas out of the economy of #Texas and #Alaska. Gets to be a pretty dismal picture! 16 Aug
Good to hear #Warren_Buffett's views about the state of the #US economy. Business and banking have done well since summer 2009 16 Aug
#Shame on #Bloomberg_News. You mentioned the #strike at #Verizon for about 5 seconds. 45,000 workers on strike. But why? Do you know? 16 Aug
Just want to send good wishes to the owners of the #Reeves_Furniture_Store and hope they will rebuild. Same for others who got looted in #UK 16 Aug
Violence under the #Assad regime in #Syria is getting worse and worse. The only thing he has at this time is a capacity for violence 16 Aug
#US is a two track economy. The investor part is in great shape, bankers, corporate executives. etc. Ordinary Americans are struggling. 16 Aug
#Germany had 0.7% growth in Q2. The bigger question is how fast was the economy going, not so much how much it is growing. 16 Aug
Arab awakening can deliver on freedom, but what about more jobs and economic opportunity. This requires investment for sustainable progress 15 Aug
In a humanitarian emergency it is difficult to account for all the supplies, but being surprised and not prepared is amateur, unconscionable 15 Aug
There is much people level support for #Syrian_uprising and condemnation of the #Assad regime. Images from #Syria show how bad it is. 15 Aug
Growing mature economy #GDP is nonsense. Leaders should invest in real jobs in the real economy to grow quality of life. not phony GDP. 15 Aug
What do widely fluctuating #capital_markets tell you? One thing is that there is little correlation between markets and the real economy 15 Aug
#PM_Cameron has raised questions about the education and #ethics of poor people. I wish we could apply the same standards to powerful people 15 Aug
I liked a @YouTube video Introduction to Green Chemistry Lecture - Module One 14 Aug
I liked a @YouTube video THE MEATRIX® I 14 Aug
Economist's View: INET's Robert Johnson Interviews Charles Ferguson… 13 Aug
I liked a @YouTube video The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes 12 Aug
I liked a @YouTube video from @storyofstuff The Story of Cap & Trade 12 Aug
I liked a @YouTube video from @storyofstuff The Story of Cosmetics (2010) 12 Aug
Check this video out -- The Story of Bottled Water (2010)… via @youtube 12 Aug
I liked a @YouTube video from @storyofstuff The Story of Bottled Water (2010) 12 Aug
#TVM Students in #Chile are unhappy about cost of their education. Resources for education is a big complex issue that needs deep dialog. 12 Aug
Is #Jefferson_County, #Alabama going to go bankrupt? Probably! Responsible financial decisions are rarely made by political entities! 12 Aug
The #famine in #Somalia is top of the news, and emergency agencies are appealing for money, but where on earth where were they months ago? 12 Aug
This is a testimonial for TVM 12 Aug
I liked a @YouTube video Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest and WiserEarth 12 Aug
I liked a @YouTube video The Best 5 Minute History Lesson on Egypt. Ever 11 Aug
I liked a @YouTube video People & Power - Taylor Un-Made - 18 Jul 07 - Part 2 11 Aug
I liked a @YouTube video People & Power - Taylor Un-Made - 18 Jul 07 - Part 1 11 Aug
I liked a @YouTube video People and Power - Dirty money - 26 July 08 Part 1 11 Aug
BSyria BSyria by TrueValueMetric
I wish cameron didn't mention social media. He will now be the most cited reference by all despots clamping down on social media. Stupid. 11 Aug
Great phrase about the #US ... 19th century politics running a 21st century society. Pretty accurate. No surprise there is a mess! 11 Aug
#Austerity is bad policy. Sort out governments and unions that support inefficiency and economic looting by overpaid business executives 11 Aug
I have lived through much modern economic history. The #US had control of the #UK economy in #1956. Now it is #China controlling the #US 11 Aug
The #real_economy is not going up and down. People in the real economy are stuck with too little opportunity and zero financial leadership 11 Aug
Why are #stock_markets going up and down like crazy? Seems that the people invested in this casino have no clue about the #real_economy 11 Aug
Good that #Apple has become so valuable a company, but the dark side is how little workers making Apple products get paid. Who cares? 11 Aug
#PM_Cameron is right to say looters should face full force of law. But what about banks and corporations that did white collar looting? 10 Aug
