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A listing of files associated with Society

Society and Economy
Are regulations killing US jobs?
Politicians pushing right-wing positions assume they can say anything about economics with little scrutiny.
Open file 816
Society and Economy ... USA
Handout to the Koch Brothers
Why Obama May Be About to Give a Giant Handout Out to the Billionaire Koch Brothers
Open file 831
Society and Economy
What is money?
Protests against the world's financial institutions are growing, but do most people even know where money comes from?
Open file 841
Society and Economy
The Paradox of the New Elite
Alexander Stille describes the 'Paradox of the New Elite' ... but does not get to what to do about it!
Open file 849
Society and Economy
There is no such thing as a free lunch
'It Should Be Like This Everywhere': The Free Economy of Liberty Plaza Park
Open file 850
Society and Economy
Rethinking the growth imperative
Instead of focusing on increasing economic growth, shouldn't the focus be on long-term sustainability and durability?
Open file 1953
Society and Economy
The best and the worst of 2011
Princeton University professor reviews the Arab Spring, occupy movement, climate change and Palestine's statehood bid.
Open file 1974
Society and Economy
Fault Lines: The Top 1%
AlJazeera Fault Lines ... The richest 1% of US Americans earn nearly a quarter of the country's income and control an astonishing 40% of its wealth
Open file 1611
Society and Economy List 1027
Society and Economy ... USA
Middle Class declining in USA
Middle-Class Areas Shrink as Income Gap Grows, New Report Finds
Open file 1317
Society and Economy
Realizing a better world
Realizing a better world through systematic changes in the whole market system. Saving the world economy is no idle boast, nor lofty goal.
Open file 1327
Society and Economy
1% Caused the Crash. What 99% Can Do.
VIDEO How the 1% Crashed the Economy, and What the 99% Can Do About It
Open file 1341
Society and Economics
Problematic Privatization of Government
Privatization Nightmare: 5 Public Services That Should Never Be Handed Over to Greedy Corporations
Open file 1348
Society and Economy
Penn International Development Conference
Agenda ... Conference Schedule, Panels and Speaker Background
Open file 1350
Society and Economy List 1028
Society and Economy
The issue of US social security
Bernie Sanders Levels CNN And Delivers The Truth To The Mainstream Media
Open file 1351
Society and Economy
Distribution of wealth
The Top 0.1% Of The Nation Earn Half Of All Capital Gains
Open file 1359
Society and Economy
Mohamed A El-Erian on the economic chaos
The anatomy of global economic uncertainty ... Economic chaos is ravaging Western countries, few of which are well-equipped to deal with major structural changes.
Open file 1362
Society and Economy
Economist does analysis
The undeserving one per cent? ... Ideas about who qualifies to be in the one per cent and how they made their money may be flawed, says economist.
Open file 1364
Society amd Economy
The media adds noise not much light
Krugman, Noonan, Will with ABC’s Christiane Amanpour talking about Newt Gingrich
Open file 1365
Society and Economy
Using games to facilitate progress
We need Dungeon Masters for the real world
Open file 1366
Society and Economy
Too big and far too leveraged
Simon Johnson writing that Deutsche Bank Could Transfer Contagion ... it is appalling how much leverage is being used
Open file 1369
Society and Economy
Fed Bailing out the Banks
Senator Sanders ... The scale of the bailout of the banks seems to be around $16 trillion in Fed loans ... most in the last quarter of 2008
Open file 1370
Society and Economy
Change is changing
A collection of very special images and changing and change by Dave Gray
Open file 1371
Society and Economy
Urban farming and aquaponics
VIDEO IBM engages with Milwaukee in its Smarter Cities Challenge to develop urban framing and aquaponics
Open file 1374
Society and Economy
Making the money go round ... in the local community
Christmas 2011 - Birth of a New Tradition. Spend locally and create prosperity in the local society.
Open file 1375
Society and Economy
Corruption is everywhere
Fraudulent Defense Contractors Paid $1 Trillion
Open file 1376
Society and Economy
New York Fed ... Primary Dealers
New York Fed ... A list of primary dealers in the Wall Street financial structure and changes in recent years
Open file 1383
Society and Economy
AIG and the New York Fed
Information about the New York Fed’s actions and involvement with AIG from the NYFed website
Open file 1384
Society and Economy
The ultra-rich
George Monbiot ... Intelligence? Talent? No, the ultra-rich got to where they are through luck and brutality.
Open file 1394
Society and Economy
Vandana Smith and Social Activism
The lies of free market democracy ... By fighting against the doomed system, the 99 per cent have nothing to lose but their disposability and dispensability.
Open file 1396
Society and Economy
The deep roots of conservative radicalism
Corey Robin ... The discussion surrounding conservatism today is overshadowed by incoherent knowledge of the founding conservatives.
