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Date: 2022-05-28 Page is: DBtxt001.php list1025

TVM Dialog List 1025
1201 - 1250

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Technology and Society
Peter Cashmore
The Future of Social Media - Mashable Media Summit

Open file 1201

Environment, Ecology and Society
Land Temperature Anomaly Video
The global warming debate continues, but these data suggest that there has been a recent temperature rise

Open file 1202

Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
Permaculture guidance

Open file 1203

Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
Bill Mollison in Australia ... In Grave Danger of Falling Food Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4

Open file 1204

Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
Urban Permaculture (Part 1-6)
A series of videos about urban permaculture (Part 1-6)

Open file 1205

Social Activism ... USA
Occupy Movement ... Things are wrong
Montreal Gazette ... Looking deeper into Occupy Wall Street ... The protesters are pointing out how sick the world economy is; we should be listening

Open file 1206

Social Activism
Occupy Movement
Opinion: Occupy protests are a wakeup call

Open file 1207

Politics ... USA
Time to revisit the case of George W. Bush?
Nikolas Kozloff ... Since serving Bush Jr has enjoyed little critical examination towards his efforts of clearing his name.

Open file 1208

Society and Economy
Why is the global economy faltering?
The West's tragedy of capital ... While Rome burns citizens should not fiddle, but believe another world may be possible and work together for that world.

Open file 1209

Society and Economy ... USA
Federal budget and US economy
Mayor Bloomberg Outlines Specific Actions for the Super Committee to Balance the Federal Budget and Spur Economic Growth

Open file 1210

Arab Awakening
Obama's 'Arab Problem' ... Republicans attack Obama for 'letting the Arab Spring happen', despite previous support for former regional dictators

Open file 1211

TVM Methodology
Analysis of Purpose by Main Sectors
It is purpose that is more important for society than profit

Open file 1212

Ebrahim Metari
The Iranian regime has a very nasty side that is rarely talked about ... the West worries about a nuclear agenda,

Open file 1213

Banking, Finance, Society and Economy
The gap between rich and power
Finance Capitalism ... With 1% of Americans controlling 40% of the country's wealth, we examine the gap between the rich and the rest.

Open file 1214

Politics ... USA
Time to occupy the Democratic Party
Politicians should see the Occupy movement as a call to engage instead of 'business as usual'.

Open file 1215

Social Activism
How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the OWS Protests
Matt Taibbi ... Much more than a movement against big banks, they're a rejection of what our society has become.

Open file 1216

Country ... Iran
Letters from Iran ... about Green Revolution
Special programme ... Letters from Iran ... AJE examines the aftermath of Iran's Green Revolution and finds an opposition that remains eager for change.

Open file 1217

People ... USA
Rick Perry
Rachel Maddow reports on a pantheon of pregnant pauses

Open file 1218

Peter Burgess comment ???

Open file 1219

Media and misinformation
Heather McGhee holds own over Fox News
Demos' Heather McGhee on Cavuto: Move Your Money Day

Open file 1220

Social Activism
Occupy Movement ... Move Your Money
OCCUPY philly 99% 11-5-2011 Bank transfer day 1 and 2 HD

Open file 1221

Society and Economy
A different approach
Equitable Growth: PolicyLink's Economic Vision

Open file 1222

Sports and Society
College Football
Penn State Cover-Up of Child Rape, Coach Paterno Fired in 'Greatest Fall from Grace in U.S. Sports'

Open file 1223

Accountability, Media and Investigations
Democracy Now ... Critical News
Environment Pipeline ... Environment Fracking ... Scandal at Penn State ... Occupy Homes ... Occupy violence in Berkeley

Open file 1224

Take Back the Land
Take Back the Land is a small organizations that is trying help in the foreclosure crisis ... practically

Open file 1225

Save the Delaware

Open file 1226

Social Activism
Violence against protesters
Occupy Cal: 39 Arrested in Forceful Crackdown on Massive Protest at UC Berkeley

Open file 1227

Social Activism
Where is leadership going to come from?
Colin Lucas-Mudd describes Global Gridlock Myopia

Open file 1228

Politics ... USA
Political advertising spreads misinformation ... this Rove advertisement takes aim at Elizabeth Warren

Open file 1229

Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs Facing $15.8 Billion in Lawsuits Over Sub-Prime Mortgage Hocus Pocus

Open file 1230

Accountability, Media and Investigations
Social Media and Technology
How Citizen Journalism Is Reshaping Media and Democracy

Open file 1231

Enough Project
Addressing the violence in East Africa ... Sudan, South Sudan Democratic Republic of Congo

Open file 1232

People ... Bankers and Finance
Timothy Geithner
Spotlight Fixed on Geithner, a Man Obama Fought to Keep

Open file 1233

Accountability, Media and Investigations
Africa Investigates ... What Price the Story?
This new series gives some of Africa's best journalists the chance to pursue high-level investigative targets.

Open file 1234

Accountability, Media and Investigations
Africa Investigates ... It is four o'clock in the morning ...
Exposing the real hurdles stunting development in much of Africa: corruption, cronyism and the politics of fear.

Open file 1235

Media ... Investigative Reporting
Africa Investigates ... Fool's Gold
Lifting the lid on Ghana's illusory pot of gold and exposing those duping gold speculators out of millions of dollars.

Open file 1236

Accountability, Media and Investigations
Africa Investigates ... 'My kind of journalism'
A Ghanaian journalist explains his resolve to name, shame and jail gold scammers, whatever the cost to his safety.

Open file 1237

Money, Banking and Financial Services
Fred Destin on OWS and the banking system
#OWS: one insider's view on how banking lost its way (and what to do next)

Open file 1238

Money, Banking and Financial Services
What caused the mess?
Umair Haque ... How Our Economy Was Overrun by Monsters and What to Do About It

Open file 1239

Society and Economy .,. USA
Guan Jianzhong: Downgrading the US
The chairman of China's only independent credit rating agency warns they might have to downgrade the US again.

Open file 1240

Money, Banking and Financial Services
Move Your Money ... Bank Tranfer Day
Bank Transfer Day: Kristen Christian on How She Inspired Mass Exodus from Big Banks to Credit Unions

Open file 1241

The Social Enterprise Sector
An impact exchange
World's First Social Stock Exchange by Durreen Shahnaz

Open file 1242

Social Enterprise Sector
Impact Investment Exchange
Durreen Shahnaz talks about the creation of the very first stock exchange for social enterprises

Open file 1243

Social Enterprise Sector
Social Stock Exchange
Dr Yunus explains how a Social Stock Exchange can be created to invest in a better world, as opposed to individual financial portfolios.

Open file 1244

Money, Banking and Finance
Money transfer and exchange ... can Dwolla replace Visa
This 28-Year-Old's Startup Is Moving $350 Million And Wants To Completely Kill Credit Cards

Open file 1245

People ... Media
Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers keynote at Public Citizen's 40th Anniversary Gala

Open file 1246

Public Citizen
A set of videos from the 40th Anniversary Gala of the Public Citizen organization

Open file 1247

Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader speaks at Public Citizen's 40th Anniversary Gala

Open file 1248

Military Economy and Society
The value chain of the Libya intervention
Libya bombed to bits by British bombs: now it's payback time for UK business

Open file 1249

Society and Economy
Interconnected companies have stranglehold
Capitalism’s Pallbearers: The Companies That Run, & Could Destroy, The Global Economy

Open file 1250

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