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Date: 2018-05-22 Page is: DBtxt001.php L0700-ML-ALTERNATIVE-CURRENCIES

Also known as Complementary Currencies, LETS, etc

Many different systems ... all over the world
New Economic Thinking ... Blain
Some thoughts on alternative money ... Ideas on money developed by the economist R. (Bob) Blain
Open file 0278 INET
Open PDF ... Bob-Blain-Capitalism-Receives-Failing-Grade
A lot more from Bob Blain Open L0600P-Bob-Blain

BerkShares Local Currency on BBC in 2007
Open file 1428
Berkshires region of Massachusetts
BNotes for Baltimore
Local Currency ... BNotes for Baltimore ... VIDEO about the launch in April 2011
Open file 1430
Baltimore Green
Baltimore Green
Baltimore Green
Baltimore Green
Bay Bucks (Traverse City, MI
Bay Bucks (Traverse City, MI)
Brooklyn Torch
Brooklyn Torch
Frederick MD Trade Stones
Frederick MD Trade Stones
Ithaca Hours
Ithaca Hours
New Earth Exchange
New Earth Exchange
Sonoma Valley Jacks
Sonoma Valley Jacks
New Orleans Crescent
New Orleans Crescent
Philadelphia Equal Dollars
Philadelphia Equal Dollars
Pittsboro Plenty
Pittsboro Plenty
Potomac Dollar (D.C.)
Potomac Dollar (D.C.)
RCredits (MA)
RCredits (MA)
Seattle Fresh Bucks
Seattle Fresh Bucks

Bristol Pound
Bristol Pound
Brixton Pound
Brixton Pound
Lewes Pound
Lewes Pound

Nimbin LETS Notes
Nimbin LETS Notes

Calgary Dollars
Calgary Dollars
Columbia Gorge region RiverHOURS
Columbia Gorge region RiverHOURS
Salt Spring Dollars
Salt Spring Dollars

South Africa
South Africa
Community Exchange System – Public Domain Money
Community Exchange System – Public Domain Money
time banks
Kilowatt Cards
An initiative of the P2P Foundation going back to around 2009. The system is not active as of Aoril 2018. Description 'Kilowatt Cards are paper notes worth 10 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity each. They are backed by a promise to exchange them for the face amount of electricity delivered to any residential utility account - the 'electricity standard.' While some people want gold and silver, everybody wants heat or light or transportation. Active Kilowatt Cards have stable value because they are denominated in units of energy, a physical constant, and can be used to pay for electricity bt REDEEMING them at 10 kWh equals 10,000 Watt-hours, enough energy run a 100 Watt light bulb for 100 hours. At this time the cards are worth at least $1.00 to $2.00 in trade, depending on your cost of electricity. Since they are good to buy electricity everywhere, they are good to buy anything else. Before accepting Kilowatt Cards as payment you should AUTHENTICATE them using the form below to verify they are real and active. Enter the last six characters of the serial number. If the card is real and active, two extra characters will be returned for you to write on the card by hand, forming the end of a new six-digit serial number. If you do not write the extra characters on the card it will have the wrong serial number afterwards and no value. Write clearly and cross out the first two characters: then it will have a new six-digit serial number, and no one who held it before can use a copy. Active cards can be traded to anyone and authenticated an unlimited number of times if it is done correctly each time. This process is our way to stop counterfeiting since we can't call in the FBI. Kilowatt cards can be redeemed to pay for electricity anywhere using this web site. But power companies do not accept them, we do, then send money to the company in its local currency. Kilowatt Cards have some trading value everywhere, even places without electricity.'
Kilowatt Cards
Shire Silver
Shire Silver

Local Currencies ... New Zealand
Helen Dew from New Zealand on Local Currencies
Open file 1431 open external link
Regional Currencies
An explanation of regional currencies and how they work ... mainly related to Germany and Europe
Published on Aug 5, 2010
What are regional currencies? Regional/local currencies are a relatively new phenomenon in economy. Since in 2003 the 'Chiemgauer', a local currency at the lake Chiemsee (Germany) started off, the project has inspired many similar projects, and enriched the ideas about how money can function a lot.
Regional currencies are a medium of exchange designed for a certain region, which are used in addition to the currency of the country.
Open file 1432
Alternative Currencies
Creating Our Own Money: Examples
Open file 13592
Deschutes Trade Exchange
I'll Trade You Mine If You Trade Me Yours ... Deschutes Trade Exchange offers alternative currency for local businesses ... founded by Thom Gates
Open file 3880
Alternative Currency ... Rebuild21 in the UK
A YouTube video ... The Future of Finance, Rebuild21
Open file 3881
Alternative Currency ... A technology based system of exchange
Open file 3888

Alternative Currency ... TimeBank
Timebanks - the modern bartering
Open file 3893
Alternative Currency ... Fourth Corner Exchange
Fourth Corner Exchange is the Pacific Northwest (USA) chapter of the Life Currency Cooperative Exchange
Open file 3895
Alternative Currency Initiatives
Information about several hundred alternative currency initiatives ... Type of Local Exchange System / Community / Country / Date of Registration
Open file 3896
Alternative Currency ... Greece
Euros discarded as impoverished Greeks resort to bartering ... Communities set up local currencies and exchange networks in attempt to beat the economic crisis
Open file 3915
Complementary Currency ... Berkshares
About Berkshares ... Alphabetical Listing of businesses accepting BerkShares
Open file 4937


Open PDF ... Ven-Hub-Summit-on-New-Finance-Liquidity

Open PDF ... Bendell-etal-Money-and-Development-Finance-2015

Alternative Currencies ... Database
Database of Alternative Currencies
Open external link

The first cryptocurrency ... a gamechanger, but what game?
Introduction to Bitcoins
VIDEO There are two videos here that describe how bitcoins works ... The value of bitcoins is not entirely clear ... but it is worth some thoughtful analysis. The old fashioned paper
Open file 0276

How money enhances the financial economy while detracting from the real economy
The role of currency
Local Currencies: Catalysts for Sustainable Regional Economies
Open file 1429
Alternative Currency ... Exchange analysis
Design concept of community currency based on fuzzy network analysis
Open file 3885
Design concept of community currency based on fuzzy network analysis
Masayuki Kokabu et al Kyoto University, Japan
This paper proposes a way to evaluate the ability of exchanging goods and/or services via community currencies by introducing a method to analyze the reciprocity of communities based on a fuzzy network analysis. These currencies are expected to reinforce various social communities that face difficulties due to the attenuation of human relation, and dramatically spread over to resolve these difficulties. Community currencies circulate in particular areas or communities and are expected to enhance social capitals. The significance of reciprocity in a community is discussed which is used to evaluate the community where the nonadditivity of the evaluation measures reflects the nonadditivity of relationships among community members and/or members’ activities. That is, we use a fuzzy measure to analyze the reciprocity based on the fuzzy network analysis which provides us with a certain guideline for the emergence of interpersonal relationally among members in a community.
Open PDF ... Design concept of community currency based on fuzzy network analysis

Ideas ... Doug McDavid ... Transaction Agreement Unit (TAU)
Transaction Accounting Unit is the first system proposal I have seen that was clear about the idea that 'money' had a dual role as a 'unit of account' for both the transaction and the value.
This idea can be used more generally in order to have transactions that have multiple impacts and therefore changes in multiple czpitals.
Open PDF ... TAU-Architecture-Framework-v14v4

LETS ... Community Currencies
New Values, New Currencies ... 2014
Open file 9854

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