#BloombergRadio has talked all day, but no mention of the #Verizon_strike that affects some 45,000 workers. Is #Verizon #union_busting? 10 Aug
#Keynes101rewind #US economy is in trouble. Corporate profits but little investment and job growth. #US needs big time government investment 10 Aug
#Keynes101 rewind Interesting that right wing proponents of capitalist market economics only see tax cuts and austerity as way forward. 10 Aug
#Andrew_Schiff on #AJE is right that monetary capitalist market economy is not working well, but he does not see the failure of investors 10 Aug
#Andrew_Schiff on #AJE is one of those that thinks tax cuts produce jobs. NO. Investment produces jobs. Best done by corporate sector 10 Aug
There are 3 economic entities (1) private corporate business (2) governments and (3) nations. They all have different dynamics. 10 Aug
#Keynes101rewind Why do modern economic commentators not address the lack of investment in mature economies. #Jobs come from investment. 10 Aug
Mature economies are in trouble. Corporate profits are high which justifies stock market prices. Unemployment is high. Happiness low 10 Aug
#Government is a powerful institution. In the case of #Syria is is also a nasty institution with no popular legitimacy. Time #Assad went. 10 Aug
Why is US stock market so confused? Bottom line it is way removed from the real economy. Massive US unemployment is an economic train wreck 10 Aug
OUCH. I am listening to #George_Will talking to #Charlie_Rose. I disagree with most all of #George_Will's interpretation of economic history 10 Aug
What is #Verizon management doing? They are well paid and the shareholders well rewarded. In contrast the #union workers are not. 9 Aug
Rioting lootera will face force of law. Bankers and big business that loot the economy go unpunished! - 9 Aug
'You will feel the full force of the law' Sad this idea only applies to poor people but not to bankers who looted the economy in US, UK, etc 9 Aug
Until world leaders, political and corporate, understand a capitalist market economy needs a strong job sector, the future is in question! 9 Aug
The real economy is in trouble in all the mature economies, and bankers, corporate strategists and capital markets are making things worse. 9 Aug
Public spending cuts? Is this good policy? Corporate wealth is up. Ordinary people are down. This is an unsustainable state of affairs. 9 Aug
Is #Immelt serious about #jobs? #General_Electric moves its X-Ray business from the US to #China. Good for GE but not good for #US_jobs 9 Aug
'if you are old enough to commit crimes, you are old enough to face the legal consequences' but if you are rich and powerful ... not true! 9 Aug
I have never heard anyone on #Bloomberg_News talk about what would put US unemployed back to work. There is cash but no investment! 9 Aug
It is a dysfunctional system that results in so many obscenely poor and hungry people when the world's science and technology is so good 9 Aug
The idea 'Greed is Good' is wrong. 'Greed' is part of the human condition! In a civilized society this is channeled for good of society. 9 Aug
Cannot believe how short peoples' memory. In 2007 stupid banking resulted in housing boom, then financial crash and global economic crisis. 9 Aug
The talk from #Bloomberg_News stock movements is surreal. Traders seem dangerously remote from real economy. Result is high unemployment 9 Aug
#Turkey #India #South_Africa #Brazil are pushing #Assad's regime in #Syria to end the violence. This is a change in international pressure. 9 Aug
Good to have people in #Lebanon demonstrating in solidarity with the people of #Syria 9 Aug
Lobbyists for corporate welfare, reduced taxes and reduced regulation are driving the US economy into a lose lose future. Very bad news! 8 Aug
#Keynes101rewind Corporate decision makers did not make job investments after they got bailed out by #Obama and co 2 years ago. #SHAME 8 Aug
#Keynes101rewind The mature developed economies are fragile. #Austerity is bad policy and NOT what is needed. We need #investment and #jobs 8 Aug
KatrinaNation Katrina vandenHeuvel by TrueValueMetric
We have a 'Democracy Deficit'/Who's paying attention to crisis of corporate $$ as it pours in 2 gut reform| The Nation 8 Aug
#Sally_Leivesley, a security expert talks about lessons being learned during the riots. Very good @AJEnglish 8 Aug
amino15 Amin Demerdash by TrueValueMetric@
@monaeltahawy I think the broken global economic system is the reason for what we're seeing now !! #londonriots 8 Aug
