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TVM Dialog List 1246
12251 - 12300

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

USA ... Election 2016
Trump Transition
Trump administration ... Shinzo Abe says Japan can have confidence in Donald Trump
Open file 12251
USA ... Election 2016
Right perspective of the election
The Goldberg File
Open file 12252
USA ... Election 2016
The Trump Shock
What Will Trump Do? ... The global shock administered by Donald Trump’s election to the US presidency continues to reverberate. How will President-elect Trump represent those who put him in power – and how will his power affect America and the world?
Open file 12253
Monetary Policy
Economist Stefan Gerlach examines the promise and limitations of “helicopter money,” and considers arguments for and against advanced by Project Syndicate commentators.
Open file 12254
Geopolitics / Economics
Francis Fukuyama asks what lies ahead for China's geopolitically momentous 'One Belt, One Road' strategy. ... Exporting the Chinese Model
Open file 12255
Energy ... Electricity
Elon Musk / Tesla Innovation
No One Saw Tesla’s Solar Roof Coming ... Elon Musk just showed us the grand unification of Tesla: Fast cars, big batteries, and a stunning solar rooftop.
Open file 12256
Think Tank
La Rouche
2016 ... The Four New Laws to Save The U.S.A. Now! ... NOT AN OPTION: AN IMMEDIATE NECESSITY
Open file 12257
USA ... Election 2016
The Trump Transition
Washington Post ... Trump has a plan for government workers. They’re not going to like it.
Open file 12258 Open external link
USA ... Election 2016
Trump Platform Ideas
Trump explains why he ‘didn’t like’ the phrase ‘drain the swamp’ but now does
Open file 12259 Open external link
USA ... Election 2016
Trump Transition
Politics ... Christie re-emerges after his falling out with Trump. But is he back on the inside?
Open file 12260 Open external link
People ... Joan Rogers
Sustainability / Accountability
Investors Want More Firms to Be More Open. This Nonprofit Is Trying to Make It Happen.
Open file 12261 Open external link
Trade / Free Trade
Socio-Ebviroo-Economic Impact
Video ... When goods cross borders, armies stay home | Romaine Seguin | TED Institute
Open file 12262
One Sphera Introduction
Video introducing OneSphera ... an app / initiative that links people of similar interests withint a geographic community
Open file 12263
Dairy ... Milk
Milk Price
Scotland ... ‘No excuse’ for stall in milk prices says NFU as it calls for struggling dairy farmers to be paid 30ppl minimum
Open file 12264
UK ... British Politics
Tony Blair
Tony Blair wonders what’s gone wrong with politics. How sad he can’t see it
Open file 12265
Food ... Food Waste
Circular Economy
FOOD & AGRICULTURE ... Is Food Waste the Next Frontier for the Circular Economy?
Open file 12266
UK ... Brexit
Post Brexit Autumn Statement
How will the autumn statement change Britain? Our panel’s views ... Our writers give their reaction to chancellor Philip Hammond’s first autumn statement
Open file 12267
Military ... US Navy
Zumwalt Class Destroyers
US navy's most expensive destroyer breaks down in Panama Canal ... USS Zumwalt, which cost more than $4.4bn, stuck in Panama after losing propulsion and sustaining cosmetic damage
Open file 12268
People ... Michael 'Luni' Libes
Global Poverty
Michael 'Luni' Libes ... Winning AND LOSING the War on (Global) Poverty
Open file 12269
Burgess Essays ... Drafts
November 2016
Drafts of some essayes being prepared for Linkedin Pulse
Open file 12270
USA ... Election 2016
Trump Transition
This is What Happens When You Criticize Donald Trump | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ
Open file 12271
Trump Transition
GOP Super PAC Launches Watchlist for Liberal Professors ... Welcome to not-so-free speech in the Age of Trump.
Open file 12272
Trump Transition
