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Date: 2022-05-28 Page is: DBtxt001.php list1309

TVM Dialog List 1309
15401 - 15450

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Africa House NYU
July 25th, 4:30-6pm: Join NYU Africa House for 'Pathways for African Shared Prosperity in the New Technological Reality' with Professor Benno J. Ndulu Venue: 14A Washington Mews, 1st floor, New York, NY 10003
Open file 15401
Natural Capital / Land
The Question of Ownership
Indigenous peoples are crucial for conservation – a quarter of all land is in their hands
Open file 15402
Professional Services / Accountancy Firms
CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA)
CliftonLarsonAllen merges in Darton Group Consulting ... Top 100 Firm CliftonLarsonAllen has added Darton Group Consulting, a firm based in Charlotte, N.C., effective July 1.
Open file 15403
Country: United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Regional Role
Is the UAE the Gulf’s ‘Little Sparta’ or a mercenary outpost?
Open file 15404
Country: United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Regional Role
The Gulf’s “little Sparta” . The ambitious United Arab Emirates / Driven by an energetic crown price, the UAE is building bases far beyond its borders
Open file 15405
Middle East / Horn of Africa
Training Military Forces in Somaliland
UAE to train Somaliland forces amid Somalia rift
Open file 15406
Better framing from the left
Moving to the offensive, from anti-privatization to pro-public ... Montreal conference looks at how to make public services more inclusive, sustainable and democratic
Open file 15407
Country: North Korea
Economics of N. Korea
South Korea says sanctions shrank North Korean economy at sharpest rate in 20 years
Open file 15408
Big Data / AI
‘Big Data’ Fueling Transformation in Asset Management
Open file 15409
Superpower Conflicts
The Thucydides trap: What America gets wrong about China
Open file 15410
Region: Horn of Africa
What peace will mean for Eritrea – Africa’s ‘North Korea’
Open file 15411
Region: Horn of Africa
Ethiopia / Somalia
Ethiopian Troops Enter Somalia, Back Offensive Against Al-Shabab
Open file 15412
Sport / Soccer
Money / Politics / Corruption and much more
Football may be caught in the crossfire between Qatar and the Saudis
Open file 15413
Trump in the UK ... Massive protests orchestrated by SumOfUs
Open file 15414
Accountability / Law Suits
Baltimore sues Big Oil over climate change, is undeterred by NYC ruling Similar efforts in NYC and California have been so far unsuccessful, but that isn't stopping the movement.
Open file 15415
Country: India
eCommerce / Flipkart
Saving Private Flipkart ... Flipkart is in the middle of a crisis of its own making—stalled growth compounded by management churn and the imminent possibility that it will cede the top slot to Amazon. But it’s not too late to change its strategy.
Open file 15416
Country: India
Retail / eCommerce
Walmart’s Flipkart buy will unleash a battle royal with Amazon and Alibaba ... As Walmart muscles into Indian e-commerce, the global war for retail dominance has a new battleground
Open file 15417
Technology / Blockchain
Legal Perspective
Blockchain and the Law: an Exclusive Insight Chambers Associate Where to start Commercial awareness Blockchain and the Law: an Exclusive Insight
Open file 15418
Food / Meat
Dangerous Unsustainability
Rising global meat consumption 'will devastate environment' Analysis suggests eating of meat will climb steeply and play significant role in increasing carbon emissions and reducing biodiversity
Open file 15419
Activism: Avaaz
REVEALED - Here's What Russia 'Has' On Trump
REVEALED - Here's What Russia 'Has' On Trump // It’s now shockingly clear that Donald Trump is Putin’s poodle.
Open file 15420
Agriculture / Aquaponics
Energy Intensive
Skyscrapers Full of Lettuce Promise an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Outdoor Farming. There’s Just One Problem. Overeager VC firms, take note.
Open file 15421
Technology / Blockchain
Emerging Tech Ideas
Foreign aid blockchain. The £14 billion game changer for UK tech // Hull Coin ... Disberse ... Hull Coin
Open file 15422
Activism ... Freedom United
Workplace Conditions
Fight slavery in the Thai chicken industry ... Hold Betagro accountable for its supply chain
Open file 15423
Alternative Currencies / Cryptocurrencies
Money / Rewards
Several articles on alternative currencies / cryptocurrencies
Open file 15424
People / MattPolsky
