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TWEETS by @truevaluemetric
July 2011

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@TrueValueMetric New York Peter Burgess
I am promoting True Value Metrics (TVM) as a way to help improve socio-economic performance everywhere. Most metrics are about money. TVM is about value.

Tweets for July 2011

#Keynes101rewind Investment is and productivity are keys to economic performance. US corporate investment is low and government now absent 31 Jul
#Keynes101rewind. Rotten decisions by bankers caused the 2007/8 crash with help from #Bush's Washington. #Obama policy stopped the rot. 31 Jul
The #US #Republicans have won a lot from #Obama and #Democrats, but done huge damage to the US and cost the economy in perpetuity. #Stupid 31 Jul
Why is international leadership so quiet on the subject of the violence of the #Assad regime against #Syrian citizens? 31 Jul
#Assad has killed an estimated 1,600 citizens in #Syria. He is using tanks and heavy fire. Journalists are absent, but phone images get out. 31 Jul
What is the #value of a #job? What is the value destruction that has happened when there is 10% unemployed! 31 Jul
Why are people, especially youth, around the world worked up about their economic situation?. Do political and economic elites understand? 31 Jul
Don't forget #Yemen. Protests continue and the world needs to continue paying attention. 31 Jul
#Keynes101rewind If private sector invests little even though its profits have rebounded after the 2008 crisis, then government must. 31 Jul
What would improve the #US #balance_sheet? Answer: Substantial investment to get 10, 20 or 30 million Americans doing valuable work. 31 Jul
What does the #balance_sheet of the #US look like? Compared to every other nation it is very very strong even though debt is high. 31 Jul
Something is deeply wrong with #US #health sector leadership. Better science and technology should be helping to get #health_productivity 31 Jul
#Republicans need to take ownership of the biggest economic crash in the #US since 1929, and the #Bush era unsustainable spending. 31 Jul
Some blame #Obama for the recent game of economic chicken in the #US. This is nonsense. I put the blame squarely with the #Republicans. 31 Jul
Washington politics is a mess, but damage to the #US economy comes from the economic and corporate elite who have profited but not invested 31 Jul
Remember #US corporate cash is at record highs and much held overseas. Meanwhile their US tax payments are very low. #SHAME 31 Jul
#US lack of investment is failure at both corporate and government levels. #Jobs depend.on level of investment more than anything else. 31 Jul
Fascinating that #US_leadership is talking about cutting government expenditures, but the big issue is lack of spending on #investment 31 Jul
Economic grievances in #israel have now sparked protests. High cost of living is the main issue together with too many in low income jobs 31 Jul
The high stakes circus in the #US_Congress continues. Even if they pass q debt ceiling increase, they have wasted reputational capital. 31 Jul
#Hama in #Syria is a war zone ... #Assad's regime against ordinary people. This is not the first time. 31 Jul
Human migration is big business. Migrants are pawns in one of the world's most obscene economic activities.It is very widespread. 31 Jul
Violence in #Syria by the state authorities is criminal by any measure. Government misinformation is not going to help. 31 Jul
The regime in #Syria has lost its legitimacy. Violence coming from the regime is wrong. We stand with the people who protest for change. 31 Jul
The word #entitlement implies excessive government spending, but mostly they are critical for a decent society. #US society is rich enough. 30 Jul
The more I learn about #US politics, the less I am impressed ... and in the main it is #Republicans that are the most irresponsible. 30 Jul
#Economic_issues Mature economies like the #US are not investing enough. If the private sector won't invest, then government must. 30 Jul
#Economic_issues The BRICS economies have been investing heavily and making economic progress. Mature economies are not investing enough. 30 Jul
#Economic_issues Prices have been going up rapidly for almost everything that poor people need, and the problem is going to get much worse. 30 Jul
It is a dangerous myth that lower taxes create growth and then higher revenues for government. It is politically convenient but wrong. 30 Jul
#Egypt has had a day of #Islamism, but I caution about being against this. The challenge is to be #for a socio-economic movement that works. 29 Jul
For Westerners interested in international matters.'Western hypocrisy and double standards' is a terrible weakness. 29 Jul
Industrial jobs in #US have declined for a very long time. One factor is private investment diverted from #US to overseas. . 29 Jul
Is it any surprise? #US_GDP very weak in 2nd Qtr reflecting #Republican public sector cuts, and minimal private and public investment 29 Jul
#AllAboutProfit #Merck is a company in the 'big pharma' group and now planning to shed workers in #US while recruiting heavily in #Asia. 29 Jul
#Republican lower tax ideology is totally flawed. It is popular political propaganda with no basis in the dynamic of a modern economy. 28 Jul
