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TWEETS by @truevaluemetric
April 2011

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@TrueValueMetric New York Peter Burgess
I am promoting True Value Metrics (TVM) as a way to help improve socio-economic performance everywhere. Most metrics are about money. TVM is about value.

Tweets for April 2011

How strong is the global #banking_sector? Have fundamental imbalances been addressed or merely covered up? My guess is that problems remain. 30 Apr
The socio-economic issues in #Yemen for ordinary Yemenis are far more important than the interests of the #US and concern over #Al-Qaeda! 30 Apr
The regime in #Syria seems to have lost all legitimacy. The absence of #media seems to be designed to make violent repression possible! 30 Apr
#National_Governance is incredibly important, but most countries have governance regimes that focus on leadership self-interest! 30 Apr
#Gaddafi has been using misinformation to put the #Libyan opposition and their allies off-balance. The first casualty of war is truth. 30 Apr
The role of #media in making a regime accountable is universal. A media that is controlled by government is bad - so also corporate control 30 Apr
I do not see stalemate in #Libya at all. Situation changes in detail all the time, with anti-regime forces unified and slowly getting better 30 Apr
In #Yeman, #Ben_Alli and the anti-regime protesters both seem to have rejected the #GCC proposals for very different reasons. 30 Apr
#Assad in #Syria seems to have chosen a hard line approach to maintaining power. Hopefully violent repression will not work. 30 Apr
#Gaddafi , his family and regime have zero legitimacy in #Libya and they must go. The question is simply how best to make this happen! 30 Apr
#Donald_Trump's political popularity is a measure of electoral stupidity, not his competence. He personifies why US democracy is in trouble! 30 Apr
I am very much in favor of the UK system where the Monarchy is the personification of the nation, separate from its day to day governance. 30 Apr
#Royal_Wedding was a big success. I like the intersection of history, today and tomorrow, the whimsical, the tradition and the reality, etc! 30 Apr
I agree with #President_Obama. 'We do not have time for this silliness' he said referring to the 'birthers' and fool-in-chief, #Donald_Trump 27 Apr
The post election violence in #Nigeria is not called for. Is #Buhari speaking out against the violence or not. This is not clear! 24 Apr
The killings in the #Cote_d'Ivoire by both the #Ouattara forces and the #Gbagbo forces are obscene and should not be hidden from view! 24 Apr
The civil war in #Sri_lanka is over, but the horror of this should not be forgotten, and the behavior of the armed forces questioned. 24 Apr
We will never know all the great acts of #heroism that have taken place during the recent protests for freedom. Thanks to them all. 24 Apr
Progress in #Yemen is complicated. The #GCC initiatives have been helpful, but the issue of accountability is not well addressed yet! 24 Apr
Progress in #Bahrain not positive, in fact it seems that decisions are being made that make progress more and more difficult. Not good! 24 Apr
Progress of the reform process in #Egypt continues, with accountability of the old regime not being avoided. Progress not fast but positive. 24 Apr
The fighters opposing #Gaddafi are way better disciplined now than a few weeks back, and probably better motivated than the Gaddafi forces! 24 Apr
Is now a three sided conflict? Peaceful protesters, security forces of the #Assad regime, and unknown others practicing violence. 24 Apr
Happy Easter all ... peace and goodwill to all. A real shame that good #religion gets hijacked to justify violence. 24 Apr
What is the untold story about violence in #Bahrain last February. How much of the violence has been hidden from public scrutiny? 23 Apr
The popular protests around the world against corrupt leadership do not, as I understand it, want free ride and amnesty but accountability 23 Apr
#Yemen. Breaking news is that #President_Salleh has accepted an initiative from the GCC for reform in Yemen, but the devil's in the detail! 23 Apr
