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TVM Dialog List 1256
12751 - 12800

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

European Unity or Disunity
Ana Palacio ... The European Unraveling?
Open file 12751
The Trump Presidency
Cambridge University Perspetive
Vice-Chancellor's statement on US travel ban ... 'The executive order issued by the United States government is an affront to one of the most fundamental human freedoms,' says Sir Leszek Borysiewicz
Open file 12752
The Trump Presidency
The Mexico Wall
Bloomberg ... Here’s What We Know About Trump’s Mexico Wall
Open file 12753
GPI - Genuine Progress Indicator
Redefining Progress created the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) in 1995 as an alternative to the gross domestic product (GDP).
Open file 12754
Technology / Smart Phones
Chinese manufacturing / Chinese markets
OPPO challenging ... Beating Apple, Xiaomi and the gang in China ... How two obscure local smartphone manufacturers made it to the top
Open file 12755
Fully Charged ... Fear and loathing in Tokyo ... chaotic reporting and massive loss of stock value ...
History of Toshiba:
Open file 12756 Open external link
The Trump Presidency
Week 4
The Political Assassination of Michael Flynn ... National Security Advisor
Open file 12757
The Trump Presidency
Republicans in Washington
Republicans Are Fiddling While Their White House Burns
Open file 12758
Retail / Logistics
Getting fast but still inefficient
Will Amazon Revolutionize Shipping? Small steps are being taken.
Open file 12759
Transportation / Airlines
International agreements
Trump meeting with airline executives ... Don't Bar These Middle Easterners Either ... Open Skies -v- not
Open file 12760
The Trump Presidency
What is going on with Republicans in Congress?
Trump’s toxicity has Republicans running away from their constituents
Open file 12761
International Alliance for Localization
A cross-cultural network of thinkers, activists and NGOs dedicated to exploring radically new visions of development and progress.
Open file 12762
Local Futures
Going Local: the solution-multiplier
Open file 12763
Impact Investing
GIIN Announces Mark Grier of Prudential as New Board Chair
Open file 12764
Money Systems
Arthur Brock ... Beyond Blockchain: Simple Scalable Cryptocurrencies
Open file 12765
Risk / Managing Crisis
PwC ... Welcome to the crisis era. Are you ready?
Open file 12766
Activism / Petition
CREDO Action
Sign the petition: Trump takes aim at Sen. Warren’s consumer protection agency
Open file 12767
Activism / Petition
Positive Money
We are concerned that recent monetary policy has worsened wealth inequality.
Open file 12768
The Trump Presidency
Woefully Unqualified
White House in turmoil shows why Trump’s no CEO
Open file 12769
The Trump Presidency
Business History ... Failure
As its stock collapsed, Trump’s firm gave him huge bonuses and paid for his jet
Open file 12770
Event / February 21, 2017
Ralph Bunch Institute
Professor Alfred Stepan 'The Breakdown of Democratic Regimes'
Open file 12771
Alan Longley
Research and Essay (1998) on the Dispersion of Equity
Open file 12772
The Trump Presidency
Leaks Galore / Worse than Hilary Clinton
Trump's F-35 Calls Came With a Surprise: Rival CEO Was Listening ... Boeing CEO was in the room as Trump phoned program chief
Open file 12773
The Trump Presidency
Open file 12774
Food / Agriculture
Is the Chicken Industry Rigged? ... Inside Agri Stats, the poultry business’s secretive info-sharing service.
Open file 12775
Quality of Life
Behavioral Wealth
How Behavioral Economics Can Help You Retire Rich ... Duke’s Dan Ariely weaves insights from behavioral economics into financial products and services. Here’s how you can profit from his work.
Open file 12776
Roads, Bridges and Tunnels
Elon Musk Is Really Boring ... The billionaire visionary is digging in on a tunnel project to skirt gridlock. His Trump-era infrastructure plan has a hole in it.
Open file 12777
Chinese Economy
Slowing Growth / Political Change
China’s Growth Odyssey ... China’s steadily declining rate of economic growth is a problem for both China and the world economy. Now that US President Donald Trump is set to wreak havoc on global stability, can China still hope to achieve the widely shared prosperity it has long sought?
Open file 12778
Quality of Life
Health and Wellness
You are here: Home / Fitness Success / Six Factors That Dictate Your Quality Of Life ... Six Factors That Dictate Your Quality Of Life
Open file 12779
Shelly Palmer ... Is Apple Over?
Open file 12780
The Trump Presidency
Media / Fake News / misinformation / Propaganda
MEDIA ... The AP's Flawed Immigration 'Round-Up' Scoop and the White House Response ... The AP dropped a big story on the Trump administration's immigration plans and all hell broke loose.
Open file 12781
Open file 12782
Open file 12783
Country: Russia
Natural Resources
Quora ... Why is Russia So Dangerous ... so FORMIDABLE
Open file 12784
Country: Russia
Fake News / Propaganda / Reality
Russia, 'ruin', 'poverty' and 'drunks' ...
Open file 12785
The Trump Presidency
Fake Economics
Paul Krugman - New York Times Blog ... Trump’s Rosy Scenario
Open file 12786
Open file 12787
The Trump Presidency
International Perspective
Wolfgang Ischinger ... How Europe Should Deal With Trump
Open file 12788
Unilever / Kraft Heinz
How Unilever foiled Kraft Heinz's £115bn takeover bid ... Fierce resistance and ‘no appetite for any offer’ warning forced key investors Warren Buffett and Jorge Lemann into retreat, insiders say
Open file 12789
The Trump Presidency
Marching towards authoritarianism
How to Build an Autocracy ... The preconditions are present in the U.S. today. Here’s the playbook Donald Trump could use to set the country down a path toward illiberalism.
Open file 12790
Activism Initiative
Michael Moore
An initiative to link and coordinate activism around the country
Open file 12791
The Trump Presidency
Trump's economic ignorance
ECONOMY ... Robert Reich: Why Trumponomics Will Fail Spectacularly ... It's pure fantasy.
Open file 12792
The Trump Presidency
Trump's economic ignorance
Paul Krugman ... On Economic Arrogance ... its not only President Trump, but much of the Republican ideologs
Open file 12793
Initiative: B-Team
Team Building
B-Team Now Hiring: ASSOCIATE, COMMUNICATIONS ... the job description 02/13/2017
Open file 12794
Metrics Initiative
SASB ... Sustainability Accounting Standards Board
May 2014 ... An Insider’s Guide to The SASB Experience ... Meeting at Bloomberg
Open file 12795
Joss Tantrum
Joss Tantrum ... Context and Capitals – The Next Big Things in Corporate Sustainability
Open file 12796
Sector / Industry
University Sustainability / Structure
Bihar Gidwani ... Sustainability at Our Alma Mater, Harvard Business School
Open file 12797
Auto Industry / Companies
Peugeot / GM Europe
Peugeot bulked up with GM Europe could leave VW looking nervously in the rear-view mirror
Open file 12798
Sex trafficking
How strong family ties play a role in sex trafficking in Nigeria
Open file 12799
TVM Website Admin
Links to useful resources
Partial listing of URLs used to develope TVM information base ... March 2017
Open file 12800

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