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TVM Dialog List 1001
1 - 50

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Money Banking and Financial Services
Rating Agencies
The profit culture run amok ... Ghana and the US rating agencies.

Open file 1

Humanitarian Emergency, Society and Economy
SE Asia Tsunami Rescue, Relief and Recovery
A rapid business response to the tsunami emergency in South East Asia, Christmas 2004

Open file 2

Organizations ... Tr-Ac-Net
The Transparency and Accountability Network
An initiative that now goes back more than 20 years and precurser to TrueValueMetrics

Open file 3

Region ... Middle East
Arab protests against ruling regimes
The regional protest movement against elitist regimes has a deep historical undercurrent.

Open file 4

Energy, Society and Economics
Global stakes of Mideast turmoil
Nouriel Roubini: Political unrest in oil-rich region threatens to double-dip the worldwide recession

Open file 5

Energy, Society and Economy
Natural gas: Getting fractious over fracking
Environmental campaigners that are raising fears over shale gas extraction might just be cutting off their nose to spite their face, argues Jon Entine

Open file 6

Country ... Bangladesh
40 years into independence
The progress of Bangladesh over 40 years is significant ... but global issues like climate change can put this at risk

Open file 7

Organization ... AMV Foundation
American Muslim Voice Foundation
Living in Harmony ... Introducing the American Muslim Voice Foundation

Open file 8

Country ... Libya
Libyan uprising ... West should help ... or not.
Western air and naval strikes against Libya are threatening the Arab Spring

Open file 9

The cultural Kryptonite of the American Right ...
Looking back at the cultural climate of the 80s can help us explain American behaviour today.

Open file 10

The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
A methodology that helps to make decisions without absolute measurements ... useful in the TVM framework

Open file 11

Country ... USA
The Arab Awakening
What US conservatives never saw coming ... Obama's critics say Arab revolutions vindicate Bush's freedom agenda, but they overestimate US influence.

Open file 12

Middle East
The Arab young and restless
If democracy is to take root in the Arab world, governments must make youth unemployment crisis their highest priority.

Open file 13

Country ... USA
Social Structure:
The Servant Problem ... in search of the lost battalion of America’s unemployed.

Open file 14

Country ... USA
Social Structure
Huge divergence between the rich and the poor

Open file 15

Country ... USA
Education What should be the top priorities? ... An example of how brainpower and money get wasted? ... With so many big issues ... why this?

Open file 16

Country ... USA
Banking ... a corrupt enterprise
CBS 60 Minutes on Bank Fraud ... The systemic fraud inside the banking system of the Unites States is a scandal of incredible scale.

Open file 17

Money, Banking and Financial Services
Comments about the CBS 60 Minutes program
Comments about the CBS 60 Minutes program: Mortgage mess: Who really owns your mortgage?

Open file 18

Country ... USA
It's a plutocracy, stupid
AIPAC is only part of a widely corrupt US political system which is based on wealth-driven interests, analyst argues.

Open file 19

Country ... USA
Politics ... Is President Obama socialist
According to the author: Obama might be a socialist ... for some reason, most Americans think he is

Open file 20

Country ... Libya
Obama's Libyan folly
April 2011 ... The NATO led intervention in Libya is hampered by a lack of foresight and clearly defined objectives, scholar argues.

Open file 21

Country ... Bangladesh
Microfinance, Social Business and Government
Bhagwati article in the Gulf Times ... The real issues behind the Grameen drama ... A defense of Sheikh Hasina

Open file 22

Country ... Libya
Small wars, big consequences
Western involvement in foreign conflicts has a history of backfiring and re-shaping policies at home.

Open file 23

Country ... Libya
What to do in support of people in Libya
To bomb and protect ... Instead of bombings, the US should have prevented a politically connected lobbying firm from ending Gaddafi's isolation.