Open file 1399
Society and Economy List 1029
Society and Economy
The unstable and unproductive structure
The Middle Class Is Dead, Long Live The Middle Class
Open file 1401
Society and Economy
Naomi Klein on Change
How to Occupy the moral and political high ground ... The worldwide protest can be a critical force for change if it follows some simple rules
Open file 1407
Society and Economy
Occupy for Change
The Occupy movements are the realists, not Europe's ruling elites ... The protesters realise our post-cold-war settlement is at stake – unlike a political class in thrall to a defunct market utopia
Open file 1408
Society and Economy
Satisfying Important Needs
Selling Water, Health Care In The Developing World
Open file 1409
Society and Economy
A new dimension to economic analysis
Robert J. Shiller ... FINANCE IN THE 21ST CENTURY ... The Neuroeconomics Revolution
Open file 1419
Society and Economy
The avoidance of taxes
Tax-Ducking Billionaires Avoid Reporting Cash Gains to IRS
Open file 1434
Society and Economy
Distribution of income and wealth
Who Rules America ... a paper by William Domhoff at UC Santa Cruz
Open file 1443
Society and Economy List 1030
Society and Economy
The Sustainable Leadership Forum
Empowering committed individuals and organizations to sustain intelligent life on the planet
Open file 1459
Society and Economy
Hazel Henderson following G20 summit in Cannes
Hazel Henderson speaks to a TV audience in Brazil
Open file 1462
Society and Economy
Web of Debt
Open file 1463
Society and Economy
Articles by Ellen Brown
A range of articles about the Web of Debt and more
Open file 1464
Society and Economy
The GDP is a failed metric
An op-ed title G.D.P. R.I.P. has the right idea but is far too optimistic and totally unrealistic
Open file 1473
Society and Economy
Protest from workers at G20 in Cannes
Heal the World Economy ... Unions, Nurses and others protest the state of the global economy at Cannes G20
Open file 1475
Society and Economy
Financial Group Recognizes Finance As A Global Commons
Ethical Markets transsforming finance groups call for recognizing finance as a global commons
Open file 1476
Society and Economy
The tragedy of a broken financial system
Time for the Fed to take over in Europe ... To avoid eurozone troubles from spreading, the US Federal Reserve should intervene.
Open file 1478
Society and Economy
Bankers wrecked the Iceland economy
Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not
Open file 1482
Society and Economy
Privatization of Prisons
Locking up profits ... Private prison companies strive to keep millions behind bars to keep their profits up.
Open file 1484
Society and Economy List 1031
Society and Economics
Sales growth without profits
This dialog suggests that 'Black Friday' in 2011 has had big sales and very low margins that do not augur well for Q4 results
Open file 1507
Society and Economy
Elites confused and rapidly losing control
Global rebellion: The coming chaos? ... Global elites are confused, reactive, and sinking into a quagmire of their own making, says author.
Open file 1509
Society and Economy
Methods that can change the world
Michel Bauwens ... The concept of change in the age of P2P and the Commons ... a sustainable world
Open file 1534
Society and Economy ... Asia
Another Asian wake-up call
Stephen Roach ... A drop in external demand means Asia must focus on its own 3.5bn consumers.
Open file 1544
Society and Economy List 1032
Society and Economics
Europe's next nightmare ...
Europe's next nightmare ... The political consequences of the Eurozone crisis include increasing xenophobia and nationalism among politicians.
Open file 1254
Society and Economy ... USA
Implosion of the Housing Sector
Animal McMansion: Students Trade Dorm for Suburban Luxury
Open file 1256
Society and Economy
The Truth About The Economy In 2 Minutes
Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich said he could explain the problems with the economy in less than 2 minutes, 15 seconds
Open file 1268
Society and Economy
The disruption in Europe
Germany and France are strong. Greece and Italy are not. Why the Euro itself is the problem
Open file 1269
Society and Economy
Making profit funded with debt
$1 Trillion+ in the Red: What Can Debt-drowned College Students Teach MFIs?
Open file 1277
Society and Economy ... USA
Rule of Law does not apply to Congress
60 Minutes reports: One Day After Attending Private Economic Crisis Briefing, GOP Financial Services Chairman Bet On Stocks Tanking
Open file 1278
Society and Economy ... USA
Some perspective on democracy
Fear: American style ... Americans have historically stood up to coercion - and the OWS movement might be the latest incarnation of resistance.
Open file 1280
Society and Economy ... USA
The war against the poor in America
Rampant poverty and further welfare cuts have created a need to move towards a moral economy of the many, not few.
