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TVM Dialog List 1334
16651 - 16700

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Environmental Health
EU food agency must release glyphosate studies: court
Open file 16651
Media: Environment
Taking Care of Business ... more sustainability reporting and big collection of other articles
Open file 16652
International Politics
Tomgram: John Feffer, The Rising Tide of the Populist Right
Open file 16653
History: WWII
Luftwaffe -v- Royal Air Force
Why didn’t the Luffwaffe continue targeting British airfields during the Battle of Britain, when doing so would have crippled the Royal Air Force (which was on its last legs)?
Open file 16654
The Green New Deal
What the future should look like
A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ... What if we actually pulled off a Green New Deal? What would the future look like? The Intercept presents a film narrated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and illu...
Open file 16655
Elections 2019
Catherine Mayer / Opinion ... European parliamentary elections 2019 ... Why is Nigel Farage all over the airwaves while my party barely gets a look-in?
Open file 16656
Sustainable Transport
Role of BP
The future of transport ... Transport’s dual challenge: how can we keep the world moving while reducing emissions?
Open file 16657
ROUNDUP ... Third Jury Rules Roundup Caused Cancer, Orders Bayer to Pay $2 Billion
Open file 16658
Climate Crisis
GHG Concentration in the Atmosphere
CLIMATE CHANGE ... CO2 Levels Top 415 PPM for First Time in Human History
Open file 16659
Real Estate
Brand Matters
Trump Tower condo prices crash as the president’s toxic brand drives occupancy rates into the ground: No one wants to buy ‘in that building’
Open file 16660
Law and Order
Improving the System
Philadelphia’s maverick prosecutor takes aim at the war on drugs Larry Krasner/Wikipedia
Open file 16661
The Sunrise Movement
PLAN OF ATTACK ... The Sunrise Movement has a plan to force presidential candidates to address climate change
Open file 16662
The Modern Economy
Change is needed ... but what change?
Raghuram G. Rajan ... Why Capitalism Needs Populism
Open file 16663
SOPACT webinar / May 16, 2019 9:00 AM Pacific Time (noon EDT)
Making the voice of every beneficiary heard through actionable Impact Scorecard
Open file 16664
EVENT ... June 13, 2019
Accelerating Energy System Decarbonization
Making it Happen: Legal and Policy Tools to Accelerate Energy System Decarbonization! ... by Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, and Energy Innovation
Open file 16665
Climate Action
Sunrise Movement / Green New Deal
A Decisive Year for the Sunrise Movement and the Green New Deal
Open file 16666
Climate Change
Managing reflection
In the warming Arctic, a promising solution to climate change
Open file 16667
Corporate Behavior
Best Corporate Citizens 2019
Announcing CR Magazine's 100 Best Corporate Citizens of 2019!
Open file 16668
SOPACT webinar ... May 30, 2019 5:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Share Your Outcome with Impact Scorecard
Open file 16669
Activism : SumOfUs
Bezoz -v- Amazon Stakeholders
Sijal Nasralla, May 14, 2019, 1:27 PM
Open file 16670
Autonomous Networking
Extreme Networks’ Approach to Autonomous Networking Is Elemental ... PRODUCT ANALYSIS: Extreme lets customers mix and match to evolve to an autonomous network at their own pace.
Open file 16671
Finance / Education
Student Debt
Crossing the student debt point of no return – for-profit colleges have default rates now rivaling subprime mortgage debt. $1 trillion in student loan debt on the horizon while college graduate wages fall for the decade.
Open file 16672
Agriculture / Deforestation
Cocoa and other plantations ... also mining
Cocoa not main cause of deforestation in Ghana
Open file 16673
Supply Chain
Workplace conditions
Making Supply Chains Safe for Women Workers: Where Compliance Programs End, Supplier Relationships Matter
Open file 16674
Forced Labor
To Avoid Forced Labor in Supply Chains, Build a Functioning Labor-Migration Market
Open file 16675
UK ... Banking and Finance Sector
Corruption and Fraud
Prem Sikka: How UK regulators have covered up corruption and fraud. Corporate cover-ups go right to the top, writes accounting expert Professor Prem Sikka.
