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TVM Dialog List 1258
12851 - 12900

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

The International Monetary System
Reserve Currencies
Addicted to Dollars
Open file 12851
Where and what scale?
Where Migrants Live: Russia and the Persian Gulf ... Russia and Saudi Arabia are home to some of the largest immigrant populations in the world.
Open file 12852
The Trump Presidency
View from the Netherlands
VIDEO The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words
Open file 12853
Environmental Health
Artificial Turf
Why artificial turf may truly be bad for kids
Open file 12854
Cost Accounting
Material Flow Cost Accounting in the Manufacturing Company
Material Flow Cost Accounting as an Approach to Improve Resource Efficiency in Manufacturing Companies
Mario Schmidt 1,* and Michiyasu Nakajima 2
Open file 12855
Conventional Financial Accounting
Cost Accounting
What is a Cost Accounting System? ... Provided by James R. Martin, Ph.D., CMA Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida
Open file 12856
Transport Sector
Passenger Jets
VIDEO Great Planes Boeing 707 Documentary
Open file 12857
The Trump Presidency
View from Finland
VIDEO The Finnish Trump Sketch 2017 (eng-sub)
Open file 12858
Socio-Enviro-Economic System
About Everything
Why coal country must be part of the clean economy
Open file 12859
Carbon Accounting
Shadow Pricing
How putting a price on carbon saved Microsoft $10 million a year
Open file 12860
Sustainability Accounting
Accounting for Risk
Environment as economic threat: How sustainability redefines risk
Open file 12861
Environmental Accounting
Carbon Shadow Pricing
Carbon Shadow Pricing ... Consider first what happened when Microsoft started carbon shadow pricing at scale ...
Open file 12862
The Trump Presidency
Potential Conflicts of Interest
Rachel drops another shoe. Right on Trump's head.
Open file 12863
The Trump Presidency
The Trump Business Connections
Russia Oligarch, Donald Trump Camp Seen Intersecting | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Open file 12864
The Trump Presidency
Concerning Coincidences
Russia Oligarch, Donald Trump Camp Seen Intersecting | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Open file 12865
The Trump Presidency
Fake news about the inauguration
Newly released inauguration photos confirm: Donald Trump is a pathetic loser
Open file 12866
The Accountancy Profession
Brand Competition
Firms vie over rights to Arthur Andersen name
Open file 12867
Food / Nutrition / Wellness
John Mackey / Whole Foods / Nutrition
FOOD FIGHTER ... Does Whole Foods’ C.E.O. know what’s best for you? ... About John Mackey
Open file 12868
Circular Economy
7 pillars of the circular economy as proposed by Metabolic
Open file 12869
The Trump Presidency
Trump Appointees in the Government
Here are More than 400 Officials Trump has Quietly Deployed Across the Government
Open file 12870
Trump Presidency
Scott Pruitt ... EPA Administrator / Climate Science Denier
EPA chief: Carbon dioxide not 'primary contributor' to climate change
Open file 12871
The Trump Presidency
Staff Turmoil
If this keeps up, start watching the doors.... May need some revolving doors soon.
Open file 12872
People: Carl Icahn
Billionaire Corporate Raider and Trump Confidant
Trump adviser attacks Public Citizen
Open file 12873
Investment Strategy
Index Funds Are Climate Change Denial
Open file 12874
Event: New America NYC
Water & Power: A California Heist
A Social Cinema Screening Wednesday, March 15, 2017 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM EST Tumblr, 35 E 21st Street, New York, NY 10010
Open file 12875
The Trump Presidency
State Department ... Tillerson
American Diplomats’ Comfort With Tillerson Gives Way to Unease ... Top U.S. diplomat said to favor budget cuts, narrower mission ‘He has to win Trump’s confidence,’ former Tillerson aide says
Open file 12876
Tech industry and politics
You won't be able to escape politics at SXSW this year ... Russian hackers. Allegations of federal wiretapping. Online leaks of purported CIA documents.
Open file 12877
The Trump Presidency
Investigations ... Trump Misinformation
Is Trump Being Investigated? ‘No Comment,’ Justice Dept. Says
Open file 12878
The Trump Presidency
Obamacare ... Repeal and Replace
States warn millions could lose coverage under ObamaCare replacement
Open file 12879
Region: Far East
China / US / North and South Korea
When Food Products and Nuclear Ambitions Collide ... Unpacking the THAAD-Lotte-North Korea-China controversy.
Open file 12880
Country; Turkey
Erdogan: Sultan of an Illusionary Ottoman Empire ... Turkey has no chance to become as powerful and influential as the Ottoman Empire was during its heyday. And it’s all Erdogan’s fault.
Open file 12881
Stock Valuation
The Greatest Fool Is Here ... Investors think stocks are expensive.... Yet investors are as optimistic about future returns as they have ever been. ... This is a combination that does not end well at all.
Open file 12882
Financial Economy
Basic Income
Basic income isn’t just a nice idea. It's a birthright ... A basic income could defeat the scarcity mindset, instil a sense of solidarity and even ease the anxieties that gave us Brexit and Trump
Open file 12883
Banking and Finance
Value Ecosystem
GABV event: #BankingOnValues comes to Melbourne (Full Version)
Open file 12884
Transport: Rail
Steam Rail in the UK
VIDEO ... Railways in the UK in the early 1960s ... IVO PETERS COLLECTION COMPLETE
Open file 12885
Military / Air Force
Strategic Bomber
VIDEO ... Meet the EXTREMELY Secret US Air-Force Strategic Bomber - Rare Documentary
Open file 12886
Open file 12887
Initiatives / Issues
World Bank / Environment / Ocean Pollution
The Ocean is everyone's business ... World Bank meeting in Bali
Open file 12888
Impact Reporting
True Price initiative
True Price ... New report: Integrated Profit & Loss ... Creating shared value with integrated thinking
Open file 12889
Authors / Books
Gillian Hadfield / Rules for a Flat World
Gillian Hadfield ... Rules for a Flat World ... Why Humans Invented Law and How to Reinvent It for a Complex Global Economy
Open file 12890
Company: Bechtel
Bechtel in Azerbaijan but no deal
Sketchy Donald Trump Deal Eyed For Ties To Iran | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Open file 12891
The Trump Presidency
Trump's Business Dealings
Rachel Maddow Show 3/6/17 TRUMP Foreign Business Dealings Under Scrutiny
Open file 12892
Transport ... Air
Tri-Jet Aircraft
YouTube ... Douglas DC-10 vs McDonnell Douglas MD-11 vs Lockheed Tristar L1011
Open file 12893
Transport / Air
Passenger Aircraft
Open file 12894
Transport - Rail
Passenger Trains
VIDEO ... Rovos Rail, the most luxurious train in the world: Pretoria to Cape Town trip report
Open file 12895
VIDEO ... How BIG is General Electric? (They've Made Nuclear Weapons!) | ColdFusion
Open file 12896
Country: Germany
Industrial and Trade Policy
Germany’s Misunderstood Trade Surplus
Open file 12897
Knowledge / Media
How Fake News Wins
Open file 12898
Banking and Finance
Housing Bubble Déjà Vu ... the problem of high frequency trading and risk still remains
Open file 12899

Open file 12900

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