Open file 24

The Concepts of True Value Metrics
True Value Metrics (TVM) uses data to build more useful measures of socio-economic performance ... data about money profit and social valuadd

Open file 25

Organizations ... G20
What is the right membership of the G20?
Muhammad Yunus writes to Sarkozy to include Bangladesh in the G20

Open file 26

Country ... Bangladesh
The Political Battle over Grameen Bank
Yunus loses plea, seeks review ... SC hears his petition today

Open file 27

Country ... USA
The politics of budget
Jeffrey Sachs writing about The People's Budget

Open file 28

Labor Economics
The Drought Is Over (at Least for C.E.O.’s ... happy days are back — in the corner office, at least.

Open file 29

Country ... Egypt
Egyptian blogger jailed for three years
April 2011 ... Maikel Nabil, an Egyptian blogger was found guilty of insulting the military and spreading false news.

Open file 30

Development Assistance ... Cash Transfers
Evidence Paper by DFID ... an example of self-serving analysis to justify programs that do not cost much and sound good

Open file 31

Mother Jones
Mother Jones is part of an emerging alternative journalism that challenges mainstream news organizations

Open file 32

Environment ... Natural Gas: Worse Than Coal?
The Mother Jones Debate ... Natural Gas: Worse Than Coal? ... Natural gas burns cleaner, but extraction releases other gases like methane

Open file 33

Global Fund for Aids, Tuburculosis and Malaria (GFATM)
GFO #143 ... 'Value for Money' an Elusive Concept, Says Technical Review Panel

Open file 34

The BP oil spill in the Gulf ... Riding the BP Gravy Train

Open file 35

A networked society
An e-mail exchange around Social Business networking

Open file 36

Country ... Libya
China's interests in Libya and Gaddafi
Pepe Escobar ... Geopolitical competition over oil and control of sea routes!

Open file 37

Country ... Libya
Saif Gaddafi and me (Dani Rodrik)
Power and money enable mediocre people to appear larger than life with disastrous consequences

Open file 38

Region ... Middle East
Obama striving for post-imperialism
Barack Obama's evolving Middle East policy signals a positive shift in US foreign policy, former CIA analyst says.

Open file 39

Country ... Iraq
Vicious cycle of revenge
April 2011 ... UN: Dozens dead in Iranian exile camp raid ... United Nations says up to 32 Iranian exiles died in an attack by Iraqi soldiers on refugee camp last week.

Open file 40

Offshore banking and tax havens now heart of global economy
Juan Gonzalez and Amy Goodman with NICHOLAS SHAXSON on Democracy Now discuss Offshore Banking and Tax Havens Havens

Open file 41

Country ... Libya
Beginnings of a revolution in Libya
April 2011 ... Organised but overwhelmed in Misurata ... Rebels in the Libyan city have set up a council, foodstalls and road blocks, but the number of casualties is rising.

Open file 42

Country ... Burkina Faso
What is the root cause of this?
Burkina Faso: Protest escalates as soldiers rampage through Po

Open file 43

Al Jazeera English ... Opinion
The sun will rise again in Japan
The sun will rise again in Japan ... The 1995 Kobe earthquake created destruction, along with consumer demand, and this latest disaster will be similar.

Open file 44

Organization ... The Muslim Brotherhood
Is this a problem ... or perhaps a solution
The reemergence of 'The Muslim Brotherhood' ... from a US right wing perspective

Open file 45

Country ... USA
Energy ... The scam behind the rise in oil, food prices
The scam behind the rise in oil, food prices ... Speculation on the futures market, rather than supply and demand, is driving up costs, analysts say.

Open file 46

Country ... China
China's bad growth bet
Nouriel Roubini ... Problematic investment policies and income disparities could cause instability in the world's second biggest economy.

Open file 47

Financial Services
The Rating Agency, S&P, makes news
ABC News Political Punch: The Rating Agency, S&P, makes news with comments about the future of the US economy.

Open file 48

Country ... Libya
Post revolution rebuilding
Libya's postponed democracy ... Larbi Sadiki examines the liberation movements in Libya, both internal and external, and how they benefit civic life.

Open file 49

Countries ... Palestine
Israel's rule over Palestinians
The Middle East's oldest dictatorship ... Al Jazeera's senior political analayst discusses Israel's rule over the Palestinians beyond the peace rhetoric.

Open file 50

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