Open file 1281
Society and Economy ... USA
The decline in key indicators of quality of life
US college grads' salaries in steep decline since the early 2000s
Open file 1289
Society and Economy
An broad analysis
A broad analysis of many of the indicators that are used to assess socio-economic performance ... all financial
Open file 1291
Society and Economy
Natural Capitalism ... Creating the next industrial revolution
Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, and L. Hunter Lovins have written a book called Natural Capitalism
Open file 1292
Society and Economy
Why is the global economy faltering?
The West's tragedy of capital ... While Rome burns citizens should not fiddle, but believe another world may be possible and work together for that world.
Open file 1209
Society and Economy ... USA
Federal budget and US economy
Mayor Bloomberg Outlines Specific Actions for the Super Committee to Balance the Federal Budget and Spur Economic Growth
Open file 1210
Banking, Finance, Society and Economy
The gap between rich and power
Finance Capitalism ... With 1% of Americans controlling 40% of the country's wealth, we examine the gap between the rich and the rest.
Open file 1214
Society and Economy
A different approach
Equitable Growth: PolicyLink's Economic Vision
Open file 1222
Society and Economy
Interconnected companies have stranglehold
Capitalism’s Pallbearers: The Companies That Run, & Could Destroy, The Global Economy
Open file 1250
Society and Economy
The reforms needed in the banking sector
End Bonuses for Bankers
Open file 1156
Society and Economy
Capitalism Can't Build Community Web Services
Capitalism Can't Build Community Web Services
Open file 1171
Society and the Economy
George Carlin ~ The American Dream
George Carlin ~ The American Dream ... you have to be asleep to believe it
Open file 1176
Society and Economy
What is required for a New Economy
Occupy Wall Street Considers a New Economy
Open file 1191
Society and Economics
America's 'Oh Sh*t!' Moment
Has the U.S. deleted the very things that made it great? Niall Ferguson on how America can avoid imminent collapse.
Open file 1104
Society and Economy ... USA
Niall Ferguson
VIDEO Which is it? It's the economy, stupid ... It's the stupid economy ... It's the stupid economists.
Open file 1105
Society and Economy
A film about the 1%
A strong film by Jamie Johnson, an heir to part of the Johnson & Johnson family fortune on important issues
Open file 1108
Society and Economy
The globalisation of protest
Stiglitz: Protesters around the world say they are part of a generation that played by the rules but has no hope for the future.
Open file 1111
Economic History
How today might look tomorrow!
Remains Of Ancient Race Of Job Creators Found In Rust Belt ... Archaeologists say evidence of the long-dead race can still be readily found.
Open file 1109
Society and Economics
CBO report
Millionaire for a day ... an argument with very little substance
Open file 1051
Society and Economy
Global Economy
Another Way To Develop Global Chinese Brands: Buy Google, Apple
Open file 1077
Society and Economics
Increasing productivity
The changing role of labor
Open file 1079
Society and Economy ... USA
Robert Reich on reviving ther economy
Washington Pre-Occupied - The biggest question in America these days is how to revive the economy.
Open file 1083
Society and Economy
The looting of the economy
In March 2010 Michael Moore vs Goldman Sachs on the Bill Maher show
Open file 1091
Society and Economy
The fact that corporations are looting the economy
Michael Moore and Bill Maher on Corporations in November 2010
Open file 1092
Society and Economy
Capitalist Market Economy ... a conservative idea
Conservatism blew up the economy ... Policies from tax cuts to trade have left the US economy reeling - with new solutions needed.
Open file 1093
Society and Economics ... USA
What is a President to do?
Obama uses executive orders to bypass Congress
Open file 1003
Society and Economy ... USA
Key economic trends
A collection of graphs about key economic measures
Open file 1010
Society and Economy ... USA
Another world is possible
Paul Rosenberg: Occupy Wall Street: Another world is possible ... Obama's rightward shift since taking office has alienated many former supporters, helping to fuel the 'Occupy' movement.
Open file 1020
Society and Economics
The US Government Debt debate
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) rport: Democrats Offer Significant Concessions ... Plan Is to the Right of Bowles-Simpson and Gang of Six
Open file 1024
Society and Economy ... UK
Britain's irrational faith in capitalism
The almost religious veneration of the current economic system does not allow any thoughts for a 'Plan B'.
Open file 1030
Society and Economy ... USA
Occupy SEC - Judge Puts Citi Settlement on Hold
You do not want to be on the wrong side of federal district court Judge Jed Rakoff.
Open file 963
Society and Economics
The Occupy Movement Explained
The Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Coming Demise of Crony Capitalism
Open file 967
Society and Economics ... USA
Getting to grips with jobs
Getting to grips with jobs ... MoveOn's 5x5 - Interview with Robert Reich
Open file 971
Society and Economy ... USA
Corporate Greed
MSNBC: Corporate Greed is Running the Country
Open file 972
Society and Economy
Consumerism, Population, Society
It’s the Rich Wot Gets the Pleasure ... Consumerism, Population, Society — by George Monbiot Population is much less of a problem than consumption. No wonder the rich are obsessed by it.