'F*ck Him!': Media Bigwig 'Emotionally F*cking Pissed' After Bullying Trump Tried to Influence Press “He truly doesn’t seem to understand the First Amendment.”
Open file 12273
Trump Transition
As Trump Builds His Authoritarian Presidency, Echoes of 1930s Germany and 1950s McCarthyism Abound Domestic crackdowns. Militarism abroad?
Open file 12274
Recycling / Circular Economy
General Motors Starts Landfill-Free Campus Decommissioning
Open file 12275
Environmental Leader
Circular Economy
Recent collection of articles about the Circular Economy as of November 2016
Open file 12276
Trump Transition
IRS Docs Show Bannon Paid Himself, 'Clinton Cash' Author and Breitbart From Nonprofit Fund ... Who's crooked now?
Open file 12277
Economic Costs
Pet Care
Why Does Pet Care Cost So Much? ... What the cost of caring for our pets can teach us about the cost of caring for humans.
Open file 12278
Trump Transition
Trump's Disastrous Education Pick: A Billionaire Heir of Right-Wing Dynasty and Champion of School Privatization Efforts ... Couldn't be a worse pick.
Open file 12279
USA ... Politics 2016
Trump Transition
THE RIGHT WING ... Stop Calling It the Alt-Right ... The right-wing movement doesn’t deserve such a neutral description.
Open file 12280
Trump Transition
Trump's Pick for Attorney General Could Be Big Boost to Monsanto ... Senator Jeff Sessions' appointment would be good news for the pending Bayer-Monsanto mega-merger.
Open file 12281
Trump Transition
'The Slime Factor Is Overwhelming': Charles Blow Decimates Charlatan President-Elect Trump ... The Times columnist has no intention of just getting along with Trump.
Open file 12282
Website Images
Climate / Carbon
Some website images as of 161125 ... Carbon/Furniture ... Climate/Impact
Open file 12283
Trump Transition / Women's Issues
Get an IUD While You Can ... With a new Congress threatening birth control access, millions of women are looking at long-term solutions.
Open file 12284
USA ... Election 2016
Understanding the Result
Paul Krugman ... The Populism Perplex / Alternet opinion
Open file 12285
Crony Capitalism
Trump Transition
Peak 'Crony Capitalism': Donald Trump Indulging in Corrupt Favoritism Isn’t Surprising — But So Much of It So Soon?! ... After running on claims he'd fix a corrupt system, Trump is setting up an economy that enriches his associates.
Open file 12286
Demonetization in India
Demonetization in India Is Causing More than Economic Harm
Open file 12287
Thanksgiving in the Poconos
Good friends and neigbors
We have a lot to be thankful for ... Thanksgiving 2016
Open file 12288
EU referendum and Brexit
British Leadership
Opinion ... Boris Johnson is a clown who has united the EU against Britain
Open file 12289
USA ... Politics
Trump Transaition
Politics Opinion ... The 13 impossible crises that humanity now faces
Open file 12290
USA ... Politics
Trump Transition
Trump’s unprecedented potential corruption ... Stand with Rep. Cummings: Investigate Trump's massive web of potential corruption
Open file 12291
Internet ... Net Neutrality
Trump Transition
BREAKING: Trump to 'dismantle net neutrality'
Open file 12292
USA ... Politics
Trump Transition
Very powerful ... NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's Promise to ALL New Yorkers #AlwaysNYC
Open file 12293
Energy ... Windpower
Morocco ... Spanish Sahara
Africa's biggest windfarm sparks controversy in the desert ... Morocco’s ambitious plans for wind power in Western Sahara have drawn international praise - but are raising heckles in the disputed territory
Open file 12294
Ciities ... Chicago
Healthy Living Infrastructure
Chicago entices cyclists with plan for floating, solar-powered bike path ... Spearheaded by design firm Second Shore, the aim is to protect cyclists from cars and better connect the city
Open file 12295
Open file 12296
Open file 12297

Open file 12298

Open file 12299

Open file 12300

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