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TVM Dialog List 1307
15301 - 15350

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Powerful Wealthy People
David Koch
David Koch abruptly steps away from both his business and political positions
Open file 15301
Transport / Rail
Crude Oil by Rail in the USA
Derailed Train Spills 230,000 Gallons of Crude Into Flooded Iowa River
Open file 15302
Collective Impact (an Initiative of FSG)
Join us on July 17 from 3pm – 4pm ET for the next Collective Impact Forum Virtual Coffee, Building Leadership Capacity for Collective Impact.
Open file 15303
GHG Emissions
Methane from Natural Gas
Grist ... Today is Tuesday, June 26, and ExxonMobil is plugging methane leaks and making new friends. ... Large Methane Leaks Threaten Perception Of 'Clean' Natural Gas
Open file 15304
GHG Emissions
Methane Emissions
Assessment of methane emissions from the U.S. oil and gas supply chain ... Report by Ramón A. Alvarez1, et al
Open file 15305
Energy / GHG Emissions
New Study Finds U.S. Oil and Gas Methane Emissions Are 60 Percent Higher Than EPA Reports
Open file 15306
Company: Exxon Mobil
GHG emissions
ExxonMobil Announces Greenhouse Gas Reduction Measures ... Methane emissions to drop 15 percent, flaring reduced by 25 percent by 2020 ... Improving industry-leading energy efficiency in refining and chemical manufacturing
Open file 15307
Measuring Impact
Learn how to measure the impact of sustainability programs! / UC San Diego is offering an online course on 'Measuring Sustainable Impact'.
Open file 15308
Climate Policy Options
Carbon Tax
How the US Can Meet its Emissions Targets with a Carbon Tax
Open file 15309
Official Development Assistance (ODA)
CGD NOTES ... Domestic Resource Mobilization in Low-Income Countries: Proposal for a Surge in Multilateral Support
Open file 15310
US Development Assistance
Aid to Fragile States
US Aid to Fragile States: Where Does the Money Go?
Open file 15311
Event: Social Enterprise UK
'Why I'm looking forward to sitting next to the CEO of NHS England' ... the role of social enterprise in the UK health system
Open file 15312
Webinar: Ethical Corporation
Thursday July 12 at 2pm BST
The increasing focus and push towards the UN Global Goals and 2-degree target requires ...
Open file 15313
New York Politics
2018 Democratic Primary
28-Year-Old Bernie Sanders Backer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Upsets Rep. Crowley
Open file 15314
Technology / Transport
Passenger Rail ... Japan
Sleeker and smarter: Japan unveils new Shinkansen 'Supreme' bullet train
Open file 15315
Company: BP
EV Charging Network
BP to acquire the UK’s largest electric vehicle charging company ... Chargemaster is the operator of the UK’s largest EV charging network and the leading supplier of EV charging infrastructure.
Open file 15316
Technology / Blockchain
What are Cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrency Mining explained.
Open file 15317
US Politics
This is a real representative
NEWS & POLITICS ... Why Didn’t Media See Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Coming? Because She’s a Woman of Color and a Leftist ... Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s primary win over Rep. Joe Crowley was no surprise to those who actually listened.
Open file 15318
US National Debt
The staggering cost of war
NEWS & POLITICS ... How America’s War-Financing Strategies Increase Social Inequality in the U.S. ... The staggering costs of the longest war in American history are being deferred to the future.
Open file 15319
Events: CAM
Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Cambridge in America hosted ‘All-Alumni Drinks Reception and Performance by the Sidney Sussex Choir
Open file 15320
Event: New America NYC
Basic Income
INVITE 7/11: Give People Money: A Conversation with Chris Hughes and Annie Lowrey
Open file 15321
Book / Author
Capital and the Common Good / Georgia Levenson Keohane
Capital and the Common Good ... How Innovative Finance Is Tackling the World's Most Urgent Problems by Georgia Levenson Keohane published by the Columbia University Press
Open file 15322
Vertical Farming
Crop One and Emirates Flight Catering Joint Venture Will Build Largest Vertical Farm In The World in Dubai
Open file 15323
Business / Sports / Economics / Society
Universal Realities
MOHAMED A. EL-ERIAN ... Four Lessons from Egypt’s World Cup Experience
Open file 15324
Key Characteristics
10 Characteristics of a Good Measure and 7 Pitfalls to Avoid
Open file 15325
Clothing / Fashion
Circular Econommy / Reuse
Inside the billion-dollar fashion resale economy From streetwear exclusives to vintage gems, the global resale economy is growing at a rapid pace fuelled by changing consumer attitudes to sustainability, luxury and the concept of ownership.
