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TVM Dialog List 1301
15001 - 15050

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Shipping / Logistics
World Agrees to Cut Shipping Emissions 50 Percent by 2050 ... The new International Maritime Organization agreement to shrink shipping’s climate impact is a first. Island states facing sea level rise say it's still too weak.
Open file 15001
ACAUS 2018 AGM Business Meeting
Open file 15002
International Development
World Bank performance
'The Elephant in the Room': New World Bank Report Only Confirms Its Complicity In Sucking Resource-Rich African Nations Dry
Open file 15003
EVENTS / New America NYC
In collaboration with Columbia University
INVITE 4/24/2018: Digital Democracy: What the World's First Big Data Project Tells Us About the Future of Identity
Open file 15004
Monetary Policy
Why is the value of the American dollar decreasing?
Open file 15005
Building Bridges
Pope Francis meeting with Buddhist monks
Open file 15006
Management Book
New-Radical Management by Steven French
New-Radical Management ... A revolution in management theory
Open file 15007
Cambridge University
The Modernization of Ancient Traditions
UK's first female bomb disposal expert becomes University Marshal
Open file 15008
Climate Change / Ice Melt
The impact on Ocean Currents
Atlantic ‘conveyor belt’ has slowed by 15% since mid-20th century
Open file 15009
Cambridge / Africa ... Pauline Essah is Cambridge-Africa programme manager and a senior member of Hughes Hall.
The African scientist making enduring connections between Cambridge and Africa ... As a graduate student in Cambridge almost 20 years ago, Pauline Essah asked herself: “Where are the other Africans?” Today she manages the University’s expanding Cambridge-Africa programme.
Open file 15010
Deforestation / PepsiCo
Customer Facing Companies
Add this to PepsiCo’s conflict palm oil file: we’ve just released a report that ties the snack food giant to massive-scale deforestation in Indonesia.
Open file 15011
Customer Facing Companies
Pepsico, Unilever and Nestlé accused of complicity in illegal rainforest destruction
Open file 15012
Energy Industry / Climate Change
A big part of the problem
Boulder Sues Exxon Over Climate Change: Wildfires, Droughts and Water Are a Few Reasons Why ... The Colorado city and two counties are suing oil companies Exxon and Suncor over the costs of climate change. They’re already dealing with the damage.
Open file 15013
Impact Investing
INSEAD Case Study / Credit Suisse
ECONOMICS & FINANCE ... Building an Impact Investing Business that Makes a Real Difference ... How one of the world’s largest asset managers is experimenting with a unique impact investing model
Open file 15014
Impact Investment
OpenPath Investments / Open Village
Impact Investing: Making Money More | Gino Borges | TEDxUniversityofNevada
Open file 15015
Monetary Policy
Why is the value of the American dollar decreasing?
Open file 15016
Personal Development
Self Improvement
Do These 5 Emotionally Intelligent Things Within 5 Minutes Of Meeting Someone ... Being instantly likable isn’t rocket science, but this checklist takes practice to master in the short space of a first impression.
Open file 15017
Waste / Packaging
Can Online Retail Solve Its Packaging Problem? ...
A new wave of reusable packaging companies are trying to mitigate the waste from the billions of online purchases made each year. But it’s an uphill battle.
Open file 15018
Natural Capital ... Oceans
Ecological degradation
TED / Jeremy Jackson ... Mission Blue Voyage ... How we wrecked the ocean
Open file 15019
Natural Capital / Oceans
Dead Zones: Gulf of Mexico
Nancy Rabalais ... TEDWomen 2017 ... The 'dead zone' of the Gulf of Mexico
Open file 15020
Natural Capital / Oceans
Changing Chmistry
Triona McGrath ... TEDxFulbrightDublin | February 2016 ... How pollution is changing the ocean's chemistry
Open file 15021
Energy / Canadian Tar Sands
Pipeline Transmission
Canada’s Struggling to Build Oil Pipelines, and That’s Starting to Hurt the Industry
Open file 15022
Activism / Micah White
Better ways to protest
Micah White, PhD ... DEMOSCOIN ... revolution on blockchain ... thinking about making change
Open file 15023
Video ... 1500HP Bugatti Chiron - World's Fastest Car Full Documentary
Open file 15024
Jet engines
Video ... how to build a jumbo jet engine
Open file 15025
Jet engines
Video ... The History of Jet Engines documentary
Open file 15026
Barbara Bush
‘The first lady of the greatest generation’: Barbara Bush honored for her humor and warmth at funeral in Houston
Open file 15027
Lynn Stout
VALUE INVESTING ... Lynn Stout, RIP, Sparred With Charlie Munger ... Charlie Munger met his match in Lynn Stout.
