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TVM Dialog List 1002
51 - 100

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

TVM Concepts
Financial performance of an organization is an inadequate metric.

Open file 51

Microfinance and Social Business
Bangladesh: Yunus and the risks in Politics
Microfinance in Bangladesh ... Yunus aware of the risks in Politics

Open file 52

Information and Technology
What they know ... the really smart cell phone
Researchers are harvesting a wealth of intimate detail from our cellphone data

Open file 53

Information and Technology
UN's Global Pulse Initiative
The UN's Global Pulse Initiative has potential to use mobile data to identify trends

Open file 54

Corruption ... Financial Malfeasance
Medicines funded by GFATM being stolen
Partners in crime: theft of Global Fund Mmdicines by national partners

Open file 55

Information ... Misinformation
Misinformation is a political staple
US beltway politics ... Misinformation is a serious problem!

Open file 56

Country ... Cote d'Ivoire
Ivory Coast: A UN failure
Politics based on 'winner takes all' democracy places great tension on society

Open file 57

Does a Harvard education pay off?
The data do not confirm that better education pays better than just a good education

Open file 58

Region ... Africa
China rising economically
What is the US Africom's 'Star Wars' goal? ... The Pentagon's Africom strategy takes aim at China's web of investments - and natural resources

Open file 59

Country ... Yemen
Freedom for local people, or 'security' for USA
Hueys over Yemen: How to arm a dictator ... Is US aid suppressing another struggle for freedom in the Middle East?

Open file 60

Country ... Palestine
Fatah and Hamas on verge of historic deal
Palestine rivals say an interim national unity government will be established, with elections within a year

Open file 61

War against terror ... costly, inefficient
After Osama: Stop feeding the beast ... Bin Laden's discovery in Abbottabad raises questions over US military funding to Pakistan.

Open file 62

Freedon of Speach
Is limitless freedom of expression possible?
Freedom of speech requires careful consideration, given the possibility of backlash against behaviour deemed offensive.

Open file 63

Countries ... Libya
Sovereign Libya: A letter to Vladimir Putin
Russian leader's opposition to international action against Gaddafi's regime is motivated by economic interests.

Open file 64

Bin Laden ... Dead
War on terror ... killing the alibi ... Washington has less reason or justification to wage a war in Afghanistan now that bin Laden is no more.

Open file 65

Country ... Haiti
Is President Martelly another disaster? What are Martelly's connection with coup-plotters, fascists, and armed right-wing groups?

Open file 66

Country ... Pakistan
USA / Pakistan rift over bin Laden raid
Pakistan army threatens to reconsider US ties ... After US raid that killed bin Laden, Pakistan warns against future raid and US politicians question Pakistan aid following bin Laden's killing in Abbottabad.

Open file 67

Country ... Iran
Iran: Ahmadinejad row with Khamenei intensifies ... Iranian president said to be considering resignation after intelligence chief he fired was reinstated.

Open file 68

The Curse of Berlin: Africa After the Cold War
It may be time for dialog about the difficult issue of borders in Africa to start

Open file 69

Country ... USA
The bin Laden raid into Pakistan
Nailing Osama: The media's delight ... The circumstances and timing of Osama bin Laden's death is all about politics

Open file 70

Country ... Syria
Arab Awakening
Syria: Hundreds being killed by Assad regime ... Syrian tanks storm Sunni neighborhoods in Banias, targeting anti-Assad protesters

Open file 71

New York City
Wage economics in the city
Living wage opponents to bark back ... debate over wage regulation in New York City

Open file 72

AlJazeera English ... Features
After Osama, China fears the next target
The geopolitical aspirations of China may be on collision course with the USA

Open file 73

Microfinance and Social Business
Grameen Bank in Bangladesh
Grameen Bank official harassed and threatened. Police to probe

Open file 74

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Global capitalism and 21st century fascism
The global economic crisis and capitalist market economics fuel faschist attacks on immigrant rights

Open file 75

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Martelly: Haiti's second great disaster
Haiti's new president is a friend of coup-plotters, fascists, and armed right-wing groups

Open file 76

AlJazeeri English ... Opinion
The global economy's corporate crime wave
The world is drowning in corporate fraud in rich countries with strong 'rule of law'

Open file 77

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The IMF's change of heart
Changes at the International Monetary Fund associate national economic well-being with social equality and justice.