Open file 16676
UK ... Banking and Finance Sector
Corruption and Fraud
Treasury Committee publishes RBS-GRG report
Open file 16677
UK ... Banking and Finance Sector
Corruption and Fraud
UK Government Statement on the further investigative steps in relation to RBS GRG
Open file 16678
UK ... Banking and Finance Sector
Corruption and Fraud
Business interview: Police and Crime Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld ... Still stirring up a hornets’ nest, the warrior out to beat fraud ( ) ... After HBOS scam, campaigner says cover-up goes to the Cabinet and top of the City
Open file 16679
Health and Wellness
Prevention better than cure
Some information about nutrition and gut health
Open file 16680
British Rail
2018 Compilation
VIDEO ... Railways 2018 – Unseen Footage Compilation (Part 2)
Open file 16681
Social Issues
White Nationalism
Ilhan Omar and Jan Schakowsky on the threat and recent rise of white nationalism in the USA
Open file 16682
US Politics
The Future ... About Mayor Pete Buttigieg
Mayor Pete and the Order of the Kong: How Buttigieg’s Harvard pals helped spur his rise in politics
Open file 16683
Climate Crisis
Language Matters
Why the Guardian is changing the language it uses about the environment ... From now, house style guide recommends terms such as ‘climate crisis’ and ‘global heating’
Open file 16684
Climate Crisis
Argument of a Climate Denier
Climate Change; the real story ... Anthropogenic Climate Change Fraud and Deception
Open file 16685
Activism ... SumOfUs
Amazon / Bezoz
With no one to answer to, CEO Jeff Bezos has let Amazon stomp all over worker protections, immigrant rights, and environmental commitments.
Open file 16686
Activism ... AVAAZ
Social Media Disinformation
We are being targeted ... Briefing: The urgent threat of disinformation and how we can protect ourselves
Open file 16687
Urban transport systems
VIDEO ... Drunk Bus Thinks Its a Train: Adelaide, Australia (O-bahn)
Open file 16688
Nature's Huge Potential
Inadequate Research Funding
Billionaires and Bacteria Are Racing to Save Us From Death by Fertilizer ... Nitrogen fertilizer is a disaster. Abandoning it would be a bigger disaster. Now a dozen billionaires are funding an alternative.
Open file 16689
Climate Crisis
New leadership is emerging
More Diverse Green Groups Push for More Ambitious Climate Policy ... “We just can’t play defense.”
Open file 16690
Climate Crisis
Ramping up the dialog
Climate change ... Experts agree that global heating of 4C by 2100 is a real possibility. The effects of such a rise will be extreme and require a drastic shift in the way we live
Open file 16691
Policy Options
CARL BILDT Opinion ... European Union strategic agenda 2019 to 2024
Open file 16692
Economics and Politics
A Greek Canary in a Global Goldmine ... the upcoming EU elections
Open file 16693
Comprehensive Climate Strategy
The Inslee Plan
Jay Inslee Unveils $9 Trillion Climate Jobs Plan To Cut Emissions And Bolster Unions ... The 15,000-word document includes proposals to rapidly decarbonize, create 8 million jobs and revitalize the labor movement by repealing right-to-work laws.
Open file 16694
Comprehensive Climate Strategy
The Inslee Plan
An Evergreen Economy for America ... Investing in Good Jobs, Clean Energy & Modern Infrastructure
Open file 16695
Climate Crisis -v- Investors
World’s biggest investor accused of dragging feet on climate crisis ... BlackRock, which controls $6.5tn in assets, urged to use its influence on planet’s biggest polluters
Open file 16696
The Trump Presidency
Tax Returns / Financial Records
Judge Rules Against President Trump in Financial Records Fight With Congress
Open file 16697
What US roads were like in 1919
The Epic Road Trip That Inspired the Interstate Highway System
Open file 16698
Climate Crisis
Baby Steps / Totally Insufficient
By Tim Worstall ... To Understand The Insanity Of The Climate Change Movement
Open file 16699
Open file 16700

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