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The Economist
Open PDF ... The-Economist-Industries-in-2015
Open PDF ... EIU-China-manufacturing-labor-cost-report-2014



AlJazeera English ... Opinion // Western media fraud in the Middle East // Nir Rosen
Too many journalists report official narratives of the powerful, missing the stories of working class people.
Open file 0088
AlJazeera English ... Opinion // How the US media marginalises dissent
The US media derides views outside of the mainstream as 'un-serious', and our democracy suffers as a result.
Open file 0183
Media in the USA // Petition to get AlJazeera English in the USA
Corporate media distribution channels are not carrying AlJazeera English. Is this business politics or worse?
Open file 0384
Organizations: Media // The unit of Thompson Reuters has a deep network of financial journalists around the world reporting on the capitalist market economy
Open file 0448
AlJazeera English ... Middle East // Al Jazeera's Wadah Khanfar on why he quit
Director general discusses decision to step down after eight years at the helm.
Open file 0592
Freedom of Information
The role of WikiLeaks
The 'Getting' of Assange and the Smearing of a Revolution
Open file 683
AlJazeera English ... Listening Post
'Occupy Wall Street': A media blackout?
Lead story ... Protesters take on Wall Street and battle to get themselves heard in the mainstream media.
Open file 691
US Society
Mad as hell, at the corporate powers that be
This article is something of a challenge to mainstream media for their coverage of the corporate agenda, but not the people agenda
Open file 702
Media ... Journalism
New forms of people-centered media
Journalism and a world in transition: Wadah Khanfar's James Cameron memorial lecture
Open file 708
Freedom of expression
The use of puppets to convey news stories has been practiced for around 25 years ... to the annoyance of political leaders.
Open file 709
Media Economy
The State of Media: Content at a Crossroads
The State of Media: Content at a Crossroads ... and possibilities quite incredible
Open file 803
Media Economics
Mass media, or public media?
Dan Hind: The way communication is organised is developing as public societies encourage deliberations between equals.
Open file 837
Activities for Socio-Economic Progress
The WikiMedia idea has some of the concept that we used starting in 2003 ... many lesson learned
Open file 930
Media ... USA
The Rachel Maddow Show
The Rachel Maddow Show covering Occupy Movement ... October 25, 2011
Open file 938
Media and Communications
TED Talks
About TED Talks, the technology, the network and what it is doing for informed discussion
Open file 1036
Good journalism is often dangerous
What Price the Story? ... This new series gives some of Africa's best journalists the chance to pursue high-level investigative targets.
Open file 1076
Fox News Reporting on Occupy Movement
Several examples of Fox News and misinformation about the Occupy Movement
Open file 1080
Media and Misinformation
Bill O'Reilly and Fox News
Keith Olbermann Neuters Bill O'Reilly
Open file 1101
Freedom of Information
If WikiLeaks is dying, then the NYT is partly to blame
Open file 1138
Fox News, misinformation and spin
According to Fox there has been 'A Hollow Victory for Public Employee Unions'
Open file 1180
PBS Newshour
The PBD Newshour is streamed on the Internet live at the following URL:
Open file 1187
Freedom of Speach
You can't bank on free speech
An extrajudicial banking blockade imposed on WikiLeaks has caused a 95 per cent loss in revenue for the organisation.
Open file 1199
Media and misinformation
Heather McGhee holds own over Fox News
Demos' Heather McGhee on Cavuto: Move Your Money Day
Open file 1220
Accountability, Media and Investigations
Democracy Now ... Critical News
Environment Pipeline ... Environment Fracking ... Scandal at Penn State ... Occupy Homes ... Occupy violence in Berkeley
Open file 1224
Accountability, Media and Investigations
Social Media and Technology
How Citizen Journalism Is Reshaping Media and Democracy
Open file 1231
Accountability, Media and Investigations
Africa Investigates ... What Price the Story?
This new series gives some of Africa's best journalists the chance to pursue high-level investigative targets.
Open file 1234
Accountability, Media and Investigations
Africa Investigates ... It is four o'clock in the morning ...
Exposing the real hurdles stunting development in much of Africa: corruption, cronyism and the politics of fear.
Open file 1235
Media ... Investigative Reporting
Africa Investigates ... Fool's Gold
Lifting the lid on Ghana's illusory pot of gold and exposing those duping gold speculators out of millions of dollars.
Open file 1236
Accountability, Media and Investigations
Africa Investigates ... 'My kind of journalism'
A Ghanaian journalist explains his resolve to name, shame and jail gold scammers, whatever the cost to his safety.
Open file 1237
Social Activism ... Occupy Wall Street
Whitewash: Fox Host Tries To Dismiss 'Fox News Lies' Chants
Open file 1305
Social Activism
Occupy Wall Street 'Media Blackout': Journalists Arrested, Roughed Up, Blocked From Covering Clearing
Open file 1315
Media not very helpful
I thought it would be interesting to have this in the Barbados section ... but it expired after a few days!