Open file 15028
Lynn Stout
Lynn A. Stout (1957-2018): Mourning the Loss of an Amazing Colleague . . . .
Open file 15029
Ocean Cleanup
There Is an Area of Plastic in the Ocean That’s Three Times the Size of France. This 23-Year-Old Thinks He Can Clean It Up. Good luck.
Open file 15030
Ocean lastic
How 5 Large Mega-Gyres Helped Create a “Galaxy of Garbage” in the Pacific ... And it’s growing.
Open file 15031
Micah White
A co-founder of the OWS movement ... writing ... thinking ... using activist cryptocurrency
Open file 15032
Earth Day 2018
Earth Day Apr 21, 2018 ... Google Doodle ... a short vidoe talk by Jane Goodall
Open file 15033
Fund Management
The Student Managed Investment Fund That Has Outperformed The Market Since 1998
Open file 15034
Existential Risk
Climate Change
Sinking Cities Saved by Resilient Regions
Open file 15035
Blockchain / Ethereum
The nature of its ecosystem
A hacker stole $31M of Ether — how it happened, and what it means for Ethereum ... Yesterday, a hacker pulled off the second biggest heist in the history of digital currencies.
Open file 15036
People / Michael Cohen
Trump's personal lawyer
Michael Cohen’s Other Woe: Mounting Unpaid Taxes on New York Cabs ... New York state says $174,000 is past due from taxi companies ... Trump’s longtime lawyer says bill isn’t his responsibility
Open file 15037
Executive Pay
Alphabet / Google
Google CEO Pichai Set to Cash In $380 Million Award This Week ... He received restricted shares in 2014, before his promotion ... Sundar Pichai got two more nine-figure stock grants since then
Open file 15038
Sustainability Initiatives
US State Level
New York State Aims for New, Ambitious Energy Goals
Open file 15039
Sporting Greats
Fanny Blankers-Koen
Open file 15040
Burgess Paper
from 2002
Africa's Economic Future ... A paper prepared by Peter Burgess and Kirimi Kaberia ... This paper was prepared for presentation at the INR Roundtable on Africa's Economic Future in Washington in April 2002.
Open file 15041
Technology / Silicon Valley Companies
Facebook & Co.: How to Stop Surveillance Capitalism ... Facebook, Google & Co. are the new quasi-royal sovereigns. Their algorithmic de-facto laws do not require the approval of any of our parliaments.
Open file 15042
Region: Europe
The Brexit Challenge
Britain’s Confused Soul in the Age of Brexit ... Britain appears to be abandoning core virtues – its ability to be ruthlessly wedded to a realistic pragmatism and its relentless pursuit of its own commercial advantage.
Open file 15043
Politics / Kenya
Family Dynasties
Kenyan president and opposition leader meet in bid to heal divisions ... Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga declare plan to resolve country’s ethnic and political differences
Open file 15044
Slideshare / Bill Russell
A slideshare presentation by Bill Russell on sustainability 2015
Open file 15045
Event ... Skytop Strategies
Impact Investing
Event May 3 2018 ... Skytop Strategies ... Impact Investing ... in Washington DC at the OMNI HOTEL
Open file 15046
Women's Issues
The Cosbie Case
The Galvanizing Shock of the Bill Cosby Verdict
Open file 15047
The Trump Presidency
More for the Russia Saga
Here's Why the Russian Lawyer from the Trump Tower Meeting Suddenly Changed Her Story ... Natalia Veselnitskaya originally said that she was simply a private attorney. Now, she admits she has ties to the Kremlin.
Open file 15048
Company Behavior
Always gamed in favor of the company
UBS whistleblower told he doesn't get protection from firing
Open file 15049
US Economics
Inequalityies and politics
Rural and small town America have taken some of the hardest hits.
Open file 15050

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