Open file 15326
People / Mathematicians
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
PI IN THE SKY Who was Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz? German mathematician and philosopher’s 372nd birthday marked by Google Doodle Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz is credited with creating the first modern formula for calculating pi
Open file 15327
Cryptocurrency Investment
The Bitcoin Saga
Bitcoin price follow up & some “bold” predictions
Open file 15328
Cryptocurrency Investment
The Bitcoin Saga
Bitcoin price follow up continued — How will the shakeout end?
Open file 15329
People / Thought Leaders
Mohamed A. El-Erian
Mohamed A. El-Erian ... Early Life and Education, Career and Accomplishments
Open file 15330
Balance of Power
MARK MALLOCH-BROWN / The End of Global Britain
Open file 15331
Author / Book
Richard W. Carney, China Europe International Business School
Authoritarian Capitalism ... Sovereign Wealth Funds and State-Owned Enterprises in East Asia and Beyond
Open file 15332
USA / Politics
Anger in America
US President Donald Trump has exploited popular anger to advance his own interests, but he did not create that anger. America’s elites have spent decades doing that, creating the conditions for a figure like Trump to emerge.
Open file 15333
Open file 15334
Impact moving Mainstream
WHAT IS THE MOST PURPOSEFUL WAY TO SPEND USD 1.7 TRILLION? ... Larry Fink, the CEO of the world’s largest asset management firm, BlackRock, is looking for a Sense of Purpose.
Open file 15335
Passenger Rail
Japan and Europe have wonderful train systems. Why can’t we?
Open file 15336
US Politics / Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Youth / Diversity / Intelligence / Relevance
SHOCK AND AWE ... With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory, Congress will likely gain a new climate champion
Open file 15337
Event : Webinar
Ethical Corporation
Tetra Pak, PGGM, Coca-Cola HBC & WBCSD on SDG reporting – webinar
Open file 15338
Ethical Corporation
Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit
Open file 15339
Quality of Life
Happiness / Environmnent
Look up #happycity and here’s what you’ll find ... City planners and designers want to build cities that are liveable, healthy and smart. Yet, in the abundance of research and guidelines on how to make healthy cities, happiness seems to be missing.
Open file 15340
Sustainable Cities
Good ideas / Missing Metrics
Sustainable cities need more than parks, cafes and a riverwalk
Open file 15341
US Politics / Geopolitics
Trade and all its complexities
NEWS & POLITICS ... 'Trump and His Advisers Still Don’t Get It': Paul Krugman Explains How the White House Turned the World Against the U.S. ... 'They remain blithely ignorant about what they’re getting into.'
Open file 15342
Financial Inclusion
Banking for the Poor
We Need a GSMA for Banks to Make Mobile Money Available Everywhere
Open file 15343
US v China
How Trump Should Think About China ... As China’s example shows, a country needs to invest in its future prosperity. Tariffs and tax cuts are no way to get there.
Open file 15344
Business Fights Poverty
Business Fights Poverty Oxford 2018, July 18
Open file 15345
People / Speakers
Business Fights Poverty 2018
People / Speakers at the Business Fights Poverty 2018 conference at the Said School of Business, Oxford
Open file 15346
Activism: AVAAZ
Financial Services / Insurance
Allianz, the world’s biggest insurance company, just promised to drop coal and now is the perfect moment for us to get another huge company on board. Trump loves the coal power plants that threaten life on earth, but coal can’t survive without insurance. Big providers are starting to dump coal thanks to public pressure -- and we can make sure a HUGE company, Munich RE, is next!
Open file 15347
Brendan May
Brendan May ... Chairman & Founder, Robertsbridge
Open file 15348
Artificial Intelligence / AI
What Fortune 500 Companies Really Need to Know About AI
Open file 15349
People: Princess Elizabeth Bagaya
Princess Elizabeth Bagaya of the Kingdom of Toro, in Uganda
Elizabeth Bagaya – The Princess Who Stole The Heart Of The West
Open file 15350

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