Open file 78

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Myth-busting the Bangladesh war of 1971
Too much of the historical narratives of the 1971 civil war that broke up East Pakistan are forgotten

Open file 79

AlJazeera English ... Features
Profiteering from hunger and chaos
Glencore: the world's largest commodities trader is going public. Critics blame them for high commodity prices

Open file 80

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Obama: Courage to kill, but not to lead

Open file 81

AlJazeera English ... Africa News
Libyan oil minister Shokri Ghanem 'defects'
The defection of Shokri Ghanem is a huge loss to Gaddafi's government

Open file 82

AlJazeera English ... Inside Story
UAE: Arming up with mercenaries
What possible security risks could have motivated the UAE to hire outside help?

Open file 83

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The blackboard monopolists
Promises of education reform are key to election campaigns, but teachers' unions stifle change in schools.

Open file 84

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
North Africa's battle for economic revolution
The uprisings are not solely about ideology, but social and economic change, and achieving that will require creativity.

Open file 85

Al Jazeera English ... Opinion
Obama gives up, AIPAC wins
Supporters of justice in the Middle East need to raise their voices, lest president hears only Israel's shouting.

Open file 86

AlJazeera English ... Americas
Obama to deliver a speech on 'Arab Spring'
The address aims at spelling out US policy toward waves of political changes sweeping North Africa and the Middle East.

Open file 87

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Western media fraud in the Middle East
Too many journalists report official narratives of the powerful, missing the stories of working class people.

Open file 88

Al Jazeera English ... Opinion
Saleh: Suppressing opponents from within
In Yemen, president's regime has long used torture as part of its 'security apparatus'.

Open file 89

Country ... China
Ten reasons why China is different
Despite a new wave of criticism regarding China's economy, it has fundamental strengths which cannot be ignored.

Open file 90

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Haleh Sahabi: Our Antigone in Tehran
Haleh Sahabi defied human law to defend moral, divine law; her life writing a heroic legend of the future.

Open file 91

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Misunderstood mandates and medicare madness
Democrats and Rebulicans seem incapable of keeping promises to their constituents, epitomised by the health care debate.

Open file 92

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The unbearable lightness of killing
Earth to Gaddafi and Saleh: Your time is up, stop murdering your people

Open file 93

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The mathematics of the Arab Spring
Since ousting their leaders, Egypt and Tunisia are facing difficult choices on balancing the influences of foreign aid.

Open file 94

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Sudan: Half the horror remains untold
As the south prepares to declare independence, western media incorrectly frame current violence as entirely one-sided.

Open file 95

AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Under the cover of democracy
US and its allies assist will be using neoliberal economic policies to make sure new Arab governments stay in line.

Open file 96

East Asia Forum
The removal of Muhammad Yunus from Grameen Bank
The removal of Muhammad Yunus as Managing Director of Grameen Bank now seems irrevocable

Open file 97

Eastern Panorama in India
Prof Yunus: Victim of Political Vendetta
Professor Yunus: Victim of Political Vendetta in Bangladesh

Open file 98

Missing Iraq cash 'as high as $18bn'. Iraq's parliament speaker tells Al Jazeera unaccounted reconstruction money is three times the reported $6.6bn.
Open file 99 Open file 99

Arab Spring exposes Nasrallah's hypocrisy ... The Shia leader is happy to support protesters in Bahrain and Egypt, but he won't criticise Syria's violent crackdown.
Open file 100 Open file 100

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