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Date: 2022-05-25 Page is: DBtxt001.php list1020

TVM Dialog List 1020
951 - 1000

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Food and Agriculture
What farming methods are best in Africa
China's farming history misapplied in Africa ... Sub-Saharan Africa is being sold misguided agricultural policies based on hybrid seeds and chemical inputs.

Open file 951

People in Power ... Saudi Arabia
Crown Prince Nayef of Saudi Arabia
Crown Prince Nayef of Saudi Arabia

Open file 952

Organizations ... Think Tanks
Open Europe
Open Europe is an independent think tank, with offices in London and Brussels

Open file 953

Money, Banking and Finance
Singapore May Toughen Money Laundering Laws
Singapore Banking has grown impressively ... and May Toughen Money Laundering Laws

Open file 954

Internet Freedom
PlanetSave reporting
Google Rocks — Refuses to Remove Police Brutality Videos from YouTube

Open file 955

OpenWatch Initiative
Welcome to OpenWatch, a global participatory counter-surveillance project which uses cellular phones as a way of monitoring authority figures.

Open file 956

Social Action
Occupy Wall Street
A useful view of history ... ABC News Interviews Professor Mark Naison about Occupy Wall Street

Open file 957

Social Activism ... USA
Occupy WallStreet

Open file 958

Social Activism ... USA
Occupy Movement ... Oakland
VIDEO: Rachel Maddow Show ... The health status of Marine Scott Olsen has improved

Open file 959

TVM MetaData
Master codes used to identify countries
Multiple sets of master codes used to identify countries ... 3 alpha, 2 alpha, telephone, etc

Open file 960

Organizations ... Web Networks
About Avaaz ... one of the largest mobilizers around issues on the planet

Open file 961

Society and Economics ... USA
Krugman on inequality in 1996
Mother Jones ... The Spiral of Inequality by Paul Krugman ... and then Jack and Jude

Open file 962

Society and Economy ... USA
Occupy SEC - Judge Puts Citi Settlement on Hold
You do not want to be on the wrong side of federal district court Judge Jed Rakoff.

Open file 963

Rule of Law
This makes law suit purpose
FAQs on California's new corporation types that reward doing good

Open file 964

Social Activism ... USA
Occupy Movement ... Oakland
VIDEO ... Oakland Mayor officially in trouble. Has made big wrong move in supressing OWS in Oakland

Open file 965

Social Activism ... USA
Occupy Movement ... Media responses
VIDEO ... Occupy Wall Street - Chris Hedges shuts down CBC Kevin O'Leary

Open file 966

Society and Economics
The Occupy Movement Explained
The Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Coming Demise of Crony Capitalism

Open file 967

Social Activism
Occupy Movement Explained
Thirty Years of Unleashed Greed ... It is class warfare.

Open file 968

Social Activism
The Occupy Movement Explained
Gandhi’s Wings: Occupy Wall Street and the Redistribution of Anxiety

Open file 969

Money, Banking and Finance
Why is the Eurozone in such a mess?
Buying time in the eurozone ... Will the deal reached by European leaders ease the continent's woes?

Open file 970

Society and Economics ... USA
Getting to grips with jobs
Getting to grips with jobs ... MoveOn's 5x5 - Interview with Robert Reich

Open file 971

Society and Economy ... USA
Corporate Greed
MSNBC: Corporate Greed is Running the Country

Open file 972

Organizations ... Media
Raw Story
RawStory is part of an emerging and growing alternative media

Open file 973

Money Banking and Financial Services
Credit union flap may reveal Goldman Sachs is bullying community banks
Goldman Sachs v. Occupy Wall Street: A Greg Palast Investigation

Open file 974

Sustainable agriculture ... permaculture
What is permaculture?

Open file 975

People ... Reporters
Nir Rosen
Nir Rosen came to our attention for his reporting on the uprising in Syria in October 2011

Open file 976

Society and Economy
Consumerism, Population, Society
It’s the Rich Wot Gets the Pleasure ... Consumerism, Population, Society — by George Monbiot Population is much less of a problem than consumption. No wonder the rich are obsessed by it.

Open file 977

Organizations ... Lawyers
Steven J. Baum
The law firm of Steven J. Baum located near Buffalo is what is commonly referred to as a “foreclosure mill”

Open file 978

Society and Economyc ... USA
Michael Moore explains Occupy WallStreet
Michael Moore Explains OWS to Anderson Cooper of CNN : 'This Movement is So Beyond, 'Hey Let's Get this Candidate Elected''

Open file 979

Sustainable Agriculture
Towards Permaculture Centres Worldwide ... Geoff Lawton explaining the need to establish self-sustaining Permaculture centres around the world.

Open file 980

Social Activism ... USA
Occupy Wall Street
A Message to All Police Officers From Occupy Wall Street

Open file 981

Infrastructure ... Flood Control
Global crisis
There have been major floods in all sorts of place ... Why?

Open file 982

Country ... Uzbekistan
US double standard: Gaddafi bad, Karimov good
The US shows its hypocrisy by accusing 'tyrants' of human rights abuses while not owning up to supporting dictators.

Open file 983

The Military Economy
The US security complex: Too big to fail
Many Americans are not aware that their tax money is being spent supporting a huge military industry.

Open file 984

Countries ... Somaliland
The other horn of Africa
Behind stock images of a region trapped in chaos, economies are growing and governance is improving, politician says.

Open file 985

Social and Economic Metrics
Nic Marks: The Happy Planet Index
TED VIDEO Nic Marks: The Happy Planet Index

Open file 986

Society and Economy
On economic inequality
TED VIDEO Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies

Open file 987

Society and Economy
Productivity ... labor saving devices
Hans Rosling makes the case for the washing machine. Rosling shows us the magic that pops up when economic growth and electricity turn a boring wash day into an intellectual day of reading.

Open file 988

Social and Economic Metrics
Moving beyond profit and GDP
TED VIDEO ... Chip Conley: Measuring what makes life worthwhile

Open file 989

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world
Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

Open file 990

Official Relief and Development Assistance
Why it cost so much and delivered so little
Structural Adjustment programs of the IMF and World Bank have led to a race to the bottom, where standards of living are continuously reduced.

Open file 991

Society and Economy
The US security complex: Too big to fail
Many Americans are not aware that their tax money is being spent supporting a huge military industry.

Open file 992

Military Economy ... USA
The lost bases of the US empire
The US maintains more than 700 military facilities on foreign soil that may not be as sustainable in the near future.

Open file 993

Metrics related to Social Impact
An initiative in Canada
Social Asset Measurements provides software to determine the profitability of social responsibility

Open file 994

Sustainable Agriculture ... Aquaponics
Aquaponics Solves Agricultural Environmental Problems While Increasing the World’s Food Production

Open file 995

Society and Economics ... USA
Money in Politics
Meet the Shadowy Spenders Trying to Buy the 2012 Elections

Open file 996

Society and Economics
Who controls politics?
About the control of the US Senate

Open file 997

Money, Banking and Financial Services
About MF Global
MF Global goes bankrupt, is 1st U.S. casualty of European crisis

Open file 998

Money, Banking and Financial Services
What is money
VIDEO Money As Debt-Full Length Documentary

Open file 999

World population reaches 7 billion
World population reaches 7 billion

Open file 1000

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