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TVM Dialog List 1280
13951 - 14000

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Weather / Climate Change
Impact in Oklahoma
Oklahoma’s ranchers have been rolling with the weather for centuries. But lately, there’s been a lot more weather to roll with.
Open file 13951
Taxation / Tech Companies
Tax Fairness Accountability
How the Swindlers of Silicon Valley Avoid Paying Taxes ... Now they’re pushing an ingenious new dodge that would allow them to pay even less.
Open file 13952
The Trump Presidency
Ethics / Corruption
The Trump White House Wants You to Know It Really Doesn’t Care About Corruption ... Among Republicans, of course.
Open file 13953
USA / Justice
The shambles that is US justice
Prosecutors Are Banding Together to Prevent Criminal-Justice Reform ... A new investigation shows that DA associations are thwarting changes to the death penalty, sentencing, and more.
Open file 13954
Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies
Open file 13955
Country: China
Chinese Politics
At the Communist Party Congress, Xi Jinping Plays the Emperor
Open file 13956
Natural Disasters
Fires in Northern California
Elements / Where the Fires in Northern California Came From, and What Lies Ahead
Open file 13957
SASB / Sustainability
Speakers at the 2017 SASB Symposium
Open file 13958
US Politics
Sanders -v- Cruz
No contest! ... 8 Times Bernie Sanders Made a Total Fool of Ted Cruz During Their Town Hall Debate ... The Vermont senator was in vintage form Wednesday night.
Open file 13959
International Business
Beating the System
Malta: Decade-Long Erosion of the Rule of Law
Open file 13960
International Business
Beating the System
Knoema ... This database contains information on almost 320,000 offshore entities that are part of the Panama Papers and the Offshore Leaks investigations.
Open file 13961
Claudia Freed
An interview by VoyageChicago ... Meet Claudia Freed of EALgreen ... Today we’d like to introduce you to Claudia Freed.
Open file 13962
Freedom / Democracy
President George W Bush (43)
WATCH: Bush Just Delivered a Stunning 16-Minute Repudiation of Trumpism—Without Ever Mentioning His Name ... He also warned that some American leaders were not acting like positive role models.
Open file 13963
US Politics
Vice President Pence
The Koch Brothers Couldn't Ask for a Politician More Eager to Do Their Bidding Than Mike Pence ... The right-wing billionaires have the vice president in their pocket.
Open file 13964
Energy / Renewables
Full story of Hywind Scotland – world’s first floating wind farm
Open file 13965
Energy / Renewables
Enercon Wind Turbines ... Promotional Video
Open file 13966
Electric Vehicles
10 Giant Companies Commit to Electric Vehicles, Sending Auto Industry a Message
Open file 13967
Electric Vehicles
GM’s $2.5 Billion Hydrogen Fuel Cell EV Gamble About to Pay Off
Open file 13968
TVM / Peter Burgess
Media Platform Networks
Triple Pundit collaborating with CSRwire / Media Kit ... expanding readership / offer of collaboration
Open file 13969
US History
World War II
The Hidden History of America’s “Code Girls”
Open file 13970
Net Impact 2017 in Atlanta
The 2017 Net Impact Conference in Atlanta from October 26-28 is your accelerator /// Speakers
Open file 13971
Pollution / Plastic
The single use plastic container
Could bottle deposits be a retro plastic pollution solution?
Open file 13972
Events / People
WallStreet Blockchain Alliance (WSBA)
Speakers and Participants ... Learn From and Engage With Our Expert Faculty ... The WSBA Summit, November 2017
Open file 13973
Events / People
WSBA 2017 Summit / Speaker List
WSBA 2017 Summit / November 14, 2017 at the New York Law School
Open file 13974
For Profit + NGO
CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY ... 5 Ingredients to Make Your Nonprofit-Corporate Partnership Succeed
Open file 13975
Net Impact 2017 in Atlanta
The 2017 Net Impact Conference in Atlanta from October 26-28 is your accelerator /// Speakers
Open file 13976
Companies: Rio Tinto
Investment - v- Environment
SEC Sues Mining Giant Rio Tinto for Fraud
Open file 13977
Economic Dysfunction
Failing Capitalism
2 or 3 Things I Know About Late-Stage Capitalism
Open file 13978
Financial News
Impact Alpha
ImpactAlpha: The Brief // Financing Mexico’s missing middle, pay-as-you-go solar in Rwanda, startup (racial) equity, investing in women in India
Open file 13979
AI ... Artificial Intelligence
Berkeley Research
VIDEO ... How we teach computers to understand pictures | Fei Fei Li
Open file 13980
Financial News
Volatility and Volume
With Wednesday's triple-point drop in the Dow, volatility and trading volume return // The stock market is showing more volatility than we've recently been accustomed to.
Open file 13981
EMPTY / SPARE Open file 13982
Powerful men
Inappropriate Behaviour
Max Stafford-Clark pestered me for sex long before his stroke ... The theatre director’s inappropriate behaviour is not new. He was disinhibited, objectifying and disrespectful back in 1992
Open file 13983
Many different facets
University of Cambridge / Opinion / The ‘decolonise’ Cambridge row is yet another attack on students of colour
Open file 13984
Transport / Road
Rollback of truck standards is bad news for fuel efficiency and air quality
Open file 13985
The Trump Presidency
Josh Rogin Opinion ... Trump to skip key Asia summit in Philippines to go home earlier
Open file 13986
EMPTY Open file 13987
EMPTY Open file 13988
EMPTY Open file 13989
EMPTY Open file 13990
EMPTY Open file 13991
Energency Fund Abuse
Puerto Rico
GRIST / BRIEFLY Stuff that Matters ... Whitefish Energy’s Puerto Rico deal. The tiny Montana electric company was awarded a surprising $300-million deal last week to rebuild the island’s grid.
Open file 13992
Trump Presidency
Environmental Pushback
GRIST / BRIEFLY Stuff that Matters ... Trump wants to to keep the largest coal plant in the West, built on Navajo land, open.
Open file 13993
People / Senator Jeff Flake
Very Republican!
7 Reasons Why Jeff Flake Is Awful on Climate Change and Energy Justice
Open file 13994
Transport / Air
Lockheed 1011
This Plane Could Even Land Itself: Why Did The L-1011 Fail?
Open file 13995
Palm Oil / Deforestation / Supply Chain
Rainforest Action Network (RAN) / Nestle - Unilever - Pepsico
'The last place on Earth': how Sumatra's rainforest is being cleared for palm oil ... Sumatra’s Leuser ecosystem is the only place where orangutans, rhinos, tigers and elephants coexist. But palm oil companies continue to clear it, claims NGO
Open file 13996
Sumatra / Pepsico, Unilever, Nestlé, Others
Pepsico, Unilever and Nestlé accused of complicity in illegal rainforest destruction // Palm oil plantations on illegally deforested land in Sumatra – home to elephants, orangutans and tigers – have allegedly been used to supply scores of household brands, says new report
Open file 13997
Emergency / Puerto Rico
Restoring Electric Power
Puerto Rico’s Solar Future Takes Shape at Children’s Hospital, with Tesla Batteries // Tesla announces 'first of many' solar-plus-storage projects in Puerto Rico. It's one of several efforts to repower the island with renewable energy post-hurricane.
Open file 13998
India / Kerala State
This is one of the few places where a communist can still dream
Open file 13999
EMPTY Open file 14000

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