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Date: 2023-06-07 Page is: DBtxt001.php list1053
TVM Dialog List 1053
2601 - 2650
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Business Ethics, Society and Economics
Rigged bank rates: Is there more to come?
Inside Story ... Barclays bank's top officials resign after the interest rates scandal but we ask if one bank can do this alone.
Open file 2601
Ideas, Society and Economy
Masanobu Fukuoka and sustainable agriculture
The One Straw Revolution
Open file 2602
Country ... Vietnam
Tourism, Society and Economy
Vietnam's Ha Long Bay risks flood of tourism ... UNESCO site, and one of the 'Seven Wonders of Nature', feels environmental impact of mass tourism.
Open file 2603

Country ... Palestine
The UNESCO mess
MJ Rosenberg ... The Obama Administration says there will be further cutoffs if other UN agencies follow suit in recognising Palestine.

Open file 2604

Extractive Industry, Society and Economy
Aurukun: Mining for a future
One determined aboriginal woman fights for her destitute community's share in Australia's mining profits.

Open file 2605

Ideas, Society and Economy
Niall Ferguson
Aascent of Money

Open file 2606

Media, Society and Economy
Kristof: The journalist as tourist
The New York Times columnist relies on orientalist cliches when writing about Iran, revealing his outdated assumptions.

Open file 2607

People, Society and Economy
People who make news
Talk to Al Jazeera

Open file 2608

Country ... Scotland
The man trying to keep Scotland British
Former chancellor Alistair Darling's credibility makes him a powerful voice against Scottish independence.

Open file 2609

Country ... Lesotho
What a visiting jounrnalist from the USA sees
July 2012 NYT OPINION by Nicholas Kristof: Africa on the rise

Open file 2610

Media, Society and Economy
The BBC A question of governance ...
Private industry is well represented among senior executives of the publicly owned BBC, the world's largest broadcaster.

Open file 2611

Country .... USA
Marwan Bishara with Empire Guests
Empire ... Transcript: Decline of the American empire

Open file 2612

Ideas, Society and Economy
Ideas from the P2P Foundation
The Abundance debate (1): Christian Siefkes on Digital Plenty Versus Natural Scarcity

Open file 2613

People ... Politics
Mitt Romney
In July 2012, Assets Offshore Raise Romney Wealth Questions

Open file 2614

People ... Politics
Mitt Romney
Gov. Martin O’Malley: Mitt Romney ‘Bet Against America’ With Swiss Bank Account

Open file 2615

Terrorism, Society and Economy
The Arafat Assassination: Israel’s Lethal History with Polonium

Open file 2616

Banking, society and economy
Banking scandal in the UK
Barclays and the BoE have probably saved the financial system ... letter from Mr Paul Langtry.

Open file 2617

Politics, Society and Economics
Money in US Politics
Republicans have overwhelming money ... includes Harvery Weinstein

Open file 2618

Country ... USA
Republican Politics
Ron Paul still in the race ... sort of!

Open file 2619

Country ... USA
Infrastructure and Politics
Big storms wipes out US electricity

Open file 2620

Country ... USA
Politics of healthcare and the Romney campaign confusion

Open file 2621

Country ... USA
Politics ... Obama's performance
Obama's administration has been surprisingly tough on trade matters with China ... quite unlike Romney

Open file 2622

Country ... USA
Big energy supporting GOP
Energy influence ... big profits support Mitt Romney

Open file 2623

Country ... USA
Politics ... the right to vote
Krist NovoZelich ... Chairman of FairVote and the CoFounder of Nirvana Band

Open file 2624

Country ... USA
Politics and the healthcare dialog
Ezra Klein doing analysis of healthcare in the USA ... very good on impact of Obama's Affordable Care Act

Open file 2625

Country ... USA
Healthcare reform and the Supreme Court
Inside the Supreme Court's ruling about Obama's Affordable Care Act

Open file 2626

Country ... USA
A nation is not a business!
How important is Romney's experoience at Bain Capital ... Obama ads are having an impact

Open file 2627

Country ... USA
Governor Christie of New Jersey
Bruce Springsteen versus Governor Chris Chistie

Open file 2628

Country ... USA
Prisons, Society and Economy
Private for profit management of courts, prisons, etc

Open file 2629

Country ... USA
GOP working on voter rights
Michigan governor defies GOP in war on votingCountry ... USA

Open file 2630

Country ... USA
Venn Diagrams according to the Mitt Romney campaign folk ... explained very well by Ezra Klein

Open file 2631

Country ... USA
Politics and healthcare
Ezra Klein talking about the Republicans and the healthcare situation

Open file 2632

Companies ... USA
Bain Capital
Companies’ Ills Did Not Harm Romney’s Firm

Open file 2633

Companies ... USA

Open file 2634

Youth, Society and Economy
And you thought it would be easy?
A fantasy graduation speech for the Class of 2012 on our overheated, overcrowded, overmortgaged planet.

Open file 2635

Communities, Society and Economy
Act locally
Mapping Neighborhoods To Create Neighborhood Opportunities

Open file 2636

Ideas, Society and Economics
Energy market manipulation
Chris Cook: The Ghost of Enron Past Explains Oil Market Manipulation

Open file 2637

Country ... USA
Mitt Romney on jobs
Martin Bashir - Fact-checking Romney's 59-point jobs plan

Open file 2638

Interest, Society and Economy
Interest in microfinance
There is much dialog about interest rates in microfinance ... but rather little understanding

Open file 2639

Country ... Nigeria
Scores killed in massive Nigeria tanker blaze
At least 95 people confirmed killed as they attempted to gather fuel from tipped-over oil tanker in Niger Delta.

Open file 2640

Country ... Kenya
Old style property law does not work
AlJazeera English Witness ... On the Brink ... The people of Kenya's Maasai Mara are struggling to preserve their culture and environmental heritage.

Open file 2641

Community ... Saw Creek Estates in Bushkill PA.
Saw Creek Men's Club
Member contacts

Open file 2642

Jobs, Society and Economy
Small business job creation nonsense
John Stoehr ... Will taxing the rich help create more jobs and save the economy?

Open file 2643

Country ... USA
Politics ... Mitt Romney meeting with Dick Cheney
Rachel Maddow ... How does Mitt Romney handle the Bush-Cheney lagacy

Open file 2644

Country ... USA
Politics ... Republicans on Abortion
Republicans in the USA intent on keeping abortion a big election issue

Open file 2645

Country ... USA
Politics ... Nothing by Republicans on jobs
I cannot believe the way Republicans operate ... why 33 votes against Obama's healthcare initiative? ... And Obama gets a health problem fixed quickly

Open file 2646

Country ... USA
Energy and advertising
Tar sands ... a terrible mess

Open file 2647

Country ... Syria
Very good reporting from Syria
Richard Engels with Rachel Maddow after returning from Syria

Open file 2648

Country ... USA
Politics ... Democrats make more sense than the Republicans
James Carville ... knows politics and understands it is the Middle Class

Open file 2649

Country ... USA
Politics ... the Romney story
I left Bain Capital in February 1999 ... Romney needs to make this a fact, but is the fact true?

Open file 2650
Countries ... Palestine
Israel's rule over Palestinians
The Middle East's oldest dictatorship ... Al Jazeera's senior political analayst discusses Israel's rule over the Palestinians beyond the peace rhetoric.
Open file 50
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