Open file 1316
Journalists constrained from covering NYPD and OWS
NY Press Club Calls For Investigation Into NYPD’s Treatment of Journalists During Zuccotti Park Raid
Open file 1342
Media Freedom and Society
Internet Freedom
US State Department not for internet freedom ... The SOPA bill will help private companies cut off internet sites only to protect their profits.
Open file 1360
Who are you going to believe? The media?
The Leveson inquiry is asking questions of society that mainstream media must not be allowed to answer.
Open file 1568
Seems like there is a lot of pubolic concern, but the system of law does little to help
Open file 1654
The issue takes on new dimension with citizen journalism
Should Shield Laws Protect Journalists? Or Journalism?
Open file 1667
Fox News ... please get your facts straight
URGENT - FOX News Caught Using Fake Video Of Riots HA, HA!
Open file 1668
The wide range of coverage by AlJazeera English
Some of the subjects easily accessible on AlJazeera English at the end of December 2011
Open file 1873
Media in South Sudan struggles
Media in South Sudan struggles ... In a Fledgling County, Perils for the Press
Open file 1973
2011 ... The News Corp. hacking saga
AlJazeera English Listening Post ... As the phone hacking investigation that ripped through UK politics and media moves to the US, what next for Murdoch?
Open file 1976
Concentration of economic power
Counting Murdoch's billions ... Just how big is Murdoch's media empire and how hard might it fall?
Open file 1983
Pay and benefits are an issue
The New York Times employees are in revolt ... pay and benefits are one thing ... editorial control is another
Open file 2080
Politics, Society and Economy // Election campaigns and misinformation
Misinformation in full sail ... Nonexistent out-of-control government spending dragging down the economy and hurting Obama
Open file 2260
Media, Society and Economy // Tunisia's multiplying media
Listening Post ... April 2012 ... Media outlets have multiplied in post-Ben Ali Tunisia, but with this plurality has come a whole new set of problems.
Open file 2417
Media, Society and Economy // Kristof: The journalist as tourist
The New York Times columnist relies on orientalist cliches when writing about Iran, revealing his outdated assumptions.
Open file 2607
Media, Society and Economy // The BBC
A question of governance ... Private industry is well represented among senior executives of the publicly owned BBC, the world's largest broadcaster.
Open file 2611
Media, Society and Economy // Banking is a problem ... or is it?
AIG is still a subject that needs serious analysis. This is not seriousa, but it is interesting!
Open file 2699
Media ... Bloomberg News // All the financial news all the time all the world
This is an example of the news focus of Bloomberg News ... about conventional finance in the capitalist market economy
Open file 2718
Media // The Political Economy of the Mass Media
Noam Chomsky - The Political Economy of the Mass Media - Part 1
Open file 2765
Media // Africa Investigates ... What Price the Story?
Africa Investigates gives some of Africa's best journalists the chance to pursue high-level investigative targets.
Open file 2773
Media // Fox News ... hardly media!
8 Crazy Fox Freakouts About the Olympics ... Most people consider the Olympics a celebration of athletic prowess, but for the folks at Fox News, they're a source of endless outrage.
Open file 2995
Media ... Fox News // Fox News lies
Fox News lies ... no it doesn't ... but then here are several examples of lies on tape. Case proven!
Open file 3015
Media // Fair and Balanced ... or not?
What's gone wrong at The Guardian? ... Hiring Joshua Trevino, who endorsed the killing of Gaza flotilla members, is a worrying step for journalism.
Open file 3023
Media // Transparency ... Sex, lies and Wikileaks
AJE Listening Post main story ... As once friendly news outlets report the Julian Assange story more critically, we ask if the media has lost the plot.
Open file 3076
Media // The story of AlJazeera English
Al Jazeera English launches digital magazine ... The monthly magazine will provide iPad users with comprehensive analysis, interactive graphics and video footage.
Open file 3236
Media // The modern media oligopoly
Very few organizations ... just six ... dominate the media space in the United States.
Open file 3378
Media // Where did Fox News come from?
Roger Ailes’ Secret Nixon-Era Blueprint for Fox News
Open file 3384
Media // About AlJazeera
A US based media observer writes that 'Al Jazeera Slashes News Staff Across The Globe, As Focus Shifts To Sports'
Open file 3409
Country ... USA // Media
Jan 2013 ... Al Jazeera buys US channel Current TV ... Qatar-based network to launch Al Jazeera America, reaching 40 million US homes, up from 4.7 million before the deal.
Open file 3910
Country ... USA // Media
August 2011 ... Al Jazeera English launches in New York ... International news channel reaching NY homes through Time Warner Cable.
Open file 3911
Country ... USA // Media
Will Americans ever get to see Al Jazeera? ... Even though Al Jazeera is considered 'controversial', competitors 'fear its reputation for news excellence'.
Open file 3928
Country ... USA
Feb 2011 ... Al Gore's Desperate Bid to Keep Keith Olbermann—and Save Current TV
Open file 3938

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