Political leadership is a mess. Top people spend their lives in private misinformation bubbles with no clue about ordinary real life issues. 23 Apr
Problems with the election in #Haiti continue. #Michel_Martelly will be President but which party will the Prime Minister be from? 23 Apr
#Libya. Are the #Gaddafi forces starting to pull back from Misurata? But is this merely misinformation from #Tripoli. Maybe a trick! 23 Apr
#Yemen ... another step towards change in regime of #President_Saleh. Agreement brokered by GCC is possible way forward... but ... 23 Apr
#Syria ... Some MPs have resigned because of the violence against protesters. Difficult to imagine this happening just a few weeks back! 23 Apr
#Syria ... Three questions: Who is doing the shooting with live bullets? Who is ordering the shooting? Is #Assad in charge or not? 23 Apr
The violence in #Syria reflects a nasty repressive regime. Peaceful protest is more powerful than bullets. #Assad is losing global support! 23 Apr
While #Apple has huge cost efficiencies, some of this is achieved in a supply chain that has unacceptable #work_place_practices. #SHAME 23 Apr
Modern #economics and #business_models giving incentive to #profit at the expense of society, #jobs and #quality_of_life is unstable! 23 Apr
There is a lot to learn from the views of #Shabana_Azmi 23 Apr
Who are #Gaddafi supporters? How much of his support in #Libya is merely money or is there something else? #Mercenaries it is money! 23 Apr
What is going on in #Syria? The regime wants to use misinformation to frame the dialog, but protesters are peaceful, not the regime! 23 Apr
Has #Buhari said anything about the post-election violence in the North of #Nigeria. Has he demanded post election calm or otherwise? 22 Apr
Many big r+allies have been going on all over #Syria today protesting the #Bashar_al_Assad regime and changes being proposed.. 22 Apr
#Great_Friday is #Syria has been huge, but also deadly with more than 70 dead according to reports. Regime's legitimacy damaged! 22 Apr
#Economics. Nobody deserves a free ride. A #welfare_state is not the answer, nor is massive corporate wealth and a gutted society. 22 Apr
When there are unfulfilled #needs and there is #unemployment, the #economic_system should put them together to reduce both. 22 Apr
Modern #economic_thinkers are out of touch with reality. There is a crisis not only for youth in #Tunis, #Egypt etc but everywhere! 22 Apr
The leadership in #Bahrain seems to have chosen to repress people who protest or support protesters including students and medical workers. 22 Apr
#Freedom is priceless, but few in leadership want to allow freedom for ordinary people. People in #Libya, #Syria etc are paying high price! 22 Apr
Widespread protests today in #Syria, with a lot of violence. Regime blames violence on outsiders. Protestors say violence is security forces 22 Apr
The #West is not good at appreciating non-West history, and #Yemen is no exception. The people of #Yemen are more important than the regime 22 Apr
Hopefully the violence in #Syria will result in meaningful progress towards a better future. Most things worth doing are not easy! 22 Apr
I was still somewhat sympathetic to #Bahrain leadership until they moved to remove scholarships from demonstrating students overseas. 22 Apr
Why .o why is Senator_John_ McCain injecting himself into #Libya. I hope it is not merely US party political self serving advantage! 22 Apr
The idea that #measles has come back in Europe because parents have chosen not to immunize is terrible. It is what #misinformation does!. 21 Apr
Apparently the authorities in #Bahrain are targeting students overseas by cancelling scholarships. This is a nasty behavior by the regime! 21 Apr
What is the latest in #Bahrain? Has a crackdown on protest been successful in creating stability? What is going on? Is it good? 20 Apr
What is basis does #Nigeria's former #President_Buhari have that the voting this time was rigged? My memories of his time are not good! 20 Apr
Really disappointing that there is significant violence in #Nigeria after the Presidential election. #Goodluck_Jonathan asked for calm! 20 Apr
#Syria continues to have protests, with the protesters calling for more changes from the #Assad regime 18 Apr