When did the #Republicans last do anything to encourage #jobs. Keynes and economic history show private and public investment is essential. 28 Jul
Remind me to connect the dots: #Irzen_Octa, #CitiBank, #Indonesia. The more I know the more I am disgusted! 28 Jul
#Private_banking uses 'don't ask don't tell' to run their activities. Whatever happened to 'know your customer'? 28 Jul
#Keynes101rewind Economic performance reflects investment more than anything else. #US investment over many decades has been inadequate! 28 Jul
You don't run an airline with empty seats. An economy should not run with excessive unemployment. Tea party idealogues don't get it. 28 Jul
#GDP_growth is a stupid metric for economic decision making. Available resources should be used productively to satisfy biggest needs. 28 Jul
#Cyprus ... another government in financial crisis. The underlying market based economic model used everywhere in old #West is dysfunctional 28 Jul
The #UN_agencies, #emergency_NGOs and area governments are for all practical purposes criminally negligent, certainly incompetent. 28 Jul
#Libya. Good news - the UK recognizes the TNC. Bad news - General Abdel Fatah Younis leading TNC forces is assassinated. 28 Jul
In #US misguided investment for 40 years has gutted the economy. Politicians who are mainly lawyers just do not understand! 28 Jul
Regime change progress in #Egypt has been encouraging, but now slowing down and getting more complicated. No action yet on youth economy. 28 Jul
It should be possible for leaders in #Bahrain to manage meaningful change without excessive violence, but to date not encouraging. 28 Jul
#Yemen is a complex country, but one thing is clear, the regime of President #Ali_Abdullah_Saleh needs to step down 28 Jul
#Syria is in a bad place. Reports that 2918 people have gone missing since the start of the uprising. #Assad has lost all legitimacy 28 Jul
#FDI in #Peru has made profit for international corporations and some government big-wigs, but pollution and poverty for ordinary people. 28 Jul
Its ridiculous: #US_jobs >> Immelt >> GE >> X-ray dept >> China. What is being done about US jobs? #Immelt has some explaining to do! 28 Jul
Most politicians in US are lawyers who do not learn economic principles or history. Most times lower tax rates reduce tax revenues. 28 Jul
The #US_economy needs investment to reduce unemployment. Private sector has failed America and stupid politicians are adding to the pain. 28 Jul
#debt_standoff. A 3-ring circus is legitimate entertainment. Washington politics is a lunatic asylum. 28 Jul
#famine - my impression is the world's leadership and emergency arrangements are dysfunctional and hugely expensive and incompetent. 27 Jul
It is pretty sick how much some people are earning and paying so little tax, and how some people work hard and get paid so little. #SHAME 26 Jul
Please make sure that #Republicans get blamed for their stupidity related to debt brinkmanship. This is very serious. 26 Jul
It is simple to say, but it is wrong. Balancing the US budget like a family budget would push the US and global economy back decades. 26 Jul
If #Keynes was alive, you can imagine that he would be saying the #Republican economic strategy is pure foolishness! 26 Jul
Washington bureaucracies need to look hard at their performance. Too many programs cost a lot and doing little, and accountability is weak. 26 Jul
Ordinary Americans deserve better than what #Republicans offer. Big corporations and wealthy individuals need to pay their fair share. 26 Jul
#Bush, a #Republican President did a huge amount of damage to the US budget. #Obama's actions were needed to save the US/global economy 26 Jul
#Republicans shut down the US government when #Clinton was President. Now they want to do something worse to embarrass #Obama. #SHAME 26 Jul
Humanitarian groups see $ signs whenever there is a crisis. 10 million starving people need about $20 X 10 million or about $200 million. 26 Jul
Right wing #Republicans do not understand they are costing the #USA a huge amount in future interest costs. Incredibly foolish! 26 Jul
#Big_question. Why is the international aid community so well paid for tiny progress and performance? Where is meaningful accountability! 26 Jul
Good. @jeremyscahill has seen stuff in #Mogadishu, but why is this news now and not months and years ago. Media has some explaining to do. 26 Jul
The economic policy of #Speaker_Bohener and #Republicans is dangerous and has weakened the US economy for decades. Remember crisis of 2008 25 Jul
#US_Presidents have talked directly to the US people on big issues many times in history. I hope dysfunctional law makers pay attention. 25 Jul
#House_Speaker_ Bohener puts debt problem on #Obama, but tax cuts from #Reagan and #Bush and special interests are forgotten. #SHAME 25 Jul
I don't want #Obama to cave in ... the #Republicans have a nerve to play games with the nation's financial reputation. #SHAME 25 Jul
Remember #Republicans more then #Democrats have a history of #fiscal_irresponsibility, especially #Reagan and #Bush2 era tax cuts 25 Jul
The quick wrong pundits of mainstream media need to pay attention. Thank you for setting up #BlameTheMuslims to highlight the problem 25 Jul
Low taxes for corporations and rich Americans are about as foolish as it gets, but don't expect #Republican politicians to understand this 25 Jul