Open file 977
Society and Economy ... USA
Michael Moore explains Occupy WallStreet
Michael Moore Explains OWS to Anderson Cooper of CNN : 'This Movement is So Beyond, 'Hey Let's Get this Candidate Elected''
Open file 979
Society and Economics ... USA
America at stall speed?
Mohamed A El-Erian says that the longer politicians argue about how to solve the economic crisis, the smaller the chance of recovery becomes.
Open file 912
Society and Economy
Wealth and Health
VIDEO Dalton Conley Links Health to Income Inequality
Open file 918
Society and Economy
Growing Inequalities a Historic Crisis
One Percenters' Income Nearly Tripled In Last Three Decades: CBO The last 30 years have been very good to the rich.
Open file 919
Society and Economy ... USA
Too Big to Fail Banks
Which Bank Is the Worst for America? 5 Behemoths That Hold Our Political System Hostage
Open file 914
Society and Economy ... UK
Clash of Cultures
English 'Til I Die ... Al Jazeera investigates the rise of the English Defence League.
Open file 946
Society and Economics
Occupy Wall Street: Must-Know Facts About Big Banks
Occupy Wall Street: Must-Know Facts About Big Banks
Open file 852
Society and Economics - India
Making things cheaper is not the same thing as making profits
Making things cheaper is not the same thing as making profits ... Special report: Business in India | Economist
Open file 853
Society and Economics - India
The Indian miracle and the future ... Rolls-Royces and pot-holes
The Indian miracle and the future ... Rolls-Royces and pot-holes ... Special report: Business in India | Economist
Open file 854
Society and Economics - India
Adventures in capitalism
Indian businesses are rewriting the rules of capitalism ... Special report: Business in India | Economist
Open file 855
Country - India
The Bollygarchs’ magic mix
Why India’s soft state encourages family-owned firms and conglomerates ... Special report: Business in India | Economist
Open file 856
Country - India
Cross-border economics
Cross-border deals involving Indian firms have been more famous than profitable ... Special report: Business in India | Economist
Open file 857
Country - India
The outlook for entrepreneurs
India has aspiring entrepreneurs ... but most people opt for simply bigger salaries ... Special report: Business in India | Economist
Open file 858
Issue of Taxation
Taxing the wealthy: Differences at the margins ... More governments are raising taxes for the rich
Open file 861
Society and the Economy
The haves and the have nots
Counting the Cost examines the Occupy Wall Street movement and ask what has happened to the American middle class.
Open file 868
Society and Economy
Systemic risk of too big to fail
There are two problems with 'too big to fail' ... one is the systemic risk, the other is the concentration of economics power and the dysfunction of the market
Open file 876
Society and Economy ... USA
Wall Street's second occupation, by police
The Wall Street Occupiers are under constant police surveillance, acting as a metaphor for post 9/11 America.
Open file 887
Society and Economics
Politics just gets in the way
How they get away with obstruction ... A plan to save the jobs of teachers and firefighters has massive public support. But the Senate GOP just killed it
Open file 893
Country ... USA
More stimulus ... or something better
US Economy ... OP-EDS Holtz-Eakin: New $1.4 Trillion U.S. Stimulus Is in Sight
Open file 717
Country ... USA
Functional deficits for dysfunctional America
AlJazeera English ... Opinion ... The United States' deepest functional shortfalls may not be on any balance sheet - but they should be.
Open file 666
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
America's 13 deficits: Part 1
The US' biggest economic problem is unemployment, yet the government's approach is to focus on deficits instead.
Open file 667
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
America needs a new New Deal
Since Roosevelt's era, infrastructure, manufacturing and the viability of our ecosystem have declined dramatically.
Open file 668
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Functional deficits for dysfunctional America
The United States' deepest functional shortfalls may not be on any balance sheet - but they should be.
Open file 669
Economy and Society
AUTHOR: Kinsley, Michael
Grappling with Growth: Building a Strong Economy and Great Place to Live
Open file 758
Society and Economy
Some basic data
Who Are the 1 Percent and What Do They Do for a Living? There’s good reason to focus on the top 1%: they’re distorting our economy
Open file 762
Society and Economics
What is changing
As Kaldor’s Facts Fall, Occupy Wall Street Rises: Peter Orszag
Open file 767
Humor Politic
Borowitz Report on Goldman Sachs
I have been calling for the 1% to respond to OWS ... the Borowitz Report on Goldman Sachs is the only response so far!
Open file 796
Society Gregory Clark in Foreigh Affairs ... The American Dream Is an Illusion ... Immigration and Inequality
Open file 8682

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