My hope is that the election in #Nigeria will turn out to be good news for the country. Apparently Goodluck Jonathan has won comfortably! 18 Apr
Situation in #Misurata, #Libya seems to be getting very bad.How much is #Gaddafi relying on mercenaries, and where are they coming from? 14 Apr
Just watched #Obama's budget speech. I am optimistic not only because of the speech but because #people_of_America have huge potential. 13 Apr
#Unemployment in any country is a measure of failed #leadership. It is not as if there are not important things that need doing! 13 Apr
I am moved and encouraged by the tremendous participation of #women in the protest movements around #North_Africa and the #Middle_East 13 Apr
It is thought provoking that #Gagarin's flight was 50 years ago. I remember because many questions in my engineering exams were about space! 12 Apr
Combat between supporters of #Alassane_Ouattara and #Laurent_Gbagbo ended with Gbagbo's arrest. Humanitarian crisis remains/peace fragile! 12 Apr
Not too surprising that #African_Union initiative did little to progress peace. #Gaddafi has been a big funder of #AU members for years! 12 Apr
There is no surprise with respect to the situation in #Libya. #Gaddafi has always been an unscrupulous fighter, His wealth was powerful! 12 Apr
Protesters in #Egypt have good reason to want #Mubarak to be made accountable for his wealth, together with his family and inner circle! 12 Apr
There is news that former President #Mubarak has been hospitalized. At 82 years old, not too surprising, but same day questions started? 12 Apr
A good short piece about how local politically connected people have taken advantage of #BP's money!… #SHAME 12 Apr
RT @going_concern Editor’s Note: PwC’s Logo Change May Be Paying Off I trained with Cooper Brothers & Co in the 1960's! 11 Apr
This is very bad development in #Egypt. Blogger jailed for three years by a military court! Critical #freedom at risk.… 11 Apr
The situation is #Cote_d'Ivoire improves with the arrest of #Laurent_Gbagbo, but ethnic violence needs to be avoided. This is a huge risk! 11 Apr
The outcome of the #Africa_Union delegation to #Tripoli is not surprising since #Gaddafi has bought favors around #Africa for years! 11 Apr
The #demographics of many countries argues for youth focus policy, but this does not make profit though it creates important #social_value 11 Apr
#Nigeria has great #GDP numbers, but only political and business elites get very rich and millions of ordinary people get ignored. #SHAME 11 Apr
The revolving door between #Goldman_Sachs and the US Treasury is a nasty relationship that has had a significant role in the recent crisis! 11 Apr
#US government stays open, but the dialog about debt is superficial. #Obama kept the US economy running after #banks broke the economy! 11 Apr
#Gaddafi is a nasty opponent. He has allies only because he has used oil money to gain favors for years. Not easy for regime opponents! 11 Apr
It is good news that #Gbagbo has been removed from his bunker in Abidjan, #Cote_d/Ivoire. How many casualties is he responsible for? 11 Apr
I subscribed to ISECeconofhappiness's channel on YouTube. 7 Apr
I liked a YouTube video -- The Economics of Happiness trailer (high resolution) 7 Apr
I subscribed to mattharding2718's channel on YouTube. 7 Apr
#Yunus suggests to #Sarkozy that developing countries should be in the G20 6 Apr
AJRizKhan Riz Khan by TrueValueMetric
Nigerian writers Wole Soyinka and Chimamanda Adichie discuss democracy in their home country ahead of elections 6 Apr
I liked a @YouTube video The Economics of Happiness trailer (high resolution) 6 Apr
Include Bangladesh into G20: Yunus to Sarkozy gets it right again! 6 Apr
But the mortgage mill situation is even worse! #Unethical_behavior is often legal, and makes it impossible to jail responsible parties! 5 Apr
Now we learn #banks and the whole supply chain for the mortgage mill had a singular focus on profit with zero social conscience. #SHAME 5 Apr
#Keynesian style government activism by #Paulson and then #Obama saved the economy. Now #banks are failing to clean up their housing mess. 5 Apr
It was #Bush that go us into the #unemployment mess. #Obama has stabilized the economy. #Corporates have increased profits but not jobs! 5 Apr
