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Date: 2022-05-27 Page is: DBtxt001.php list1103

TVM Dialog List 1103
5101 - 5150

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
CA ABHINAY SOMANI ... Product Controller at Credit Suisse ... Pune Area, India ... Financial Services

Open file 5101

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Jessica Agneessens
Jessica Agneessens ... Educator, Facilitator, and Strategist ... Austin, Texas Area ... Retail

Open file 5102

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Colin Lucas-Mudd
Colin Lucas-Mudd ... Partner at SmartFund ... San Francisco Bay Area ... Internet

Open file 5103

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Chap Attwell
Chap Attwell ... Co-Director, Medical Student Mental Health at NYU School of Medicine ... Greater New York City Area ... Mental Health Care

Open file 5104

Management Practices
Dishonest Pricing
Big Food considers corporate chicanery to be a legitimate business practice. ... Padding the Bottom Line by Gouging the Customer

Open file 5105

What role Snowden?
US (and French) Courts have Ruled Head-of-State Immunity is Absolute

Open file 5106

Deposit Insurance
Depositors Beware: Bail-In Now Official EU Policy

Open file 5107

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Anne Sibert
Anne Sibert ... External Member, Monetary Policy Committee at Central Bank of Iceland ... London, United Kingdom ... Higher Education

Open file 5108

Wealth disparity
The recovery continues for some, but not most, Americans. ... CEOs Make 273 Times the Average Worker

Open file 5109

The Nation State
Noam Chomsky ... The blurring of borders and the challenges to the legitimacy of states bring to the fore serious questions about who owns the Earth.... Who Owns the Earth?

Open file 5110

Peter Burgess Comments
LinkedIn July 7, 2013
A collection of Peter Burgess comments posted to various discussion threads

Open file 5111

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Bob Bragar
Bob Bragar ... Director, Strategies for Impact Investors ... Amsterdam Area, Netherlands ... International Trade and Development

Open file 5112

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Hans R Herren
Hans R Herren ... Leader at Joint Millennium Institute and Biovision Foundation Rio+20 ag and food system initiative ... Washington, District Of Columbia ... Public Policy

Open file 5113

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Ugoji Eze
Ugoji Eze ... Global Solutions Post 2015 ... Greater New York City Area ... Nonprofit Organization Management

Open file 5114

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Caroline Saunders
Caroline Saunders ... Senior Food Business Manager at Compassion in World Farming ... Guildford, United Kingdom ... Nonprofit Organization Management

Open file 5115

Big Print Brief
Business Intelligence (BI) Ignores Impact?
TVM has a view of Business Intelligence (BI) that it is not only about impact on profit, but also people, place and planet.

Open file 5116

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Aarthi Belani
Aarthi Belani ... Attorney; Nonprofit Boards; Singer ... New York, New York ... Law Practice

Open file 5117

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Kelly Eisenhardt
Kelly Eisenhardt ... Executive Director, Environmental Programs at Fair Factories Clearinghouse ... Greater Boston Area ... Computer Software

Open file 5118

Professional Risk Managers'International Association (PRMIA)
Intelligent Risk ... the monthly magazine of the PRMIA community ... June 2013

Open file 5119

The Truth About Social Responsibility

Open file 5120

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
David Fick
David Fick ... Author of Entrepreneurship in Africa: A Study of Successes (March 2002) ... Kansas City, Missouri Area ... Publishing

Open file 5121

The New Metrics of Sustainable Business 2013
September 24 and 25, 2013 ... Program | The New Metrics of Sustainable Business 2013

Open file 5122

The New Metrics of Sustainable Business 2013
September 24 and 25, 2013 ... NEW METRICS CONFERENCE SPEAKERS ... 2013 AND 2012

Open file 5123

Valuing Natural Capital
Leading banks commit to Valuing Natural Capital Risk at Rio+20, but why, and how will this translate into action?

