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TVM Dialog List 1081
4001 - 4050

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

TEDxManhattan - Gary Oppenheimer - -- A Homegrown So

Open file 4001

Urban Poverty in the Global South ... Scale and Nature
Review by IRIN ... GLOBAL: Rethinking urban poverty

Open file 4002

Freedom means access to knowledge
The political consequences of academic paywalls ... Academic paywalls unwittingly benefit oppressive regimes - at society's expense.

Open file 4003

Arms Trade
US role questionable
The Pentagon as a global NRA ... For Washington, there is no arms control abroad.

Open file 4004

Country ... Mali
Repelling the Al Quaeda Insurgency
French and Malian troops enter Diabaly ... French and Malian troops take two key towns with little resistance as troops from Chad arrive in Mali.

Open file 4005

Country ... Mali
Repelling the Al Quaeda Insurgency
French troops help Mali retake captured town ... Rebels driven out of town of Konna after France launches air strikes to halt advances by fighters.

Open file 4006

Wealth not solving poverty
Oxfam says world's rich could end poverty ... UK-based charity says the world's 100 richest people earned enough in 2012 to end global poverty four times over.

Open file 4007

Intelligence versus Public Health
White House Should Explicitly Ban Intelligence Involvement in Public Health Campaigns

Open file 4008

World News from AJE
AJE Opinion
Listing of AJE Opinion for the period from 2010 thru end 2012

Open file 4009

The Occupy Movement
Santiago Zabala ... A philosophy for the protesters ... The OWS movement grew out of the philosophical paradox that our financial system could not contain flaws.

Open file 4010

Country ... USA
Activism ... Occupy Wall Street
Danny Schechter ... Is it time to occupy the world? ... If the Occupy movement hopes to achieve anything, they must organise and create a proactive strategy.

Open file 4011

Country ... Israel
Mossad's Operations
Kill Him Silently ... The story behind Mossad's bungled bid to assassinate Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal.

Open file 4012

Country ... USA
Secretary Clinton defends handling of Benghazi attack ... Secretary of state shows rare outburst of anger in hearing over deadly attack on US consulate in Libya.

Open file 4013

Lack of transparency
Green is the New Red ... FBI Says Activists Who Investigate Factory Farms Can Be Prosecuted as Terrorists

Open file 4014

Peter Gowan
CRISIS IN THE HEARTLAND ... Consequences of the New Wall Street System

Open file 4015

Peter Gowan
Obituary ... Peter Gowan, activist and academic, born 15 January 1946; died 12 June 2009

Open file 4016

Banking ... CitiGroup
To Hell with the Client
Did Citigroup Defraud Billions from U.S. Ally Abu Dhabi? ... Abu Dhabi has likely learned an important lesson about how Wall Street does business. An investigative report reveals the company's nasty dealings.

Open file 4017

World News AJE
Listing of Articles by Dean Baker

Open file 4018

Peter Burgess
Integrated Planning for Refugee Affected Areas ... Malawi
Peter Burgess was the Team Leader for UNDP's multi-agency Integrated Planning for Refugee Affected Areas ... Malawi in 1987

Open file 4019

A small piece of the puzzle
Biochar’s Potential to Help is Rich, but Hurdles Remain

Open file 4020

Technology and Education
Revolution Hits the Universities

Open file 4021

Country ... USA
National Character
Bill Maher: How Did America Become a Country of 'D*ckless Armchair Warriors'? ... We're no longer the home of the brave.

Open file 4022

Country ... USA
About Republicans
Finally, the Swaggering Republicans Are Afraid ... House Speaker Boehner warned his fellow GOPers that Obama may be preparing “to annihilate” the GOP, marking a stunning reversal of fortune.

Open file 4023

Country ... USA
How the NRA Went From Best Friend of the Nation's Police to Harsh Enemy of Law Enforcement ... As it became more unwilling to compromise over even minor gun controls, the NRA is now on the bad side of police.

Open file 4024

Healthcare Information For All (HIFA)
AfroNet meassage about the HIFA initiative launching for 2013 to 2015 ... [afro-nets] HIFA 2013 Challenge: Meeting the information needs of prescribers and users of medicines

Open file 4025

Country ... USA
Obama's Failure to Punish Banks Should Be Causing Serious Social Unrest ... A new PBS Frontline report examines outrageous steps Obama's administration took to protect Wall St. Wall Street from prosecutions.

Open file 4026

The Untouchables
A PBS Frontline report asks some tough questions ... but the answers are unsatisfactory

Open file 4027

Measuring Shared Value
FSG ... Measuring Shared Value ... How to Unlock Value by Linking Social and Business Results

Open file 4028

World News ... PBS
A listing for the period February 2013

Open file 4029

Country ... USA
Holding banks accountable
New York Attorney General Schneiderman takes on JPMorgan Chase ... pdf of the inditement

Open file 4030

World News AJE
A listing of AJE pieces with a focus on Egypt ... January 2013

Open file 4031

World News AJE
A listing of AJE pieces with a focus on Turkey ... January 2013

Open file 4032

World News AJE
A listing of AJE pieces with a focus on Mali ... January 2013

Open file 4033

Country ... Tunisia
What way forward? The perils of identity politics in Tunisia ...
The outcome of the Tunisian revolution still hangs in the balance.

Open file 4034

Country ... USA
Book Review
The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism by Andrew J. Bacevich

Open file 4035

Country ... North Korea
Technology and transparency
Revealing N Korea's gulag and nuclear sites ... Google's newly updated maps show unprecedented detail in aerial imagery of isolated labour camps and missile launch pad.

Open file 4036

People ... USA
Eleanor Holmes Norton
Eleanor Holmes Norton is a Congresswomen from the District of Columbia who joins Rachel Maddow quite often to address all sorts of issues. She also a frequent guest on PBS programs.

Open file 4037

Country ... USA
MacCain and Hagel
TRMS ... About Senator John MacCain and Senator Chuck Hagel ... their history and the Senate Hearings about confirming Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

Open file 4038

Country ... Spain
Transparency / Corruption
Spanish PM denies secret payments scandal ... Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says the allegations of undeclared donations published by a Spanish newspaper are false.

Open file 4039

World News AJE
A listing of AJE pieces with a focus on Spain ... January 2013

Open file 4040

People ... USA
Ed Koch ... Mayor of New York 1978 to 1989
Howard Barbanel ... Ed Koch: He Did Just Fine

Open file 4041

People ... USA
Ed Koch ... Mayor of New York 1978 to 1989
Ed Koch, New York's colorful longtime former mayor, dies

Open file 4042

The Bill and Melinda Gates Initiative
The Annual Letter from the The Bill and Melinda Gates Initiative

Open file 4043

Jonathan Oppenheimer
Jonathan Oppenheimer is interested in developing a framework to encourage healthy people on a healthy planet.

Open file 4044

The End of Economic Growth
Richard Heinberg ... an advocate for change in the way the economic decisions are made ... PostCarbonInstitute

Open file 4045

Country ... USA
Doctor slams debt, health care in front of president ... Dr. Ben Carson on Obama's reaction ... A Fox interview

Open file 4046


Open file 4047

Part of the White House dialog
Clif Carothers ... Ironically, Trickle Down Economics Trickled Down America's Future

Open file 4048

Country ... USA
Governance ... Reform of metrics
WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: establish more meaningful metrics for the measurement of progress and performance throughout the economy and society

Open file 4049

Country ... Scotland
The issue of independence
Stiglitz: only independence will let Scots tackle income divide

Open file 4050

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