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Date: 2022-05-28 Page is: DBtxt001.php list1237

TVM Dialog List 1237
11801 - 11850

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
Pamela Hartigan
In Honour of Pamela Hartigan ... long time leader in the field of social responsibility
Open file 11801
Wind Energy Update
Dong, Vattenfall, E.ON etc. on Brexit, their major challenges and offshore wind budget allocation
Open file 11802
Seismic analysis technology
Video ... The Widest Ship in The World ... The Ramform Titan launched a new class of seismic ship that is easily the most powerful and efficient in the world.
Open file 11803 Open external link
A century of technical progress Video ... The Most Extreme Planes in The World
Open file 11804 Open external link
Open file 11805
TPB Connections
Some TPB network connections ... August 2016
Open file 11806
People ... Dermot Desmond
Money Laundering
Celtic's biggest shareholder Dermot Desmond under pressure on bank ‘money laundering’
Open file 11807
Tax avoidance ... tax havens
Warning that Scotland is becoming ‘Panama of the North’ as Edinburgh tax haven firm under investigation
Open file 11808 Open external link
Tax avoidance / Tax Havens
Revealed: the secret bases of Scotland 's 25,000 hidden tax haven firms
Open file 11809 Open external link
The Value of Human Capital
... and the value of metrics
The True Value of Metrics ... Can HRO show its true value through continued measurements? The answer will depend on what gets measured.... from 2007
Open file 11810 Open external link
The Social Cost of Carbon
The SC-CO2 is an estimate of the economic damages associated with a small increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, conventionally one metric ton, in a given year.
Open file 11811 Open external link
USA ... Government
Managaement and Accountability
In Afghanistan, Defense Contractors Outnumber U.S. Troops 3 to 1 ... There are nearly 29,000 DOD contractors in Afghanistan.
Open file 11812 Open external link
FOOD ... How the Corporate Food Industry Is Taking Desperate Steps to Fight Animal Reforms ... The worst offenders claim factory farming is 'green.'
Open file 11813
Measuring the Economy
Tim Worstall ... CBO's Very Bad Report - It's Complete Nonsense That The Top 10% Hold 76% Of All US Wealth
Open file 11814 Open external link
Economic Performance
America's Appalling Wealth Inequality: Worstall's Fallacy
Open file 11815 Open external link
iWasteNot Systems
iWasteNot Systems: A Dating Service for Trash
Open file 11816 Open external link
iWasteNot Systems
Circular Economy ... iWasteNot Systems
Open file 11817 Open external link
The Rio Olympics
Google Doodle Celebration
Open file 11818
Open file 11819
Open file 11820
Open file 11821
USA ... Election
The optics of the Clinton campaign
Clinton’s Salazar Pick Undermines Her Climate Promises, Putting Fracking Industry Before People
Open file 11822
Open file 11823
Open file 11824
People ... Amrote Abdella
Demo Africa hosts entrepreneurs in Johannesburg from Monday ... Among speakers in attendance will be Amrote Abdella, Reginal Director, Africa Initiatives at Microsoft,
Open file 11825
Country ... UK
Nuclear Policy
All at sea: making sense of the UK’s muddled nuclear policy ... 2015
Open file 11826
Country ... UK
Foreign Complexities
The world according to Theresa May – China, the US, Europe and the new British PM
Open file 11827
Country ... UK
Energy Policy
If the Hinkley C nuclear deal looks astonishing, that’s because it is
Open file 11828
Country ... UK
Energy Policy
Britain runs the risk that Chinese state-owned nuclear firms have more in mind than just business
Open file 11829
Economic Performance
Jobs ... Employment
Why we’re wrong to blame immigrants for our sputtering economies
Open file 11830 Open external link
Africa ... Environment
Chinese investment
PambaZuka 2008 ... China’s Environmental Footprint in Africa
Open file 11831 Open external link
Organization ... The World Bank
Racism in the World Bank
I can no longer remain silent about racism in the World Bank ... by Anonymous ... a former member of the Bank's senior management team
Open file 11832 Open external link
Open file 11833
USA ... Economic Performance
Jobs ... Employment
U.S. Labor Force: Where Have All the Workers Gone?
Open file 11834 Open external link
Open file 11835
EcoSystem Services
Salt Marshes
‘Musseling In’ in Salt Marshes Good for Ecosystem
Open file 11836
Product ... Bottled Water
Packaging versus Infrastructure
GREEN ... Here’s Another Reason To Be Worried About Bottled Water ... Sales are up, and our spirits are down.
Open file 11837 Open external link
Products ... Bottled Water and Soda
Its all about profit optimization
Bottled water set to topple soda sales for the first time ... Soda has finally met its match: water.
Open file 11838 Open external link
A keystone mutualism underpins resilience of a coastal ecosystem to drought ... the role of mussels
Open file 11839 Open external link
Open file 11840 Open external link
Quality of Life
Place and People really do matter
David Kadavy ... Yes, you can leave the North America bubble ... It’s not the only place that matters
Open file 11841 Open external link
Personal Productivity
The “Ivy Lee Method”
This 100-Year-Old To-Do List Hack Still Works Like A Charm ... The “Ivy Lee Method” is stupidly simple — and that’s partly why it’s so effective.
Open file 11842 Open external link
Open file 11843
Open file 11844
Open file 11845
Ideas ... Shared Value
FSG ... Michael Porter and Mark Kramer
Michael E. Porter , Mark R. Kramer ... Shared Value ... The Lesson Behind Fortune's 'Change the World' List ... 2016
Open file 11846 Open external link
USA ... Housing
Affordable Housing
How Mark Zuckerberg Might Attack The Affordable Housing Crisis ... The Facebook billionaire is rumored to be looking at housing as an issue to address with his new charitable organization. What could he be thinking?
Open file 11847 Open external link
Future Cities Accelerator
This New Accelerator Is Funding Projects That Fix The Systemic Issues Of Our Cities ... The Unreasonable Institute and Rockefeller Foundation are working together on the Future Cities Accelerator, offering 10 grants of $100,000.
Open file 11848 Open external link
Sports ... Rio Olympics
The ignorance aimed at Caster Semenya flies in the face of the Olympic spirit
Open file 11849 Open external link
Economic Performance
Investment Impact
TruCost ... Carbon Footprinting: Helping Investors Ask the Right Questions
Open file 11850 Open external link

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