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TVM Dialog List 1255
12701 - 12750

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

The Trump Presidency
Policy Nonsense
What Trump misses about regulations: They produce benefits as well as costs
Open file 12701
0 Corporate Behavior
Customers matter
Staying politically neutral is more dangerous for companies than you think
Open file 12702
The Trump Presidency
Planned Visit to the UK
Trump Barred From U.K. Parliament Over ‘Racism and Sexism’ ... Speaker says he will block president from making speech ... Prime minister invited Trump for state visit to Britain
Open file 12703
Unwinding the Fed balance sheet
Everyone Is Suddenly Worried About This U.S. Mortgage-Bond Whale ... Fed holds $1.75 trillion of MBS from quantative-easing program ... Comments spur talk Fed may start drawdown as soon as this year
Open file 12704
New York City
Net Impact NYC Volunteer Recruitment & Networking Night! by Net Impact NYC Professional Chapter
Open file 12705
USA Politics 2017
Getting Organized
Progressive Turnout Project
Open file 12706
Companies / People
Alibaba / Jack Ma
Open file 12707
Natural Capital
Alland Bank in Finland
About the Baltic Sea Project ... Using fintech and rewards to help clean up the Baltic Sea
Open file 12708
TPB working paper
Work in Progress
TPB notes concerning White Paper 3 of the Seratio initiative
Open file 12709
Olinga Ta’eed
The Vatican Has Long Promoted Intangible Values; Can They Be Measured? ... Olinga Ta’eed, Man Who Developed So-Called God Metric, Says They Can and Should
Open file 12710
Natural Capital
Valuing Natural Capital
BrownFlynn ... Shift Happens ... The emergence of natural capital consciousness ... Companies that put a price tag on natural resources will come out ahead.
Open file 12711
Matt Polsky
Number 1 ... America’s Broken Systems: A Case for Sustainable Design?
Open file 12712
Matt Polsky
Number 2 ... On 40 Years Watching the Sustainable Business Field
Open file 12713
Matt Polsky
Number 3 ...
Open file 12714
The Trump Presidency
Travel Ban ... Major Misstep
The Unexpected Epicenter Of The Healthcare Community’s Resistance To Trump
Open file 12715
Areas of professional interest
These 'Areas of professional interest' are covered by the UK publication 'Accountancy Age Insight'
Open file 12716
The Nature of Money
National currencies aren’t as Centralized, and Bitcoin isn’t as Decentralized, as you think. ... The Surprising Way Dollars Actually Work
Open file 12717
Arthur Brock
The MetaCurrency Myth
Open file 12718
The Future of Governance is not Governments
Open file 12719
Human Nature
The 8 Immutable Laws that Govern The Future of Work ... Hofstadter’s Law, Goodhart’s Law, and six more reasons humans will always be humans, regardless of their technology
Open file 12720
Arthur Brock
Broken Assumptions of Governance
Open file 12721
The Trump Presidency
Full Speed Backward
The big lesson of Trump's first 2 weeks: resistance works ... Protests, phone calls, and mobilization are making a difference.
Open file 12722
US Politics
Republican Nerve
Senate Republicans just banned Elizabeth Warren from talking about Jeff Sessions ... And Democrats are furious.
Open file 12723
Concentration of Economic Power
Monsanto and Bayer The World in Action ... Stop Trump's marriage made in hell ... Proposed merger between Monsanto and Bayer
Open file 12724
US Politics
Climate / Carbon
GOP Elders Make the Case for a Carbon Tax and ‘Climate Dividends’
Open file 12725
Business Behavior
Corporate Social Responsibility
The Changing Climate of CSR in 2017
Open file 12726
Circular Economy
PAPERS ... The Growth of the Circular Economy ... a paper by GreenBiz and UPS
Open file 12727
The Trump Presidency
Geopolitics / Middle East
GRAYZONE PROJECT ... 'Trump Will Destroy Iran!' Saudis Cheer on Anti-Muslim President ... What appear to be Saudi bots or trolls are flooding social media with loving praise for Donald Trump for escalating aggression against Iran.
Open file 12728
Corporate Malfeasance
Vijay Mallya / Kingfisher Group in India
Arrest warrant issued for liquor tycoon Vijay Mallya ... Vijay Mallya, who left the country owing more than $1bn, is wanting for unpaid loans made to his defunct airline.
Open file 12729
The Trump Presidency
The First Lady!
Melania Trump's Lawyers Admit She Hoped to Cash in on Being First Lady by Selling Clothes and Fragrances ... Apparently, Melania does not understand the emoluments clause either.
Open file 12730
Chemical Industry Accidents
Pollution at Beavercreek Superfund Site ... Woodhaven, Ohio
Open file 12731
Stock Market Situation
BlackRock (BLK) CEO Larry Fink is worried. ... Speaking at Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit on Wednesday, Fink told Yahoo Finance editor-in-chief Andy Serwer that, “I’m much more worried about the world and the level of equity markets than I think consensus today.
Open file 12732
The Trump Presidency
Women's Issues
Donald Trump ... What Donald Trump could learn from the feminist government in Sweden ... Who has the power to make decisions over a woman’s body? Swedish aid policy is aimed at making sure the answer, everywhere, is: she does
Open file 12733
US politics
Former President Obama
How can Barack Obama smile at a time like this? I think he knows something
Open file 12734
The Trump Presidency
Push Back from the Courts
For Trump Foes, San Francisco’s Court of Appeals Is Cloud Nine
Open file 12735
US Politics
Republican Mis-steps THE RIGHT WING
The Patriarchy Strikes Back: Warren's Strong Stand on Race Undermined by Senate Leader Effectively telling the progressive senator to sit down and shut up, the Senate majority leader played the card of an abuser.
Open file 12736
Emperor Hirohito
70 years on - where would the world be without Hirohito ... Emperor Hirohito - one of humanity's greatest leaders - by Norman Macrae (written 1989)
Open file 12737
Metrics / Joss Tantram
Context and Capitals
Sustainable Brands / Context and Capitals – The Next Big Things in Corporate Sustainability
Open file 12738
Planetary Boundaries
Great Acceleration
Dot Earth - New York Times blog ... Can Humanity’s ‘Great Acceleration’ Be Managed and, If So, How?
Open file 12739
Media / Images
Worth a Thousand Words
This image of terror should not be photo of the year – I voted against it
Open file 12740
Canada / Europe
Yes, Ceta is a gold-standard trade deal – for North America’s corporations
Open file 12741
Open file 12742
Alternative Currencies
Blockchain / Digital Currencies
Tel Aviv’s Colu Launches Local Digital Currency for Liverpool – East London Next
Open file 12743
Politics / Economics
Economic Populism
Andres Velasco ... How Economic Populism Works
Open file 12744
Trade is good ... but not for everyone!
Why Trump Can’t Bully China
Open file 12745
The Trump Presidency
3 weeks in
Paul Krugman Dissects the Staggering Ignorance of the Trump White House ... The phrase 'malevolence tempered by incompetence' is an apt description of what goes on there.
Open file 12746
Events / February 2017
Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs
Richard N. Haass - A World in Disarray: American Foreign Policy and the Cri... by Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs
Open file 12747
USA ... Policy
Climate Policy
Carbon Dividends: The Bipartisan Key to Climate Policy?
Open file 12748
USA / Infrastructure
Oroville Dam Crisis Shows Why We Must Invest In Infrastructure ... The nation’s dams now earn an unnerving D grade.
Open file 12749
USA Politics
Mitch McConnell -v- Senator Warren
What Corretta Scott King wrote about Jeff Sessions
Open file 12750

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