#Tony_Sewell, Director of #Generating_Genius is worth listening to on the subject of root causes of the UK riots. @AJEnglish 8 Aug
Protests and peaceful civil disobedience are legitimate. Violent rioting and looting are not. The people rioting in UK take should take note 8 Aug
#Dow down 634 today. Could have been worse! After #Bush crisis, #Obama gave investors 2 great years. Market now facing #tea_party economics. 8 Aug
#UK_riots may not be racial, and may be criminal, but the issue of economic opportunity and inclusion should not be ignored. 8 Aug
#John_Dobosz of Forbes points out that investors do not want to hear about tax increases. But where are revenues going to come from? 8 Aug
#Obama is right. US tax policy needs work. US health policy needs work. Why do wealthy American investors want more and more no matter what? 8 Aug
#UK_riots are an example of bad contagion. But amount of crime in these riots is modest compared to the scale of legal corporate crime. 8 Aug
#Obama asks for common sense and compromise. Do #Speaker_Boehner and #Congressional_Republicans understand these two ideas? 8 Aug
Org9 Laura Madison by TrueValueMetric
#crisismapping: 'In a hostile political situation, leaking info could lead to people being arrested or killed' ~ George Chamales (AGREE!) 8 Aug
Interesting! #China's rating agency downgraded US credit several months ago, way ahead of S&P. Does #Secretary_Geithner get it? 8 Aug
The dialog about global economics is all about money but the issue is #productivity, #quality_of_life, #economic_opportunity, that is #jobs 8 Aug
Why are economic activities like #drug_trafficking so difficult to stop? Simple. The metrics of success are money and profit, period 8 Aug
#TVM The idea that there is profit at the #bottom_of_the_pyramid #BOP is wrong. There is #need and #value but not #money_profit 8 Aug
If half the world is poor and many hungry, why are so many unemployed or underemployed? The modern #capitalist_market_economy is failing! 8 Aug
What exactly is the purpose of a #bank? Seems they are running too big to fail casinos and huge global Ponzi schemes. Where is real economy? 8 Aug
Good that #Saudi_Arabia, #Kuwait, #Bahrain have recalled their ambassadors from #Syria. Now, who supplied tanks and munitions to #Syria? 8 Aug
#S&P has done better with analysis of US_credit status than with its analysis of financial instruments. Who addresses #systemic_dysfunction 8 Aug
Where have #US_corporate_profits come from? Too high prices and easy credit in US market. #Poor_wages and #workplace_conditions overseas 8 Aug
Home much of disturbances in #Brixton #Tottenham #Hackney are a function of poor economic opportunity. How much #Murdoch's police bribery? 8 Aug
Help me! Oil is pumped out of the ground, transported, refined, distributed and purchased by consumers. What changes when risk increases, 7 Aug
Much of the protest movements around the world are associated with economic unhappiness. Systemic failure of #capitalist_market_economy 7 Aug
Interesting that people in #Israel are unhappy about economics, and especially that housing #prices are very high, as well as food. 7 Aug
#Walmart I like to nut low price products. I like efficient logistics. But I want decent treatment of workers and the environment. 7 Aug
Why does #Bahrain have to jam communications. The regime wants to keep their abuse of society away from world view. #SHAME 7 Aug
Why do markets want more #GDP? It is because consumption drives #profit. What society needs is more needs satisfied with less resource use. 7 Aug
Regulation needs review. High cost for small business needs reducing. Big business needs much more regulating to stop monopolistic abuse. . 7 Aug
Don't let corporate leaders off the hook. #Obama made it possible for banks and corporates to stay viable, but they did nothing for #jobs 7 Aug
Remember #Republican #Boehner was part of the #Gingrich gang that closed the #US_govt back in the 90s. He got 98% of what he wanted. 7 Aug
#Assad continues with bloody repression. People in #Syria continue a very courageous series of protests against nasty violence 7 Aug
#Bolivia #Bechtel #Water #World_Bank #Privatization was a toxic mix. Confirms how screwed up our leadership! 7 Aug
What damage to society is being done by #Monsanto. It is a lot more than just their role in #GM seeds 7 Aug
#WakeUpNow Check this video out -- THE CORPORATION [1/23] What is a Corporation?… via @youtube 7 Aug
#Keynes101rewind Everyone likes low taxes, better no taxes. But jobs come from investment. If private sector won't do it, then govt must. 6 Aug