Open file 5124

Environmental Damage
Universal Ownership ... Why environmental externalities matter to institutional investors

Open file 5125

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Colin Lucas-Mudd
Colin Lucas-Mudd ... Partner at SmartFund ... San Francisco Bay Area ... Internet

Open file 5126

Big Print Brief
Introduction to TVM
TVM is value accountancy that quantifies the impact of economic activity for society and the economy

Open file 5127

Peter Burgess Connections ... Events
SOCAP13 ... speakers and their organizations

Open file 5128

What am I missing in the Snowden affair? ... The US government's dogmatic pursuit for Snowden is both counter-productive and hypocritical, writes scholar.

Open file 5129

The myth of the 1,400 year Sunni-Shia war ... The 'Sunni-Shia conflict' narrative is misguided at best and disingenuous at worst, suggests author.

Open file 5130

Invisible Threat ... As germs are used to wreak havoc, we look at how the world must learn to deal with the new global threat of bio-terror.

Open file 5131

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Tiago Robalo Gouveia
Tiago Robalo Gouveia ... Looking for new professional challenges/ Communication, Social Responsibility and Sustainability ... Lisbon Area, Portugal ... Research

Open file 5132

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Behrooz Behnejad
Behrooz Behnejad ... Executive director at Benfam Institute of Natural Living ... Iran ... Nonprofit Organization Management

Open file 5133

Big Data
Making good use of Big Data
Amy Zalman ... Power doesn’t lie in gathering data but in analysing it

Open file 5134

Workplace Safety
Who is responsible?
GSB: Supply chain hub ... Gap spearheads new alliance for Bangladeshi worker safety ... It's a step forward, writes Marc Gunther, but the question remains – who is ultimately responsible for worker safety in Bangladesh?

Open file 5135

Country ... USA
International Affairs ... Media
Exclusive: US bankrolled anti-Morsi activists ... Documents reveal US money trail to Egyptian groups that pressed for president's removal.

Open file 5136

Workplace Safety
Dancing aroud the problem
Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh ... Major US names missing as retailers sign deal to improve Bangladesh safety

Open file 5137

Workplace Safety
Law ... too little too late
Bangladesh Finds Gross Negligence in Factory Fire

Open file 5138

Workplace Safety
Push back by big buyers
Documents Indicate Walmart Blocked Safety Push in Bangladesh

Open file 5139

Workplace Safety
Big buyers really put profits first
The Bangladesh Accord is a red herring ... Consumers must demand to know what companies are doing to protect workers, not what initiatives they've signed up to

Open file 5140

Sustainable Business
Reducing Waste
Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium (SFBC) ... an initiative of a group of Hong Kong based companies in the textile and apparel sector

Open file 5141

Country ... USA
Media and International Affairs
Critics denounce Al Jazeera exclusive ... 'US bankrolled anti-Morsi activists' story called baseless and irresponsible, while others sing its praise.

Open file 5142

Sustainable Textiles
R-Cert ... An initiative of the Redress NGO in Hong Kong to reduce waste and make textiles more sustainable

Open file 5143

Country ... Egypt
Society and the Economy
July 2013 ... Economic malaise compounds Egypt's turbulence ... A weaker currency, high unemployment, and negligible growth are all challenges the new Egyptian government must address.

Open file 5144

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Stanley (Stan) Wyner
Stanley (Stan) Wyner ... Helping CEOs & owners be better leaders, making better decisions, getting better, powerful results. Executive Coach. ... Buffalo/Niagara, New York AreaManagement Consulting

Open file 5145

Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Fatoumata Kante
Fatoumata Kante ... Contact Representative ... Brooklyn, New York ... Accounting

Open file 5146

Country ... Pakistan
The Bin Laden raid
What the Abbottabad report means for Pakistan ... The bin Laden report confirms the mutual disdain Pakistan and the United States maintain towards each other.

Open file 5147

Climate Change
A bit of the debate
Climate change: Fact or fiction? ... Climate change sceptic Richard Lindzen is challenged on his view that concern about global warming is alarmist nonsense.

Open file 5148

Big Print Brief
Rethinking Metrics ... Planning Reform
Profit centric decision making needs to be replaced with decision making that takes into account people, place, planet and profit

Open file 5149

Commercial Aquaponics
High intensity salad growing
Remember food taste far better when it is eaten closer to the time it is harvested, this does not mean that any crop grown a certain way has more flavour.

Open file 5150

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