#Obama has done very well.#Bush showed it is easy in Washington to do stupid things. #Obama has done some very difficult but good things! 5 Apr
#Cote d'Ivoire. Though the top positions may now change, ordinary people and soldiers may not change so quickly, and this could be bad. 5 Apr
#Cote_d'Ivoire has millions of internally displaced and maybe thousands dead. #Gbagbo is reported to have surrendered but not yet gone. 5 Apr
#Media talk that tries to get ahead of the story is counterproductive. The story in #Libya is moving very fast and very different from #iraq 5 Apr
If you want to feel better about #Obama, imagine where the #US and the global economy would have been if #John_McCain had been in charge! 5 Apr
Many do not like #government involvement in the economy, but #General_Motors is viable today only because #Obama rescued them! 5 Apr
More #employment should be coming from strengthening of sectors like #education, but #Republic Governors are against that. 5 Apr
Most of the failures under #Obama are not his fault alone. More #employment should be coming from profitable corporations, but is not! 5 Apr
Many #Democrats are disappointed with #Obama. They are flat wrong. This #President has moved the US forward pretty well considering ... 5 Apr
#Obama has tried to collaborate with both sides of #Congress, and done surprisingly well. More legislative progress than any time in decades 5 Apr
#Obama has had to handle two #Bush wars: #Iraq and #Afghanistan and modest progress threatened by silly people like #Pastor_Terry_Jones 5 Apr
#Obama and the world have been totally let down by the banking and corporate sector that has put strong profits before everything else. 5 Apr
If #Obama had functioned to please only the #Democrats the global economy would NOT be in the fairly good position it is now ... 5 Apr
#Obama is running for #President. He has performed very well and the economy is no longer in rapid crash mode with no help from Republicans. 5 Apr
Libya and the World of #Oil | Noam Chomsky Truthout… The US must reform energy use to end the waste and sloppiness! 5 Apr
The Rise of the “Second Internet” and What It Means… My dream is that this wave will include critical #truevaluemetrics! 5 Apr
Senate #Republicans call for complete repeal of #Wall_Street reform… Who are the lobbyists for this? Gross #corruption! 5 Apr
I subscribed to DayOfRageTV's channel on YouTube. 5 Apr
More #mess! See some of the banks that got emergency loans from the US #Federal_Reserve at height of banking crisis… 5 Apr
Ghonim Wael Ghonim by TrueValueMetric The world must see the massacare against #Syria peaceful protestors in #Deraa. Frightening! 4 Apr
Add your voice in support of Professor Yunus: 5 Apr
An English speaking supporter on the #Alassane Ouattara appearing on AlJazeera has what appears to be a #Liberian accent. What is this? 5 Apr
Conversation of #Riz_Kahn with #Liya_Kebede on #maternal_health was polite but pretty superficial.missing #Poverty #Ignorance #Corruption 5 Apr
If #Bradley_Manning has compromised #US security, what on earth are the #Islam bashing Americans doing, not to mention #Pastor_Terry_Jones 4 Apr
Almost every big story in the international arena has a different meaning when #corruption is taken into account. #Greed is very powerful! 4 Apr
#Nigeria is not famous for the way things get organized, but the current election is a record. It would be funny if it was not so serious! 4 Apr
#Bangladesh is known for good things like #cricket, #Muhammad_Yunus (Grameen) and #Fazle_Abed (BRAC) but NOT politicians like Sheikh_Hasina 4 Apr
The conflict in #Cote_d'Ivoire is more than two top political rivals, but also now the ethnic divisions, and maybe cross-border soldiers! 4 Apr
Too many people know #Somalia as a #failed_state, but less people know of the relative success of #Somaliland. Some important lessons! 4 Apr
Fighting in #Abidjan #Cote_d'Ivoire seems to be with heavier equipment than up to now, and some big fires, but not sure what is burning. 4 Apr
#Yemen has important #tribal_leaders, but it also has a large better educated youth than at any time in its history. This is the future! 4 Apr