#Obama has been far too nice. #Boehner got 98% of what he wanted. This is ridiculous. #Republicans are pushing the #US over the cliff. 6 Aug
#US downgrade from AAA to AA+ is perfectly reasonable. Blame the political foolishness headed by #John_Boehner and his #ea_Party_Republicans 6 Aug
Watch Now - Al Jazeera English via @ajenglish 5 Aug
A market is better than a bureaucracy. But how do you make a market that rewards investment for social value adding using concepts of #TVM 5 Aug
#Kenya #Uganda Why is it better to grow flowers for Europe than food for local people, including #Somalis. The answer is #profit. #UseTVM 5 Aug
I liked a @YouTube video Language of War 5 Aug
I am not impressed with what our leadership has accomplished. This is worth viewing: 5 Aug
If #US GDP is at a record high, how come so many people are out of work and so many people dissatisfied and worried. A silly metric. #UseTVM 5 Aug
Metrics of business profit. stock prices and GDP growth totally fail to get resources allocated to needed job creating activities. #UseTVM! 5 Aug
#President_Franklin_D_Roosevelt created a new structure to employ people to do things that were needed. #Obama needs to do the same. 5 Aug
The #Syrian regime of President #Assad is using many tactics that are unacceptable in a civilized society ... against his own people! 5 Aug
It is incomprehensible to me that governments and the #humanitarian_ emergency_community are so unprepared for the current #Somali crisis 5 Aug
It seems #Eric_Cantor is deeply #Republican and comfortably off courtesy of real estate. He has no empathy for #workers and #unemployed. 5 Aug
Now #Obama has no control of govt fiscal policy. The #Republican_tea_ party wants government out of the economy. Watch out, #crash is coming 5 Aug
#Obama's policy in 2009/10 has enabled huge profits for big corporations and big banks/bankers and an economic crash was avoided. GOOD. 5 Aug
Why is the world economy in #growth_stall. Simple. Capital markets and owners of money want to use money to make money not satisfy needs. 5 Aug
The situation in #Bahrain needs ongoing international interest. Inhumane practices in the security apparatus are unacceptable everywhere. 5 Aug
#Pollution. If an American deserves a clean beach for sunbathing, I argue that a Nigerian needs a clean environment for fishing and living. 5 Aug
If the #BP oil spill in the Gulf required $10 billion to clean up, it is going to cost 100 times as much or more to clean up in #Nigeria 5 Aug
What is wrong? Why has it taken 50 years for some action to be taken in response to the disgraceful behavior of #big_oil. I am #disgusted! 5 Aug
democracynow Democracy Now! by TrueValueMetric
United Nations: Shell Responsible for $1+ Billion in Environmental Damage to #NigerDelta Over 50 Years. #Ogoniland #oil 5 Aug
I like the remarks of economist #Richard_Wolff . He seems to understand the importance of direct action by govt to address the #jobs issue 5 Aug
Asian markets plunge on crisis fears - Business - Al Jazeera English… via @ajenglish 5 Aug
Is #Verizon going to give union workers a decent contract, or just give more to top management and investors? 4 Aug
Apparently the #FAA fiasco is largely about unions in the airline industry. #Republicans are not interested in jobs but union busting! 4 Aug
Investors are worried that unemployment might reduce aggregate demand and then corporate profits. What about impact on people. 4 Aug
Why did the New York stock exchange #NYSE go down so much today? I argue it is because mature economies are using the wrong metrics. 4 Aug
Why? Why? Why? The big organizations are horribly late in mobilizing to address the famine crisis in Somalia? Government failure and more! 4 Aug
Higher borrowing cost for governments means what? A whole lot more interest and even more pressure on budgets. A horrid downward spiral. 4 Aug
Why are stock markets jittery and declining? The capitalist market economy is wrong-headed. Economic purpose is not unsustainable growth. 4 Aug
Dysfunctional #US_politics is because politicians cannot afford to listen to the electorate, They have to fund election and that means money 4 Aug
If an industry has a big l#lobbying presence in #Washington, you know that the industry is behaving badly! Public beware! 4 Aug
Strong #government_regulation and oversight is needed for big institutions. For small business competition provides effective regulation. 4 Aug