Green Economy
Open file 15425
USA / Education / Politics
Private Charter -v- Public in Kentucky
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin May Destroy State's Public Education System With Charter Schools Scheme ... Bevin was widely criticized for saying it is a “fact” that kids were “sexually assaulted” during a teacher sick out.
Open file 15426
The Trump Presidency
Affairs don't matter
'I Don’t Care': The View's Meghan McCain Exposes Right-Wing Hypocrisy over Trump's Affairs ... The conversation began with the leaked tape of Trump discussing a payout.
Open file 15427
The Trump Presidency
USA -v- Iran
Foreign policy expert says Mattis may have to stop Trump from nuking Iran
Open file 15428
Event Planning
Princeton Sustainability Summit
We are hosting a statewide stakeholder forum on climate policy to reduce New Jersey’s emissions.
Open file 15429
US Economic Prospects
Foreign Direct Investment
Fareed ... The 3 Letters Key to America’s Economic Health Aren’t D-O-W ... Seriously declining Foreign Direct Investment under Trump
Open file 15430
Richard branson
Video: RICHARD BRANSON: We've just 'got to give Donald Trump and his team three months, six months'
Open file 15431
Urban rain management
This idea helped rescue a city of 3.8 million from a water crisis ... Sekhar Raghavan and the Rain Centre initiative in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Open file 15432
SDGs and Environmental Progress
3 ways to better implement the environmental dimensions of the SDGs
Open file 15433
Liveable Cities
Beijing joining the ranks of the world’s most liveable cities
Open file 15434
Media / Wikileaks / Transparency
The Julian Assange Saga
Ecuador Will Imminently Withdraw Asylum for Julian Assange and Hand Him Over to the U.K. What Comes Next?
Open file 15435
Blockchain / Cryptocurrency
What value a cryptocurrency
Brendan Bernstein ... Cryptocurrencies are money, not equity ... a very interesting essay well worth the effor to read
Open file 15436
Technology / Software
Python Has Brought Computer Programming to a Vast New Audience ... And its inventor has just stepped down
Open file 15437
Company: Cadbury
Brand Makeover
Why Cadbury is taking ‘a glass and a half’ into new global markets ... As Cadbury looks to accelerate growth in South East Asia and the Middle East, global brand director Ben Wicks shares its plan for establishing a loyal following overseas and why innovation must be led by marketing.
Open file 15438
Natural Capital / Ecosysems
The Forest Ecosystems
Forest Products Sector Guide developed by the Forest Solutions Group of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
Open file 15439
About the Natural Capital Coalition
Some of the Natural Capital Coalition team
Open file 15440
Container Shipping
Top 35 Ocean Carriers: Still a puzzlement ... and the collapse of Hanjin in 2016
Open file 15441
Climate Issues
Role of Cities
Mayors May Hold the Keys to Climate Adaptation
Open file 15442
Events: New America NYC
Social Cineama Screening
INVITE 8/7: Minding the Gap
Open file 15443
USA ... Inequality
Systemic Economic Dysfunction
America’s White Collar Middle Class Takes a Terrifying Slide Down the Mobility Ladder Alissa Quart’s new book chronicles the pain of a disgruntled class that could change the country’s political landscape.
Open file 15444
The Trump Presidency
Exposing the Financial Aspects of the Trump Organization
'Ultimate Nightmare Scenario for Trump': CNN's Jake Tapper Explains Why Investigators' Latest Move Terrifies the President ... Allen Weisselberg is the top finance officer at the Trump organization.
Open file 15445
USA Politics
What's wrong with Democratic Socialism?
The View's Meghan McCain Throws Epic Fit Over Democratic Socialism As Joy Behar Calmly Shuts Her Down: 'This Makes My Head Explode!'
Open file 15446
Social Value
Human Behavior Is the New Global Currency, Says Thomas Koulopolous
Open file 15447
Sargon of Akkad, AKA Carl Benjamin
Sargon of Akkad on Liberalism, Intersectionality & Immigration
Open file 15448
Place / Urban Design
Minimizing Unsustainability
The world’s first “high-tech eco village” will reinvent suburbs ... ReGen village, in the Netherlands, will collect and store its own water and energy, grow its own food, and process much of its own waste. Also: no cars.
Open file 15449
Company: Facebook
What is a reasonable value?
Facebook had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
Open file 15450

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