#Terrorism is bad, but fear of terrorism is a poor excuse for supporting repressive leaders. Only #moral_relationships are #sustainable 4 Apr
#Yemen is sliding in a bad direction. More and more repression is a BAD idea and international support of this WRONG! 4 Apr
#Migration is a problem in normal times, but the events in North Africa and Arab countries is making things very much worse. 4 Apr
Do not be surprised if #Gaddafi tries to blow up the oil infrastructure in #Libya. The anti-Gaddafi Libyans are calling for help. 4 Apr
#Transocean. You really have to wonder about #risk and #responsibility…, but of course it is only #profit that matters! 4 Apr
Breaking news is that singer #Michel_Martelly has won #Haiti's presidential election, beating former first lady Mirlande Manigat. What next? 4 Apr
It is impossible to get #corruption under control unless there is a concerted effort to have #accounting that has some clarity and informs! 4 Apr
Some 40 years of a #Republican, #corporate and #banking agenda has ended up gutting the middle class US economy to make a few billionaires. 4 Apr
One of the reasons why there are so many socio-economic problems today is that there has been 60 years of more and more #corruption 4 Apr
#OOPS ... my mistake! Rules and laws are made by the rich and powerful together with loopholes to protect their self-interest! 4 Apr
No Mortgage Lenders in Jail, but a Borrower goes to jail - #Rule_of_law does not apply to the rich and powerful! 4 Apr
The idea that #Gaddafi junior should be in consideration as a successor to #Gaddafi is ridiculous. The Libyan opposition should reject it! 4 Apr
International intervention in #Libya now is different from the #Bush US intervention in #Iraq in 2003. Libyans oppose #Gaddafi's rule! 4 Apr
Repression works, but that does not make it right. #Syria has used repression for years. Will President_Bashar_al_Assad change this now! 4 Apr
Situation in #Cote_d'Ivoire gets worse. The unwillingness of #President_Gbangbo to step down is escalating into awful violent confrontation! 4 Apr
#Yemen is a fragile situation. President_Ali_Abdullah_Saleh's must not be allowed to spin the idea that Yemen will be worse without him! 4 Apr
#Rule_of_law is meant to protect ordinary people, so it is about time the banking community is held to account #SHAME 4 Apr
60 Minutes – Mortgage Fraud Exposed - via @OperationLeakS This is a must see about #bank_behavior. #SHAME 4 Apr
I liked a @YouTube video Interview 6 - Peaceful Demonstration for Professor Yunus and Gr 4 Apr
I liked a @YouTube video Interview 5 - Peaceful Demonstration for Professor Yunus and Gr 4 Apr
I liked a @YouTube video Interview 4 - Peaceful Demonstration for Professor Yunus and Gr 4 Apr
I liked a @YouTube video Interview 3 - Peaceful Demonstration for Professor Yunus and Gr 4 Apr
I liked a @YouTube video Interview 2 - Peaceful Demonstration for Professor Yunus and Gr 4 Apr
Demonstration for Professor Yunus and Grameen Bank in Milan, April 3rd!… Pity more world leaders were not like Yunus! 4 Apr
Migrant workers in #Libya are described as helpless, homeless and fearing for their lives. The global socio-economic system is broken! 3 Apr
I worked in #Cote_d'Ivoire in the 1970s. A colleague did an economic analysis then of all the country and predicted exactly this violence! 3 Apr
Freedom allows #Pastor_Terry_Jones to say and do silly things, but NOT when it puts others in danger - A foolish man! 3 Apr
There is a lot of talk about #jobs, but rather little about where jobs come from! The #corporate_community in particular is deathly quiet. 2 Apr
I was in #Kazakhstan in the 1990s. A lot has changed but not the President!… 'Democratic' poll cloaks Kazakh autocracy 2 Apr
This by #HamidDabashi is way better than most of the simplistic material circulating!… Moral bankruptcy in #Libya war 2 Apr
What is going on in #Russia. The revolving door between high level politics and business is changing, but what does this mean? 2 Apr
Banks have $1 trillion in surplus reserves… Bluntly put, banks do not understand their social responsibilities. #SHAME 2 Apr
The activities of state security forces are opaque, and reports seem to suggest they are obscene. The #top of many states behave badly! 2 Apr
