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TVM Dialog List 1010
451 - 500

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Gross domestic product (GDP)
What Wikipedia has to say about GDP
The GDP metric is one of the most widely used for economic analysis, but it is fatally flawed.

Open file 451

About GDP
If the GDP is Up, Why is America Down?
The authors ask the simple question of the USA ... 'If the GDP is Up, Why is America Down?' The answer, of course is that the metric is wrong.

Open file 452

AlJazeera English ... The Stream
About the economics and cost of the post 9/11 response
A lively discussion of the multi trillion doller cost of the post 9/11 military and security response

Open file 453

Sahara Reporters
Wikileaks and Goodluck Johnson
Nigeria has a reputation for gross corruption. These Wikileak cables discuss some specific connections

Open file 454

Economics or Politics
This Is What Resistance Looks Like
Chris Hedges on the failure of politics to represent ordinary people ... so what to do?

Open file 455

Cultural Perspectives
Dajjal Documentary (English)-7.flv
Dajjal Documentary (English)-7.flv

Open file 456

The Law of the Somalis, by Michael van Notten
The Law of the Somalis, by Michael van Notten, edited by Spenceer Heath MacCallum, Published 2005

Open file 457

Financial Action Task Force
Report on Kuwait
According to the FATF, Kuwait’s Rapid Growth Could Make It A Money-Laundering Risk

Open file 458

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The corrupt arithmetic of the Federal Reserve
A special privilege afforded to banks is negatively impacting the functions of the Federal Reserve.

Open file 459

The 9/11 Decade
The 9/11 Decade: Reflections
Al Jazeera is asking you - our audience - to help us tell the global story of the impact of 9/11 where you live.

Open file 460

International Institutions
G7 comprises France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States and Canada

Open file 461

Burgess Press
RDS ... Processes that do not work
Failed Metrics
The Relief and Development Sector ... About Processes that Do Not Work
SECTION: FAILED METRICS ... Contents of the section

Open file 462

The airline sector in India
Huge fund flows changed the structure of the airline sector in India ... a maybe huge corruption

Open file 463

Norman Macrae ... the unacknowledged giant
Few journalists have had as great an influence—or been proved right so often—as the man who, for 23 years, was the deputy editor of The Economist

Open file 464

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Divided we fall
The G-20 will not achieve growth and stability without a renewed focus on long-term debt reduction.

Open file 465

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Deep flaws in the UN's Mavi Marmara report
Despite the UN report's shortcomings, Turkey's reaction shows that Israeli lawlessness will not go uncontested.

Open file 466

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The economics of happiness
In Bhutan, national policy emphasises increasing people's happiness, rather than income.

Open file 467

Open file 468

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The falling man: 9/11's private moments
Images from 9/11 reveal people had an array of reactions, yet ten years on the event is stripped from the individual.

Open file 469

About Role of People
Future Grads on Ustream

Open file 470

Aljazeera English ... Counting the Cost
The cost of the 9/11 decade
What are the economic implications of the 9/11 attacks and the battle against terrorism?

Open file 471

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The Decade of 9/11: war without end
The wars that have defined the last decade, better represent the actions of an Empire not a Republic, says scholar.

Open file 472

Al Jazeera English ... Opinion
US detention post-9/11: Birth of a debacle
The Bush administration made a series of decisions authorising torture and secret prisons just days after 9/11.

Open file 473

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
US detention policy: Exposing the dark side
During George W Bush's first term, the US tortured many 'War on Terror' prisoners, including a 15-year-old boy.

Open file 474

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The 'War on Terror' goes to court
Part 3 of 5 ... For a majority of Guantanamo detainees, US judges have found flimsy evidence linking the suspects to 'terror' groups.

Open file 475

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Obama inherits and embraces a 'legal mess'
Part 4 of 5 ... From Guantanamo to Bagram prison in Afghanistan, Obama has broken his promise to end torture and illegal detention.

Open file 476

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
America's detention policy debacle turns ten
Part 5 of 5 ... The legacy of torture and cruel treatment in detention operations has not been expunged under US president Obama.

Open file 477

Terms of Use
The Guardian (UK)
Embedding Guardian videos on third party sites - terms of use

Open file 478

Socio-Economic Activism
Inside UK Uncut - video
Johnny Howorth spent three months with the group of graduates behind the UK's fastest-growing protest movement

Open file 479

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
What a difference a decade makes
Bin Laden succeeded in dragging the US into endless, expensive wars - however he lost the attention of the Arab world.

Open file 480

Business Economics
Executive Excess 2011
Global Economy Inequality and the Common Good The Massive CEO Rewards for Tax Dodging CEOs rake it in while their corporations dodge taxes.

Open file 481

Book Review
Women in Debt in Bangladesh
A review by Taj Hasmi of Lamia Karim's book 'Women in Debt in Bangladesh'

Open file 482

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
9/11's self-inflicted wounds are the worst
Treating the perpetrators of 9/11 as criminals, not warriors, could have radically altered the the last decade.

Open file 483

Virtuous Investment
AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust (HIT)
The AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust (HIT) puts union workers to work doing construction that society needs. Everyone is ahead.

Open file 484

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Shooting ourselves in the foot at the UN
Voting 'yes' for a Palestinian state is not only a moral decision for the US, but is also in the interest of security.

Open file 485

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The blacklisting of Rio Tinto
Too many invest in companies - such as Australia's Rio Tinto - without any consideration of the ethics of doing so.

Open file 486

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
9/12 changed the world, not 9/11
After 9/11 the Bush administration took the world to war, threatening global security and shredding US democracy.

Open file 487

US Politics
Rachel Maddow on Obama's jobs bill
Can President Obama find a way to see his jobs plan passed

Open file 488

Terms of Service

Open file 489

US Foreign Policy
The Palestine State debate at the UN
US Ambassador Rice: 'Nothing' Will Change for Palestinian People In Aftermath of United Nations

Open file 490

AlJazeera English ... Middle East
PLO to seek full UN recognition
Palestinians will ask Security Council for recognition, despite expected US veto, Fatah official Mohammed Shtayyeh says.

Open file 491

Health ... Malaria
Interview with Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, Former WHO Director-General
Leadership interview: Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland looks back on a decade of progress in malaria control

Open file 492

US Politics
Rachel Maddow on economic stimulus
A collection of historic facts that show economic stimulus works

Open file 493

US Politics
Rachel Maddow on infrastructure investment
All eyes on Representative Mica to help economy through infrastructure

Open file 494

AlJazeera English ... Features
China buys gold, challenges US dollar
WikiLeaks cables allege that China is buying gold to weaken the US dollar's supremacy as the world's reserve currency.

Open file 495

Does microfinance benefit the poor or not?
Taj Hashmi: A Counter-view on the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Profession Mhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank in 2006

Open file 496

Open file 497

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Combating ignorance, avoiding arrogance
The American public often hides in 'willed ignorance' about the world around them.

Open file 498

Re: Microfinance and System Dynamics
The effectiveness of microfinance has been brought into question but the metrics are rarely complete enough to be convincing

Open file 499

US Foreign Policy
Colin Powell and false US intelligence
Colin Powell explains how it was that he presented wrong information to the UN in the run up to the war in Iraq

Open file 500

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