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TVM Dialog List 1040
1951 - 2000

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Technology, Society and Economy
OLPC delays upgrade in 2010 and now launches upgrade in 2012
OLPC is an initiative from MIT Media Labs that aims to use technology to improve education in poor societies

Open file 1951

Civility, Society and Economy
How many people need a friend?
A Victim Treats His Mugger Right ... an incident in New York in 2008

Open file 1952

Strategy, Society and Economy
Rethinking the growth imperative
Instead of focusing on increasing economic growth, shouldn't the focus be on long-term sustainability and durability?

Open file 1953

Economics, Society and Economy
More predictions for 2012
John Terrett: 2012 ... What's in store for the global economy?

Open file 1954

Economics, Society and Economy
Good times down Latin America's way
The outlook for Latin America remains positive in 2012 - despite reduced Chinese and Indian demand for raw materials.

Open file 1955

Internation, Society and Economy
Why India is riskier than China
China and to a lesser extent India are positioned to meet challenges resulting from the downturn in the world economy.

Open file 1956

Leadership, Society and Economy
Looking back at the turbulent global economy in 2011
Austerity measures, eurozone bailouts, US credit downgrade and Occupy protests define a bleak year.

Open file 1957

Violence, Society and Economy
Burgess Brief
There is no place for violence in civilized society

Open file 1958

Nelson Mandela
One of the best leaders in history

Open file 1959

Country ... Tunisia
Tunisia: The Arab Spring's success story?
The Cafe ... A group of Tunisians try to figure out how to make the move from revolution to a democratic functioning state.

Open file 1960

Country ... Tunisia
Tunisia: The uprising that started it all
Tunisians overthrew government, inspired uprisings across the region and launched their country on track to democracy.

Open file 1961

Country ... Tunisia
The Bouazizi 'big bang'
A year ago, a Tunisian street vendor lit himself on fire in an act of desperate defiance - sparking the Arab Spring.

Open file 1962

Accountability, Society and Economy
Burgess Briefs
How is accountability going to be made a key part of the process

Open file 1963

Metrics, Society and Economy
Per capita GDP by country
A full list of Per capita GDP by country ... but this really tells nothing about all important quality of life

Open file 1964

Technology, Society and Economy
An identity system that has failed
Global Maritime Analysis with Joseph Keefe > January 2012 ... TWIC: Safe & Sound – or not…

Open file 1965

People ... Scientists
Eric Lander
Dr. Eric Lander: the mathematician and geneticist behind the Human Genome Project and the Broad Institute.

Open file 1966

Politics, Society and Economy
The GOP Debate in New Hampshire
Top Republicans debate with NBC David Gregory before New Hampshire primary

Open file 1967

People ... Scientists
Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins: An interview with the evolutionary biologist, best-selling author and outspoken atheist.

Open file 1968

Energy, Society and Economy
Western oil firms remain as US exits Iraq
The end of the US military occupation does not mean Iraqis have full control of their oil.

Open file 1969

Country ... Iraq
Iraq: A country in shambles
Despite promises made for improvements, Iraq’s economy and infrastructure are still a disaster.

Open file 1970

Country ... Pakistan / Balochistan
Balochistan: Pakistan's other war
Baloch politicians and leaders share their vision of self-determination and freedom from Pakistani rule.

Open file 1971

Leadership, Society and Economy
Bunga, Zenga and Bandana Narratives: 2011
Bunga bunga, zenga zenga accentuated the overall disillusionment with politicians in every corner of the world.

Open file 1972

Media, Society and Economy
Media in South Sudan struggles
Media in South Sudan struggles ... In a Fledgling County, Perils for the Press

Open file 1973

Society and Economy
The best and the worst of 2011
Princeton University professor reviews the Arab Spring, occupy movement, climate change and Palestine's statehood bid.

Open file 1974


Open file 1975

Media, Society and Economy
2011 ... The News Corp. hacking saga
AlJazeera English Listening Post ... As the phone hacking investigation that ripped through UK politics and media moves to the US, what next for Murdoch?

