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TVM Dialog List 1294
14651 - 14700

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Events / GreenBiz 2018
Phoenix, AZ
Message from Shana Rappaport. one of the main coordinators of the event
Open file 14651
Robert Patrick
Robert Patrick CCFO sent the following message at 6:57 PM ... View Robert’s profile Robert Patrick CCFO
Open file 14652
Alex Harcher ... Message in connection with the B-Team
Open file 14653
Sustainability Reporting
Sustainability Reporting / GRI Get Ready for First-Time Sustainability Reporting ... 2018 GRI Reporters’ North America Summit / Program and Speakers
Open file 14654
Activism / AVAAZ
Issue ... Pollination
Before the last bee dies
Open file 14655
Event in Dubai
GET READY ... BLOCKCHAIN MASTERCLASS DUBAI ... MEDIA ROTANA ... 'This (Blockchain) technology represents nothing less than the second generation of the Internet, and it holds the potential to transform money, business, government and society' - Time Magazine
Open file 14656
USA / Energy
Energy Consumption Projections
No Drop in U.S. Carbon Footprint Expected Through 2050, Energy Department Says ... The U.S. alone would burn through much of the world's carbon budget under its current policies as oil production and the natural gas boom continue.
Open file 14657
Investment Perspective
Investment Perspective / 180208 / from Investing News Network (INN)
Open file 14658
ICOs in the USA
SEC & CFTC Assure They Will Drop the Gavel of Justice on ICO’s
Open file 14659
Sustainability Events
Innovation Forum: Webinar and Conference
Webinar on 'Sustainable agriculture: innovation to feed future generations' / Conference: Can innovation and technology make agriculture sustainable', taking place April 5th-6th in Washington DC.
Open file 14660
EVENT / Sustainable Agriculture
Wed, Feb 14, 2018 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST
WEBINAR ... Sustainable agriculture: innovation to feed future generations
Open file 14661
Peter Burgess Health
Aspirin Study
ADAPTABLE Aspirin Study
Open file 14662
Money in Politics
A most dangerous form of corruption
US Campaign Finance: Reining In America’s Oligarchs Why can’t the U.S. follow the example of other, truly democratic nations in limiting the influence that very rich people can have on elections?
Open file 14663
Region: Asia
Huge potential ... even bigger challenges
Seven Challenges for an Asian Century ... To reach its full potential, Asia will need to overcome seven key challenges in the 21st century.
Open file 14664
Region Asia
Challenging Future
James M. Dorsey ... Asia’s Dark Underbelly and Long-Term Development ... Across Asia, governments not only refuse to recognize a quest for cultural, ethnic, national or political rights, but are often willing to suppress them with brutal force.
Open file 14665
Thinker/Author: Andrew Winston
About business PURPOSE
Milton Friedman was Wrong ... Obsessing over just short-term shareholder value is bad business…and big investors are finally figuring that out
Open file 14666
International Development
Role of World Bank
Jeffrey Sachs ... The World Bank Needs to Return to Its Mission ... the Bank is adopting an approach that would leave poor countries mired in debt, by relying on Wall Street to finance their basic needs.
Open file 14667
Human Development
Children and Gender Inequality: Evidence from Denmark∗
Open file 14668
Study about AI
Sam Ransbotham
MIT Sloan Management Review ... Survey
Open file 14669
Investing and Sustainability
A CUNY / Harvard study
Scientists develop sustainable investing framework ... they seem to be starting from a very weak base of contextual knowledge
Open file 14670
Business / Climate
Convergence ... at long last
10 signs that some of the world's most powerful money managers are worrying more about climate change
Open file 14671
Linkedin Messaging
Bruce Eckfeldt
Linkedin Messaging ... Bruce Eckfeldt
Open file 14672
Economic Analysis
From Dambia Moyo
Dambisa Moyo ... Is the Stock Market Loaded for Bear?