There would be no debt crisis if #government_accounting was rigorous. . #Corruption and accounting sloppiness is a problem. 4 Aug
Big men in government have been partners in global oil industry's disgraceful pollution in #Nigeria. This is typical of #FDI. 4 Aug
#Royal_Dutch_Shell has a 50 year history of obscene oil #pollution in #Nigeria #Ogoniland. This is a issue. Better late than never 4 Aug
Current economic performance reflects inadequate investment by very greedy societies for a very long time. #Greed is NOT good. 4 Aug
#Technology is very powerful, but the economic productivity of global society has not reflected this power. A failure of policy makers! 4 Aug
Mature economies of Europe. US and Japan do not need more more type growth, but investment and productivity for quality of life improvement 3 Aug
I have a problem with the #US knee jerk response to much of what comes from #Palestine. Interesting to see what happens in #Doha 3 Aug
The high cost of Washington bureaucrats and politicians needs to be addressed. Start cost cutting at the top not at the bottom. 3 Aug
Monetary ease is good for banks and stock markets. The #US economy needs fiscal flows associated with real investment not merely stimulus 3 Aug
Why are layoffs in the #US economy increasing? July economic data are not good? What is going on? Essentially the economy lacks investment! 3 Aug
Why is the #FAA now a crisis story? What about meaningful media? What about congressional responsibility. Who on earth is running anything? 3 Aug
What is happening? Is #US_stock_market getting scared of an emerging #Republican economic policy and double dip recession? 3 Aug
#Keynes101rewind When private investment is too little, government needs to step in. This is different from govt stimulus or 'pump priming' 3 Aug
#Keynes101rewind As I understand Keynes, the core idea is savings and investment drive the performance of the economy. 3 Aug
#US political economics is not much better than that of #Greece - specifically an unwillingness for people to be taxed appropriately. 2 Aug
#Banks have done an awful job of serving their customers and society. Banks were bailed out by taxpayers. Customers on their own! 2 Aug
There has been incredible bravery by protesters in #Syria in face of #Assad's army units. Good people around world send encouragement. 2 Aug
Looks like #Egypt is working hard to manage the media message in connection with the upcoming trial of deposed #President_Hosni_Mubarak 2 Aug
Don't forget the awful behavior of the #Bahrain regime over the last six months. It looks like human rights are being badly abused 2 Aug
Can you believe that the #US #Congress has allowed the #FAA mandate to end. Only essential services are operating. #Lunacy in government! 2 Aug
The #Republican talk about raising taxes is populist, but has little reality in economic history. The #US economy needs investment and jobs 2 Aug
2 years of #Obama and #Democrats in power coincided with corporate profit and stock price recovery and saving big banks, but poor job growth 2 Aug
#Obama took on the Presidency during an economic crisis of historic scale. His policies brought the #US economy back from over the brink 2 Aug
#Bush2 took over a government surplus from #Clinton, then reduced taxes, increased deficits and ended up with a burst economic bubble. 2 Aug
#Reagan the #Republican had some success, but ended up with a big deficit and growing government debt 2 Aug
#Republican rewriting of economic history must not work. Marginal tax rates in the 1960s were around 90% and a booming go-go economy 2 Aug
Why is the #US_stock_market going down? Funny thing, it must be the control #Republicans now have over Congress and economic policy! 2 Aug
Aristocracy has come to America - The top 1% - Fault Lines - Al Jazeera English… via @ajenglish A must see piece! 2 Aug
#Grover_Norquist, President of #Americans_for_Tax_ Reform justifies his political positions using totally flawed economic history. #SHAME 1 Aug
This Senator has it right! July 31, 2011 from Sen. Bernie Sanders @SenatorSanders… 1 Aug
The #US_Government spends a lot of money. How does the #Pentagon spend so much money and how well does it spend it. How much profiteering? 1 Aug
Washington and big banks have done almost nothing meaningful to sort out the financial mess for ordinary people. Nothing Nothing. 1 Aug
Bankers and financial services made big bonuses out of the housing bubble, CRASHED, bailed out with taxpayer money, then back to big bonuses 1 Aug
Since November 2010 election #Republican representatives and governors are pushing the #US economy back to stagnation and maybe worse. 1 Aug