The #global_economy has stabilized relative to the free fall of 2 years ago, but the situation for many ordinary people remains appalling. 2 Apr
Where is all the money that got lost when the #banks went bust? Now banks in #Ireland need another E20 billion to pass stress tests. 2 Apr
Who is it that profits when the price of crude oil goes up because of fear factors In the #oil #markets? What are the mechanics? 2 Apr
The media should not forget that #Gaddafi made very aggressive threats about shedding rebel blood. Worse he had the military power to do it! 2 Apr
Breaking the barrier of fear is a huge step. The value of #freedom is priceless. It is amazing what ordinary people largely youth have done! 2 Apr
The dumbness of people like #Pastor_Terry_Jones is hard to believe. He has the freedom to be foolish, but the responsibility to be sensible! 2 Apr
#Massacre? It is reported at least 800 people were killed in #Duékoué in #Cote_d'Ivoire on 29 March. Who killed who? Why was this killing? 2 Apr
I disagree almost totally with Seumas Milne, a #Guardian journalist #War is messy, but massacre of civilians worse! 2 Apr
Who turned #Libya into a war zone? As I see it, this was done by #Gaddafi and it is good that his violence has been universally condemned! 2 Apr
#War is bloody, and doesn't move in a straight line or in equal time increments. Today is not stale-mate, just a pause. #Gaddafi must go! 2 Apr
It will be interesting to learn the root cause of the emergency landing of a #Boeing_737 over the USA. Maybe it is manufacturing practices! 2 Apr
The census in #Russia shows a declining population. For #GDP metrics this is bad news, but value metrics shows this can be good! 2 Apr
Congratulations #India. #Cricket craziness at its best. A great tournament over a a few weeks. Commiseration to #Sri-Lanka. Great cricket! 2 Apr
The idea that there are more than one million internally displaced persons (#IDPs) in #Cote_d'Ivoire is a measure of the mayhem than exists! 2 Apr
Ongoing violence in #Cote_d'Ivoire is tragic, and news of a lot of killing is bad news. It will be difficult to build calm and stability! 2 Apr
Honesty is the best policy! Delay of the election in #Nigeria today until Tuesday is very sensible. I am sure it was not an easy decision! 2 Apr
#Todd_Thompson writing on how #US_conservatives were pretty blind about changes in the #Arab_world… via @ajenglish #GOOD 2 Apr
This is about #microfinance - SAGs, JLGs and Suicides:… via @microfinancefocus It is however about structure not purpose! 2 Apr
The rich world's #capital_markets have huge resources, but how can these resources be mobilized to do important things for #society? 2 Apr
What are the needs of society in #Tunisia and #Egypt? What are the human resources? How can these be put together to do what is needed? 2 Apr
In #Tunisia and #Egypt there was success in removing the respective presidents. Creating a society that works for everyone is a challenge! 2 Apr
#Syria seems to be using terror as a way to control the population. My guess is that this will be the wrong way to go! 2 Apr
This is a fun thing to look at ... Tom Mabe Pranks A Telemarketer - Video Great use of technology! 2 Apr
With so much #poverty, it should be surprising that there are more and more #billionaires. The explanation is the dysfunction of society! 2 Apr
#Child_labor is far too common around the world. It is part of the serious dysfunction of modern socio-economics and resource allocation! 1 Apr
What should be done in countries like the USA when individuals like Pastor Jones do unacceptable and stupid things? The downside of freedom! 1 Apr
#Republican Governors elected last November are cutting government expenses and jobs that are critical to society. Not a smart #ideology! 1 Apr
The bigger issue is that employment in the #USA dropped catastrophically with the #Republican induced crash of 2007/2008. Recovery is coming 1 Apr
The improvement in the #employment situation in the US under #Obama in the last year is the best since 1984 when Reagan was President. 1 Apr
In a few hours #cricket will put economic activity in South Asia on hold. Will it be #India or #Sri_Lanka that wins the Cricket World Cup? 1 Apr
#Kasserine is a place name to remember. Arguably the place in #Tunisia where the youth movement got momentum to oust President #Ben_Ali 1 Apr