Open file 1976

Tourism, Society and Economy
Tourism ... your community or the world?
The 45 Places to Go in 2012 ... a list prepared by Justin Mott for The New York Times

Open file 1977

People ... US Politics
Ron Paul
Build Your Own Levees, and Kiss Irene

Open file 1978

Country ... Iran
Misinformation about Iran is the norm
The New York Times is misleading the public on Iran ... The paper has made faulty allegations about Iran's nuclear programme without running proper corrections.

Open file 1979

Unions, Society and Economy
Working conditions, labor, etc
Call centers: The sweatshop of the modern era

Open file 1980

Power, Society and Economy
What is happening to the power of the USA
USA may have been the most powerful empire in the world ... but it also may become the most shortlived

Open file 1981

Activism, Society and Economy
How US police are handling Occupy
The marching orders for the Oakland Police sound like a steamroller to crack a nut ... not the way to address an intellectual problem

Open file 1982

Media, Society and Rconomy
Concentration of economic power
Counting Murdoch's billions ... Just how big is Murdoch's media empire and how hard might it fall?

Open file 1983

Sustainability, Society and Economy
Being Green Is Not New
A posting on Google+ about how an older generation were a whole lot greener than the modern pampered 'green' young folk

Open file 1984

Ideas, Society and Economy
VINOD KHOSLA on how technology and artificial intelligence might change health and education ... Burgess on a data issue

Open file 1985

Labor, Society and Economy
Labor, Productivity, GDP send wrong signals
American Exceptionalism and Worker-Bashing, Adam Davidson Style ... NYT/NPR economic guru Adam Davidson misrepresents the facts and appeals to American prejudices to sell worker-bashing.

Open file 1986

The 20 Biggest Donors of the 2012 Election (So Far)
Most of this money is going to Republican support, but not all

Open file 1987

People ... Politics US
Carl Forti
Money in Politics, Mitt Romney's $12 Million Mystery Super-PAC Man ... Meet Carl Forti, the publicity-loathing mastermind helping the Republican front-runner and conservative groups raise millions in dark money.

Open file 1988

Country ... Afghanistan
'Jump-start' to nowhere
Robert Grenier writes that the current US approach to secret negotiations with the Taliban are 'fatally flawed' and must be re-evaluated.

Open file 1989

Country ... Afghanistan
The road map to the Afghan endgame
January 2012 ... Pepe Escobar writes that some Taliban may set up an office in Doha, but will all Americans actually leave Kabul?

Open file 1990

Environment, Society and Economy
Rivers must flow: The case against big dams
January 2012 ... Lori Pottinger writes that large dams threaten the planet's riverine lifelines and action must be taken soon.

Open file 1991

Country ... El Salvador
Life in San Salvador The capital of El Salvador is being torn apart as gangs clash, leaving death, chaos and destruction in their wake.

Open file 1992

International Affairs, Society and Economy
China and India: Rival Middle East strategies
Nima Khorrami Assl writes that the Asian giants are making calculated geopolitical decisions when it comes to their strategy in the Middle East.

Open file 1993

Country ... Nigeria
Some notes about Nigeria
January 2012 ... Nigeria, Troubled Giant. Many different problems, none of which the government leadership looks like handling well.

Open file 1994

People ... US Politics
John Huntsman
January 9, 2012 ... Rachel Maddow doing a piece mainly about John Huntsman

Open file 1995

People ... US Politics
Mitt Romney
January 9, 2012 ... Rachel Maddow doing a piece mainly about Mitt Romney

Open file 1996

Metrics, Society and Economy
Statistical method in health
Trials and Errors: Why Science Is Failing Us ... Every year, nearly $100 billion is invested in biomedical research in the US, all of it aimed at teasing apart the invisible bits of the body.

Open file 1997

Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers: Back With a New Series

Open file 1998

Prisons, Society and Economy
The shame of Guantanamo Bay
January 11, 2012 ... Anthony D Romero opines that all branches of the US government must act to end one of the most shameful episodes in American history.

Open file 1999

Prisons, Society and Economy
The shame of Guantanamo Bay
US detention post-9/11: Birth of a debacle ... The Bush administration made a series of decisions authorising torture and secret prisons just days after 9/11.

Open file 2000

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