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Date: 2022-05-25 Page is: DBtxt001.php list1029

TVM Dialog List 1029
1401 - 1450

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Society and Economy
The unstable and unproductive structure
The Middle Class Is Dead, Long Live The Middle Class

Open file 1401

Maurice Greenberg
Maurice Greenberg former CEO who helped wreck AIG sues US for $25 Bil. for HIS stock losses

Open file 1402

Politics, Society and Economy
Dysfunction in Washington
Rachel Maddow Show on Newt Gingrich as the new front runner in the Republican Presidential Campaign

Open file 1403

Politics, Society and Economy
Dysfunction in Washington
Rachel Maddow Show on new weapons now available to the police to control society

Open file 1404

Politics, Society and Economy
Dysfunction in Washington
Rachel Maddow Show with EPA Chief ... Environment should be above partisanship

Open file 1405

Politics, Society and Economy
Dysfunction in Washington
Rachel Maddow Show: Not so super deficit committee ... FAIL

Open file 1406

Society and Economy
Naomi Klein on Change
How to Occupy the moral and political high ground ... The worldwide protest can be a critical force for change if it follows some simple rules

Open file 1407

Society and Economy
Occupy for Change
The Occupy movements are the realists, not Europe's ruling elites ... The protesters realise our post-cold-war settlement is at stake – unlike a political class in thrall to a defunct market utopia

Open file 1408

Society and Economy
Satisfying Important Needs
Selling Water, Health Care In The Developing World

Open file 1409

Slavery: A 21st Century Evil
Prison slaves in China
China is the world's factory, but does a dark secret lurk behind this apparent success story?

Open file 1410

Organizations ... India
Navdanya ... an NGO
Navdanya was founded by scientist and environmentalist Dr. Vandana Shiva, to provide direction and support to environmental activism. It had its start in about 1984.

Open file 1411

Organizations ... LETS
Ithaca Hours
Ithaca Hours: Local Currency is probably the oldest of the community currencies

Open file 1412

Money, Banking and Financial Services
Structural adjustment for Wall Street
Wall Street Unoccupied With 200,000 Job Cuts

Open file 1413

Money, Banking and Financial Services
Bankers starting to run scared
Occupy Wall Street: Leaked Memo from Clark Lytle Geduldig & Cranford outlines attack plan

Open file 1414

Social Activism
Occupy the Democracy
Robert Reich: 'The REAL Public Nuisance is Money in Democracy ... Occupy Democracy'

Open file 1415

Money, Banking and Financial Services
Corruption and unethical behavior
Why Mainstream Media Wants The Congressional Insider Trading Story To Die

Open file 1416

Money, Banking and Financial Services
Huge risk still in the financial system
How Deleveraging in Europe Might Doom the U.S.

Open file 1417

Project Syndicate
Project Syndicate is one of the biggest coordinator of op-ed material in the world ... a very important source of Western ideas and opinions

Open file 1418

Society and Economy
A new dimension to economic analysis
Robert J. Shiller ... FINANCE IN THE 21ST CENTURY ... The Neuroeconomics Revolution

Open file 1419

Social Activism
Occupy Movement
On Monday November 21, ‘Occupy Student Debt’ emerges in US as an issue to be addressed. Students are 'under water'.

Open file 1420

Social Activism
Occupy the Highway
Thom Hartmann: Occupy the Highway reaches Washington DC ... rather small, but the symbolism is big

Open file 1421

Money, Banking and Financial Services
Big Bank Performance
Consumers Fed Up With Biggest Banks Are Looking For Change

Open file 1422

Monsanto ... The Monsanto Monopoly
The Monsanto Monopoly ... In India, Monsanto’s seed MOU with Rajasthan Agricultural Universities canceled

Open file 1423

Agriculture and Society
Monsanto and GM seeds
GM crops promote superweeds, food insecurity and pesticides, say NGOs ... Report finds genetically modified crops fail to increase yields let alone solve hunger, soil erosion and chemical-use issues

