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TVM Dialog List 1022
1051 - 1100
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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TVM Concepts
Financial performance of an organization is an inadequate metric.
Open file 51

Society and Economics
CBO report
Millionaire for a day ... an argument with very little substance

Open file 1051

Social Activism
Occupy demands: Let's radicalise our analysis
The crisis we face is caused by failed systems - replacing leaders while keeping the old system intact will not help.

Open file 1052

Social Activism
Occupy Oakland
On November 3rd Occupy Oakland called a General Strike to highlight economic issues and closed the Oakland container port

Open file 1053

People ... Activists
Danny Glover
Danny Glover Speaks to Occupy Oakland, October 15, 2011

Open file 1054

Social Activism
Occupy Oakland
Protesters shut down huge Oakland port in US

Open file 1055

Social Activism ... Egypt
Egypt solidarity with Wall Street Protesters
Call-Out for Solidarity with Egypt: Defend the Revolution

Open file 1056

Politics ... USA
Karl Rove on The Republicans' Rising Satisfaction Quotient
Conventional wisdom says GOP voters are unenthusiastic with their candidates. The evidence suggests otherwise.

Open file 1057

Politics ... USA
G.O.P. Senators’ Letter Clouds Talks on Deficit
G.O.P. Senators’ Letter Clouds Talks on Deficit

Open file 1058

People ... US Politics
Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren Heckled By Tea Party Supporter

Open file 1059

Working Conditions ... USA
Americans work too long
Americans Work Too Much for Their Own Good: de Graaf and Batker

Open file 1060

Social Activism
Occupy Chicago
November 5th ... Occupy to Hold 'Bank Transfer Day'

Open file 1061

Organizations ... Sustainability
Earth Island Institute
Who Ate the Economy?

Open file 1062

TVM Application
Full value accounting in the oil industry
How much does a gallon of gas really cost?

Open file 1063

TVM Application
Electric Utility Reliability
What is the cost of a power outage?

Open file 1064

The Nature of TVM
What is the purpose of economic activity?
At its most basis, the purpose of economic activity is to satisfy needs. Everything else derives from this.

Open file 1065

Scientific Modeling
This system is a model to simulate environmental air pollution ... a UNC initiative in collaboration with EPA

Open file 1066

Social Activism
Occupy Wall Street ... New York
The latest crackdown threat to hit 'Occupy' ... Mayor Michael Bloomberg has struck a tougher tone, indicating he may 'have to' take action against the protesters.

Open file 1067

People ... Economists
Vicky Pryce
Greek Economist used as an analyst by AlJazeera

Open file 1068

Room to Read
About Room to Read in New York ... This is an email from the New York Chapter which describes some of the activities they are engaged with.

Open file 1069

Social Activism
Gov. Scott Walker gets checked, Mic Checked!
When Wisonsin Governor gave a speech at Chicago's Union League Club the morning of Nov 3rd, he has some unexpected guests: Stand Up! Chicago

Open file 1070

Rachel Maddow Show
Rachel Maddow Show

Open file 1071

Government, Military and Contractors
Center for Public Integrity ... Truth about Halliburton and Dick Cheney

Open file 1072

How much are politicans allowed to lie
Bush Lied 935 Times To Get Us Into Iraq

Open file 1073

Society and Economy
Capital Has No Homeland
Capital Market Economy ... Capital Has No Homeland

Open file 1074

People ... Banking and Finance
Roger Ehrenberg
Roger Ehrenberg is the founder and Managing Partner of IA Ventures.

Open file 1075

Good journalism is often dangerous
What Price the Story? ... This new series gives some of Africa's best journalists the chance to pursue high-level investigative targets.

Open file 1076

Society and Economy
Global Economy
Another Way To Develop Global Chinese Brands: Buy Google, Apple

Open file 1077

People who are data scientists
Tim O'Reilly selects some important people who are data scientists

Open file 1078

Society and Economics
Increasing productivity
The changing role of labor

Open file 1079

Fox News Reporting on Occupy Movement
Several examples of Fox News and misinformation about the Occupy Movement

Open file 1080

Social Activism
Media set ups is not reporting
Bill Schulz Crashes The Wall Street Days of Rage Rally For LULZ

Open file 1081

National Security ... USA
The question of energy
The question of energy ... and the question of media priorities. Why Are We Hearing About This From The British Press?

Open file 1082

Society and Economy ... USA
Robert Reich on reviving ther economy
Washington Pre-Occupied - The biggest question in America these days is how to revive the economy.

Open file 1083

People ... Activists
Ralph Nader
Consumer-advocate-turned-presidential-candidate Ralph Nader speaks to 'occupiers' at Washington, DC's Freedom Plaza

Open file 1084

Society and Economy
Bill Black with 3 big ideas
Bill Black: Jobs Now, Stop the Foreclosures, Jail the Banksters

Open file 1085

Society and Economy
Bill Black: 'What I'd demand of the Fed'
Bill Black: 'If I marched with Occupy Wall St. to the New York Fed, this is what I would demand.'

Open file 1086

Money, Banking and Financial Services
Gross Negligence
Bill Black's eye-popping opening statement at House FinServ hearing on Lehman Bros. failure.mp4

Open file 1087

Banking and Financial Crisis
Where were the regulators
Max Keiser interviews Prof. Bill Black - The man who sent 1,000 banksters to prison

Open file 1088

People ... Bankers
Richard Fuld ... CEO of Lehman Brothers
We've been Fuld: Congress grills Lehman CEO on compensation

Open file 1089

People ... Bankers
Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman of Goldman Sachs
Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman of Goldman Sachs, is asked by Senator Tom Coburn if he talked to anyone in the Treasury Department. Comedy ensues.

Open file 1090

Society and Economy
The looting of the economy
In March 2010 Michael Moore vs Goldman Sachs on the Bill Maher show

Open file 1091

Society and Economy
The fact that corporations are looting the economy
Michael Moore and Bill Maher on Corporations in November 2010

Open file 1092

Society and Economy
Capitalist Market Economy ... a conservative idea
Conservatism blew up the economy ... Policies from tax cuts to trade have left the US economy reeling - with new solutions needed.

Open file 1093

People ... Politics USA
US Senators ... in 2011
Listing of contact information for US Senators

Open file 1094

Andy Rooney
Andy Rooney dead at 92: We loved his knack for life’s small worries

Open file 1095

Social Activism ... USA
Obama seen as puppet of the 1%
OccupyWallStreet ... The resistance continues at Liberty Square and worldwide! ... Don't Be Big Banks' Puppet; No Immunity Deal for Crooks

Open file 1096

People ... Bankers and Economists
David Bloom of HSBC
David Bloom talking about Greece

Open file 1097

Social Activism ... USA
Occupy Movement
Olbermann Explains Republican Talking Heads Plan To Connect OWS Movement To Antisemitism

Open file 1098

Society and Economy
Teach in on the Occupy issues
Economist Jeff Madrick on Occupy Wall St. and teach-ins on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Open file 1099

Social Activism
Occupy Movement
Keith Olbermann and Dean Baker ... Big Banks Complaining They Are Being Unfairly Targeted !

Open file 1100
Countries ... Palestine
Israel's rule over Palestinians
The Middle East's oldest dictatorship ... Al Jazeera's senior political analayst discusses Israel's rule over the Palestinians beyond the peace rhetoric.
Open file 50
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