Political brinkmanship about US debt limit is stupid stupid stupid. So why am I not surprised? Far right and far left are both foolish!. 25 Jul
True Value Metrics approaches socio-economic from the perspective of quality of life in a community more than business profit and GDP 21 Jul
#GDP is a bad measure of socio-economic progress, and needs major revision. So also, #profit is inadequate to assess business performance! 21 Jul
Corporate profit and public #austerity is not a formula for economic success. There needs to be productivity that delivers quality of life. 21 Jul
The news from #Syria continues to be bad. How on earth does #Assad justify his regimes behavior? 21 Jul
Why are nearly all governments heading towards financial crisis? It is self-interest of political, financial. and corporate leadership 21 Jul
The business model to be a successful investor is at odds with the business model that will deliver the best national #quality_of_life 19 Jul
If the corporate sector will not employ people, it is better to have state jobs than unemployment with corporate taxes paying the bill. 19 Jul
The value loss associated with 20 million #unemployed Americans is huge. More employment and lower profits would be value positive. 19 Jul
A huge number of educated #youth worldwide are #underemployed. Do any political or financial leaders have any ideas to solve this matter? 19 Jul
The value proposition for Arab protest is simple. Change from repressive regime to freedom with economic opportunity for all is priceless! 19 Jul
#Assad in #Syria is still heading in a bad direction. This sort of violence against people is very bad news. This could become a lot worse! 19 Jul
Why are local governments, UN agencies, NGOs and international experts caught by surprise over #Horn_of_Africa famine crisis? 18 Jul
#Big_business and #big_government get all the profit and benefits while little people and small business are left sucking wind! 18 Jul
What ever happened to #FEWS. The Famine Early Warning System funded by #USAID was good for consultants, but what practical use? 18 Jul
What will higher interest rates cost the US Government? #Republican brinkmanship on the #debt_ceiling will add something to interest costs! 14 Jul
#US debt ceiling is a serious issue. #Republicans seem oblivious to the real money cost of near default/, and they don't seem to care!. 13 Jul
Congratulations on the independence of #South_Sudan. This step is important. Problems exist, but this is something many thought impossible. 8 Jul
#FEWS - the Famine Early Warning System consumed money from #USAID for years, but never set up a process to have effective response. 8 Jul
#Malaysia is now facing a large demonstration. Why are so many people around the world dis-satisfied with Government performance? 8 Jul
I am not impressed by the rule of law as applied in #Texas #USA. Texan leadership seems to care less about modern international norms . 7 Jul
#Corruption seems to be everywhere. Why? Has the role of basic ethics in guiding economic behavior been completely discarded? 7 Jul
Response to phone hacking scandal by the #News_of_the_World in the #Murdoch empire should be nothing less than #Murdoch stepping down. 7 Jul
One wonders how much professional sport is being damaged by money issues. Money greed is everywhere! 7 Jul
The decision by #Rupert_Murdoch's media organization to close the #News_of_the_World is whitewash. The rot in #News_Corp starts at the top. 7 Jul
When a person is unemployed and unable to find work, society is losing an opportunity to get work done to satisfy some need. 6 Jul
Dialog about fiscal policy needs to move from simply the money amounts to how these money amounts deliver social value and profit. 6 Jul
Real socio-economic progress is founded on productivity. Messing about with monetary policy does nothing to change this fundamental. 6 Jul
The capitalist market economy as the best way to allocate economic resources needs rethinking. Social value adding must be in the metrics. 6 Jul
How does world leadership explain the terrible #drought situation now in the #Horn_of_Africa. What action resulted from famine warnings? 6 Jul
The behavior of #Rupert_Murdoch's media empire is appalling, but not at all surprising. #News_Corp is a reprehensible organization! 6 Jul
About #Libya ... I cannot say I agree with #Harlan_Ullman mainly because his perspective seems to be purely a #US view 6 Jul
Not really surprising that the #African_Union is refusing to act on the #ICC arrest warrant for #Gaddafi. #Libya has funded much in Africa! 3 Jul
#US friends of #Israel may well be on the wrong side of history. #Palestinians have human rights, highlighted by the freedom flotilla 3 Jul
The financial world does not differentiate enough between government and nation. One is an organization and the other is people. 3 Jul
Why are there #double_standards for basic rights and freedom? The blockage of #Gaza by #Israel is bad enough, but what about #Greece? 3 Jul
#US_Re[publicans may want to discredit #Obama with a debt-ceiling economic train-wreck, but American taxpayers will pay the price.. 3 Jul
What happens to the #full_faith_and_credit of the US government in the event there is any sort of a default arising from #debt_ceiling limit 3 Jul
How much will #Republican brinkmanship over debt ceiling default cost the #US_taxpayer? Maybe more than the #Bush #war_on_terror! 3 Jul

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