This is a very good use of technology ... Tom Mabe Pranks A Telemarketer - Video 1 Apr
I am disgusted that #Pastor_Jones burned copies of the sacred #Koran in Gainesville, Fla. Everyone has reason to be disgusted at this!. 1 Apr
I would argue the main reason people in the USA read material is that it is NOT USA… via @paidContentUK 1 Apr
With many #needs, it is appalling that modern government and economic systems create corporate profit on top of #unemployment and #poverty! 1 Apr
#Libya. It is true that military action does not create agreement, but is sometimes an essential part of setting the stage for making peace! 1 Apr
#Unemployment in the #USA and many countries is very high. This is a dramatic failure of the modern money economic system. #TVM would help 1 Apr
It is easy for the #tea_party crowd to be critical of #government and #taxes, but how to pay for needed services, infrastructure, security! 1 Apr
News about physical action is easy albeit dangerous. More difficult yet important to report on the ideas that are going to change the world 1 Apr
In #Cote_dIvoire, #Alassane_Ouattara won an election. The fact that #Laurent_Gbagbo has refused to depart the presidency is nonsense. #SHAME 1 Apr
What role should government policy and investment in infrastructure have in preparing for #floods? Who should pay for the needed investment? 1 Apr
#Floods seem to be worse now than in the past. Why? Is it simply population growth, or cutting corners in construction design to make profit 1 Apr
#Egypt is a big part of the 'Arab Spring' and women will be right in the middle. Change can be very positive! 1 Apr
There may be a bloody outcome in #Yemen since President #Ali_Abdullah_Saleh is planning to remain in power and there is little or no dialog 1 Apr
Let us hope that progress in #Syria can be based on dialog about issues rather than blood on the street. Ideas are more powerful than guns. 1 Apr
The battle for political leadership in #Cote_d'Ivoire has moved to #Abidjan. #Laurent_Gbagbo should have stepped down months ago! #SHAME 1 Apr
March Madness in the USA, Cricket Craziness in South Asia! Such a pleasant change from the violence in #Libya and regime nastiness elsewhere 1 Apr
Why on earth would a pastor from Florida burn a Koran in Afghanistan! -… via @foxnews #STUPID 1 Apr
#Obama won't predict the outcome for #Libya. See #Bush_Cheney_Rumsfeld predicted the outcome in #Iraq but were WRONG! 1 Apr
#Republican politicians calling for less government should call on corporate business to take on their full social responsibilities! 1 Apr
An airline flying with empty seats is losing profit. An economy where people are unemployed is losing #value_adding in much the same way! 1 Apr
There is something wrong with an economic system where corporate profits are at record levels, and there is no money to pay #teachers! 1 Apr
#Dr_Yunus often says that poor people working hard and remaining poor is not their laziness, but a dysfunctional socio-economic system! 1 Apr
I hope the #Grameen_America film To Catch A Dollar produced by #Gayle_Ferraro will improve awareness about the huge potential of people! 1 Apr
Human capital is one of the biggest #values in society, but it is only profit that corporate stockholders measure. #TVM wants to change this 1 Apr
What value is #freedom? It is huge, but not quantified in the prevalent money based business accounting and economic metrics. 1 Apr
It seems that the regime in #Uzbekistan retains power using a multitude of unacceptable repressive practices including torture. #SHAME 1 Apr
A recent speech by President #Bashar_al_Assad of #Syria has disappointed everyone hoping for some progress towards freedom and opportunity. 1 Apr
The first job of #CSR is to pay the right amount of taxes. Funding for public services has to come from value adding economic activities. 1 Apr
Very few people are profiting from modern productivity. Most are getting the crumbs that fall off the table. This is inherently unstable! 1 Apr
According to the CEO of UK's Barclays Bank, the only important stakeholder for big banks are stockholders. This is an appalling response! 1 Apr

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