8 years of #Bush and #Republicans gave economic crash and huge government deficits. 2 years of #Obama and #Democrats stabilized the crisis. 1 Aug
What can people around the world do to help protesters in #Syria? Moral support is a start, but #Assad regime has tanks and security forces! 1 Aug
#Washington may not create jobs, but corporate leaders can reduce jobs while increasing their profits. 1 Aug
#Republican spin that government spending by #Obama has not understand #Bush bust the economy and Obama has put it back together 1 Aug
#Washington foolishness is quite staggering, but many in #Republican base and rich Wall Street and corporate supporters are not helping any! 1 Aug
Why is #unemployed so high? Private sector investment in US too low and moving offshore. Government investment constrained by politicians. 1 Aug
Who created the #US_govt_debt? #Bush and #big_pharma looting medicare, #Bush_Cheney_Rumsfeld two wars on credit card, Bail out of #bankers 1 Aug
I don't follow the dysfunction of the #US_Congress closely, but what is this about the #FAA not functioning the weekend of July 23rd? #SHAME 1 Aug
I watch a lot of AlJazeera English to get a great world view and #AJStream on social media and technology. On economics AJE is conventional! 1 Aug
Some 2% of Americans have profited from #Republican economic policies, but 98% have paid the price. Not enough investment for 30 years! 1 Aug
It is pretty bad when I agree with #Putin on the economy more than with #US #Republican politicians and media pundits! 1 Aug
How come so much money in the hands of a few ... and so little in the hands of everyone else. Millionaires and billionaires win! 1 Aug
Imagine what the #US will be like when #Republicans oust #President_Obama and have a majority in Congress. Wake up and get to work! 1 Aug
#Democrats really screwed up last November by letting #Republicans get control of the House of Representatives. 1 Aug
#Karen_Young in Dubai is very articulate and seems to know something about the dynamic of the global economy. Well done!. 1 Aug
When #Republicans like Michael Finger say something over and over again, it does not mean it is right, just more likely it is wrong! 1 Aug
Spokespeople for the #Republicans are in dreamland. Small business is constrained, but big international business has all sorts of loopholes 1 Aug
The #Somali hunger crisis is a wake up call for official development assistance (#ODA) institutions to look at their own systemic failures 1 Aug
Stock market in New York lost more last week than in years. Well done #Republicans. But it is worse. Decades of inadequate investment! 1 Aug
#US Congressional leadership seems to be totally out of control. Ignorance is bliss. The US political process is broken. #SHAME 1 Aug
How many people on the planet are un or under-employed? What a huge waste of economic potential. Job creating investments have huge value! 1 Aug
#Keynes101rewind Investment, productivity and savings are key elements in a sustainable society. All are missing from #US economic strategy. 1 Aug
What is the value of a #job? Business profit goes up when the cost of a job goes down, but what is the social impact? 1 Aug
Seems to me it is time Business Schools took a hard look at the economic and business models they teach.students. 1 Aug
Rich leadership in #US has behaved irresponsibly for many years, and still does not understand the damage done. Profit UP value DOWN 1 Aug
#Republicans need to get real. #Reagan and #Bush did huge damage to the #US_economy. #Republican_governors are adding to the damage. 1 Aug
Why is the #army in #Egypt getting tough with protesters? Is this a major change from the army who maybe poised to lose big privileges? 1 Aug
#US #Republican economic policy is disastrous, both in Washington and in #State_Houses. Policy is only good for corporate millionaires. 1 Aug
The media has stopped paying attention to #Yemen, but the problem of the repressive regime of #Ali_Abdullah_Saleh not yet resolved. 1 Aug
The use of foreign workers in the #Bahrain security apparatus should be deplored. This is a form of international organized crime! 1 Aug
The continuing violence in #Syria at the hands of the #Assad regime must be confronted locally and internationally. 1 Aug
Sad that #Egypt is mobilizing tanks to clear protesters from Tahrir Square. When are we going to hear about plans for investment and jobs? 1 Aug

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