Open file 1424

People ... India
Vandana Shiva
Vandana Shiva is the founder and director of the Indian organisation Navdanya International,

Open file 1425

Organizations .... India
Bija Vidyapeeth - Earth University
Bija Vidyapeeth - Earth University is an initiative of Navdanya in partnership with Schumacher College

Open file 1426

Social Activism
Occupy Wall Street
A protester observes that NYPD Using Army 'Snatch and Grab' Techniques Against OWS Protesters

Open file 1427

Money Banking and Financial Services
Local Currency
BerkShares Local Currency on BBC in 2007

Open file 1428

Society and Economy
The role of currency
Local Currencies: Catalysts for Sustainable Regional Economies

Open file 1429

Money, Banking and Financial Services
Local Currency ... BNotes for Baltimore
Local Currency ... BNotes for Baltimore ... VIDEO about the launch in April 2011

Open file 1430

Money, Banking and Financial Services
Local Currencies ... New Zealand
Helen Dew from New Zealand on Local Currencies

Open file 1431

Money, Banking and Financial Services
Regional Currencies
An explanation of regional currencies and how they work ... mainly related to Germany and Europe

Open file 1432

People ... Germany
Prof. Dr. Margrit Kennedy Founder MonNetA
Prof. Dr. Margrit Kennedy is the Founder of MonNetA and a supporter of the work of Muhammad Yunus

Open file 1433

Society and Economy
The avoidance of taxes
Tax-Ducking Billionaires Avoid Reporting Cash Gains to IRS

Open file 1434

Social Activism
Occupy in San Francisco
VIDEO Occupy SF Shuts Down BofA w/Interview 16 Nov 2011

Open file 1435

Social Activism
The question of 'pepper spray'
Tool Time: Megyn Kelly, 'Pepper spray... a food product!'

Open file 1436

Society and Economy
Law and Regulation of Wall Street
The GOP plans to Cut Wall Street and Government Watchdogs even though it is clear Wall Street cannot regulate itself

Open file 1437

Money, Banking and Financial Services
What caused the 2008 crisis
What on earth were the causes of the catastrophic failure of the banking sector?

Open file 1438

Money, Banking and Financial Services
The monetary system is a mess
Debt deflation ... stagnation ... complete dysfunction in Europe and huge issues in the USA

Open file 1439

Money, Banking and Financial Services
Dexia ... a European Bank in crisis
Dexia bailout forces Moody’s downgrade of Belgian regional debt

Open file 1440

Money, Banking and Financial Services
Alternative currency systems
Security Now 287: BitCoin CryptoCurrency

Open file 1441

Rachel Maddow
Rachel Maddow Show open November ??? 2011

Open file 1442

Society and Economy
Distribution of income and wealth
Who Rules America ... a paper by William Domhoff at UC Santa Cruz

Open file 1443

Money, Banking and Financial Services
More example of lack of transparency
JPMorgan Joins Goldman Keeping Italy Derivatives Risk in Dark

Open file 1444

Money Banking and Financial Services
A really broken system
Sarkozy: Europe's 'Liquidity Run' Has Begun Because There Is An Unsolvable $30 Trillion Problem

Open file 1445

Social Activism
Police response ... police tactics
This material is about the Miami Model used in 2003, and very much like what seems to be in play almost a decade later

Open file 1446

Social Activism
Student debt dimension of the Occupy Movement
Student debt is about as big a bubble as housing finance ... maybe more valuable, but only in a vibrant economy

Open file 1447

Education, Society and Economy
Salmon Kahn ... Kahn Academy
Using technology to reduce the passivity of traditional education

Open file 1448

Country ... Iceland
How Iceland set about recovery
The Iceland economy was wrecked by banks and financial manipulation ... the government was made to do the 'people's will'!

Open file 1449

Social Activism
Occupy LA getting ready for an eviction deadline
November 27 ... Occupy LA does not plan on quitting, no matter what the authorities do to get them to move

Open file 1450

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