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TVM Dialog List 1227
11301 - 11350

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Ideas ... Noam Chomsky
Interview with Dan Falcone and Saul Isaacson
Noam Chomsky: Our Universities Are Basically Just Churning Out Obedient Employees ... How does education impact the perceptions of the political process in the US?
Open file 11301
War and Peace
The Iraq War ... 2003
Jack Straw: Haunted by the Iraq war? ... Britain's former foreign secretary discusses the official UK investigation into the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
Open file 11302
Religious Organizations
Outreach activities for the Church of the Heavenly Rest in Manhattan
Open file 11303
Personal Finance
Basic Income
Swiss voters 'reject basic income grant for all ... National projections suggest voters rejected proposal to provide universal basic income grant to all citizens.
Open file 11304
Personal Finance
Payday Loans
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ... Payday Loans’ Debt Spiral to Be Curtailed
Open file 11305
Money, Banking and Finance
Personal Finance
Pay day loans ... and the vicious cycle of perpetual debt
Open file 11306
Peter Diamandis
Peter Diamandis ... founder of the X-Prize
Open file 11307
People ... Ideas
Laurence J. Brahm
Video ... Introducing 'Fusion Economics' by Laurence J. Brahm, published by Palgrave Macmillan.
Open file 11308
The Himalayan Consensus
The Himalayan Consensus Board Members
Open file 11309
USA - Economy
The Economic Dynamic
The United States has lost its dynamism. Could this be the reason? ... U.S. dynamism is in the dumps: Americans are less likely to switch jobs, move to another state, or create new companies than they were 30 years ago (or 100 years ago). What’s going on?
Open file 11310
Transport - Rail
Bakken Crude Oil
Columbia River Tribes Speak Out as Flaming Bakken Train Leaks Oil ... Sixteen cars of a Union Pacific train carrying highly volatile Bakken crude derailed over the weekend, and four caught fire, leaking oil into the Columbia River and prompting evacuations.
Open file 11311
Amy Chen
A story that you might want to miss! ... an essay by Amy Chen describing the trials and tribulations of growing up
Open file 11312
James Caswell
The Era Of Youth
Open file 11313
GreenBiz ... 30 under 30s
2016 GreenBiz 30 under 30s ... profiles
Open file 11314
USA ... Rule of Law
Judicial Bias
JUSTICE ... This Is What A Real Case Of Judicial Bias Looks Like
Open file 11315
USA - Politics
Rising Fascism?
How ‘Students For Trump’ Terrorized Portland State University
Open file 11316
Open file 11317
Public Finance - Education
US States and Underfunding of Eduction
Most States Have Cut School Funding, and Some Continue Cutting
Open file 11318
Company ... Apple
Supply Chain
Intel Gets Mobile Chip Contract from Apple
Open file 11319
Public Finance and Education
Does Money Matter in Education? Second Edition
Open file 11320
Open file 11321
Natural Capital
Joss Tantram Business and Sustainability, business strategy ... valuing natural capital in a perfect world
Open file 11322
People ... Barak Obama
In praise of Barak Obama
Amazing: Obama Helped Stranded Stranger 20 Years Ago
Open file 11323
Consulting Firms
Fair Impact ... ESG Consultancy
Fair Impact ... Mission — Make a contribution to a more sustainable world
Open file 11324
John Swannick
Value and a new disclosure paradigm ... Sustained and sustainable organisational change
Open file 11325
Issue ... Climate Change
Impact Investments
Amory Lovins ... Four Trends Driving Profitable Climate Protection
Open file 11326
Carol Adams
Six Capitals v The Triple Bottom Line
Open file 11327
Five Capitals
Forum for the Future ... There are five types of sustainable capital from where we derive the goods and services we need to improve the quality of our lives.
Open file 11328
Ideas ... Jonathan Porritt
Subjects: Science / Globalisation / The politics of climate change
Capitalism ... 'As if the world matters': reconciling sustainable development and capitalism
Open file 11329
Distributed Ledger / Blockchain Technology
Brookings Discussion
Video ... Impact of Blockchain/Distributed Ledger on Financial Services and Payment Systems
Open file 11330
Distributed Ledger / Blockchain Technology
Milken Institute Discussion
The Blockchain: A Revolution You Need to Understand ... MilkenInstitute
Open file 11331
The Next Big Things
The Next Big Things in Technology: A Preview ... MilkenInstitute
Open file 11332
Open file 11333
Cyber Security
Espionage Tools
PAPERS ...Regin: Top-Tier Espionage Tool Enables Stealthy Surveillance
Open file 11334
What is Capital?
A number of different definitions for Capital
Open file 11335
William Black
TEDx Talks ... How to rob a bank | William Black | TEDxUMKC ... 2014
Open file 11336
People ... Jem Bendell
What is Money?
The Money Myth: Jem Bendell at TEDxTransmedia 2011
Open file 11337
Corporate Behavior
Mergers and Acquisitions

Microsoft to Acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion
Open file 11338
Gun Violence
Post Orlando Activism
It’s time to put your constituents before the NRA. Bring a real gun control legislation package, which includes a ban on assault weapons, to the floor of the House and the Senate.
Open file 11339
Country ... LIBERIA
Crimes of War
2011, Crimes of War Project ... LIBERIA ... Crimes of War
Open file 11340
Company ... Starbucks
Starbucks as an Example of the Value Chain Model
Open file 11341
Company ... Starbucks

Starbucks: A Technology Company That Sells Coffee
Open file 11342
Ideas ... Muhammad Yunus
Social Business
LA JOLLA — The man who helped countless people around the world start their own businesses came to UC San Diego with a message for graduates this weekend. ... Don’t get a job.
Open file 11343
Concentration of Economic Power
Peter Burgess ... The merger and reorganization at DuPont and Dow Chemical ... Concentration of Economic Power
Open file 11344
Gun Violence
Guns in the US: The statistics behind the violence - 2015
Open file 11345
Argentina ex-minister arrested over cash bags at monastery ... but only the tip of the iceberg
Open file 11346
Open file 11347
Open file 11348
Open file 11349
Open file 11350

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