Open file 14673
Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Investing (SI)
Nowhere are Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Investing (SI) concepts being pursued more vigorously than in the Nordics.
Open file 14674
Social Impact Investing
ESG, SII ... Tony Davis and Amy Chen
SOCIAL IMPACT ... How to Drive Competitive Returns with Impact Investing ... Two social-impact investors discuss their quest for competitive returns.
Open file 14675
Ethical Investing
Good With Money initiative
Record demand for ethical funds ... Investors ploughed more than £1 billion into ethical funds last year, the highest annual inflow ever recorded, according to figures published today.
Open file 14676
Sustainable Finance
Commentary by Flavia Micilotta
Sustainable Finance: What It Is and How it Works
Open file 14677
Impact Investing
About Measurement
List of articles related to sustainable investing (no links)
Open file 14678
Women Mentoring Men in the Age of #MeToo. #MentorHim
Open file 14679
Sex Predation
Child Abuse
When it comes to child sex abuse in aid work, the Oxfam revelations are just the tip of the iceberg
Open file 14680
Sex Predation
The Oxfam scandal
Oxfam sex scandal 'tip of iceberg' as bosses hauled in to see ministers ... The charity's chief executive will meet the International Development Secretary after a warning aid funding could be c
Open file 14681
Guaranteed Basic Income
Why not?
Australians support universal health care, so why not a universal basic income?
Open file 14682
Cities / Technologies
Gamechanger ... or not?
Will Blockchain Be the Secret Sauce for Smart Cities?
Open file 14683
British History
Slavery and the Slave Trade
The Treasury’s tweet shows slavery is still misunderstood ... The modern equivalent of £17bn was paid out to compensate slave owners for the loss of their human property. Some people believe we should be proud
Open file 14684
Sexual Harassment
The Oxfam Scandal
Opinion ... As a former aid worker, I’m not shocked by the Oxfam revelations ... A culture of bullying, harassment and racism is rife among agencies around the world. This is an industry in need of reform
Open file 14685
Cities / Technology
Gamechanger ... or not?
Tech companies signing deals for ‘smart cities’ ... Transportation is one of the major issues that businesses and governments will be trying to improve through technology.
Open file 14686
Energy / Electricity Generation
Big Brown Texas Polluter
Clean Air On The Way As Nation’s Largest Polluter Ceases Operation
Open file 14687
NGO / Asoka
About AsokaInsight and its Africa Knowledge Network
Open file 14688
Country: China
A modern digital world
Tencent WeChat, Alibaba's Alipay, DiDi ... a highly digitized society
Open file 14689
Sea Level Rise
Study Projects Two Feet of Sea Level Rise by 2100 Global sea levels are rising at a rapid rate and could be another two feet higher by the end of the century compared to 2005 levels, a study based on 25 years of satellite data shows.
Open file 14690
Energy / Emissions
Fracking / Methane
How to Reduce Methane Emissions From the Oil and Gas Industry Across North America
Open file 14691
Energy / Emissions
Five Things to Watch as Industry Tackles Methane in 2018
Open file 14692
Oil and Climate Initiative
The Team / The Team
Open file 14693
Company: Amazon
Amazon's HQ2 Competition
The Bid: Will the City That Houses Amazon's Second Headquarters Really Benefit?
Open file 14694
Economist Event in New York
Event information / Speakers
Economist Event in New York ... Event information / Speakers
Open file 14695
Air Travel / Company
Budget Air Travel / Norwegian,com
The low-cost airline changing the way we fly
Open file 14696
Urban water shortages
The 11 cities most likely to run out of drinking water - like Cape Town
Open file 14697
Reporting 3.0
Accounting Blueprint
Reporting 3.0 ... Accounting Blueprint ... Release February 2018 ... team of authors
Open file 14698
Company: Unilever
Big company behaving responsibly
Unilever Threatens to Pull Ads if Tech Platforms Don’t Clean Up ‘Toxic Content’
Open file 14699
Open file 14700

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